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How to extend the service life of concrete mixer truck?

As a transportation vehicle, the concrete mixer truck must implement the maintenance and repair system of “regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, and condition-based repair” in terms of maintenance and repair. Under this major premise, combined with the actual situation of the concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair can be done to extend the service life of […]

Regulations for winter maintenance of concrete mixer trucks

Everyone knows that good car conditions are inseparable from our daily careful maintenance of equipment. Winter can be said to be a season when concrete mixer trucks are prone to breakdowns. The problem of how to maintain the mixer trucks in winter has stumped many people. The editor today summarized the maintenance and precautions of […]

Common concrete mixer truck troubleshooting inspections

There may be some problems in the driving of the concrete mixer truck, some problems can be solved immediately, but some problems cannot be repaired on the spot, so we need to do the inspection related inspection work in the daily maintenance to find the problem in time And solve it to reduce the occurrence […]

CIMC Lingyu Marketing System 2020 year-end summary meeting

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, spring is in full swing. From February 22nd to 23rd, the 2020 work summary meeting of CIMC Lingyu’s marketing system with the theme of “Following the Situation” was held in Luoyang. The company’s mixer truck, liquid tanker and powder tanker marketing system totaled more than 200 […]

CIMC Lingyu 2020 Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference

Years do not last, and the seasons are flowing. The extraordinary 2020 has passed. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, the people of the whole country have worked together to defeat the epidemic and have demonstrated their responsibility and responsibility to the world. Under […]

CIMC Lingyu’s first tug-of-war competition kicked off

At the beginning of the resumption of work, the weather was new, and the pride was fully expressed. In order to gather unity and display the image of the team, on February 20, the company’s labor union organized the first CIMC Lingyu employee tug-of-war competition to mobilize all employees and hope that all work will […]

Summary of common problems of concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer trucks are tank-type special trucks used to transport concrete. Everyone must have a certain understanding. Because the concrete ratio of concrete mixer trucks is scientific and the mixing is even, most construction sites are now using them. And how much do you know about the professional knowledge of mixer trucks? 1. What should […]

Tank truck operation guide

Tank trucks are also known as mobile fuel trucks, computer tax-controlled fuel trucks, fuel tank trucks, fuel trucks, fuel trucks, oil trucks, oil trucks, edible oil trucks, and are mainly used as petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel) , Crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to different purposes and […]

Detailed explanation of tanker structure performance

A tanker is a tank-shaped transportation vehicle used to transport various liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods, including gasoline, crude oil, various viscous oils, vegetable oils, liquid ammonia, alcohol, water, and various acids. Alkali liquids, cement lead oxide powder, etc., tank trucks occupy a very important position in transportation, accounting for about 18% of the […]

Summary of concrete mixer truck models

The concrete mixer truck model has 3 cubic meters, 3.5 cubic meters, 4 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, 9 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 12 cubic meters, 14 cubic meters, 16 cubic meters and other specifications. The meaning of each model is different, which is mainly reflected in the […]