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Sanitation truck classification and operation precautions

With the improvement of modern urbanized living standards, the pace of people’s lives is getting faster and faster, and the population is becoming denser. There are buildings covered with reinforced concrete everywhere, exhausted trucks and roads everywhere. The smog and smoke in cities, the large amount of exhaust emissions from automobiles and various pollutants emitted […]

Water tank truck structure and classification

Water tank trucks are special vehicles that are used to transport water. Tank vehicles are widely used in sanitation, oil transportation, and chemical product transportation. Water tank trucks are divided into automobile type, semi-trailer type and trailer type sprinkler according to the chassis; how many square meters or tons of sprinklers can be divided according to […]

What are the functions of the fuel tank truck clutch?

According to people’s usual driving habits, when driving a tank truck vehicle, as the clutch pedal is raised, the accelerator pedal must be properly depressed, so as to ensure a smooth start without “trembling”. Use the method of starting at idle speed. Just for experimental purposes. So what are the functions of the clutch of […]

Description of mixer truck structure and maintenance measures

The mixing truck is composed of a vehicle chassis and a special device for concrete mixer trucks. The chassis of mixer trucks on the market mostly adopts the second-class general chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturers. Its special mechanism mainly includes the structure of the mixing drum, the loading frame, the feeding, discharging, operation and […]

How to properly operate a concrete mixer truck

The concrete mixer truck is a kind of machine with blades that rotates in the tank or cylinder to stir and mix various raw materials to become a mixture or a machine with suitable consistency. Because the operation of the mixer is slightly different from other equipment, not everyone will operate the condensate mixer truck. […]

What are the precautions for using the 16 cubic mixer truck

Mixing trucks are mainly used in construction sites for concrete production. I believe everyone should be familiar with it. In the process of driving the vehicle, drive the stirring equipment to move the material to stir it. In simple terms, a mixer truck is a device that installs mixing equipment on a transport vehicle to […]

Causes and solutions of air suspension airbags for liquid tank trucks

With the increasing application of new materials in the special vehicle industry, aluminum alloy tank trucks are gradually accepted by the majority of users due to their own advantages such as light weight, more cargo loading, good appearance, and high residual value after recycling preferred. More and more air suspensions have been installed. So, what […]

Brief introduction of concrete mixer truck water supply system

When the concrete mixer truck is stopped or suspended for a period of time, the problem of concrete retention will occur. If the concrete stays in the mixer for too long (usually limited to 30 to 80 minutes), the concrete will condense and even condense with the attached object, causing the mixer and other equipment […]