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Departure for shipment!

Hit the point! This time the customer chose the exclusive model. Tailored according to customer needs, the whole vehicle is equipped with Jiefang J6P380 horsepower engine, super torque, providing surging power, while lower fuel consumption; using three well-known company hydraulic systems, superior performance; in addition, it is also equipped with 8 +5 beams, four-directional images, […]

Departure video

Hundreds of flowers blossomed, and the land was thriving, which coincided with Linyu’s peak season. The drizzle stretched for several miles from the Linyu factory to Wangcheng Avenue in Luoyang New District. Hundreds of brand new and beautiful Linyu mixer trucks rushed across the country! It is understood that among these vehicles, a batch of […]

CIMC Vehicles officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On July 8, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK), a global leader in high-end manufacturing of semi-trailers and special vehicles, officially landed on the Growth Enterprise Market, achieving A+H listings. In this GEM listing, CIMC Vehicles issued approximately 253 million shares at an issue price of RMB 6.96 per share, and the total amount of funds raised reached […]

In the eyes of Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, what is the picture of the ideal “high-end manufacturing system”?

Starting from the construction of the ‘lighthouse factory’, the ‘high-end manufacturing system’ has been fully upgraded. —— During the exclusive interview with Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles by New Fortune Magazine, the term “high-end manufacturing system” was repeatedly mentioned. So, in Li Guiping’s eyes, what is the picture of the high-end manufacturing […]