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Product Express I CIMC Linyu Lightweight Cement Bulk Carrier Efficiently Helps Urban Construction

The powdered material transportation semi-trailer (hereinafter referred to as the cement bulk carrier) is suitable for the bulk transportation of dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, and granular alkali with a particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm. With the “new infrastructure” and the steady increase in investment in fixed […]

A picture shows you the second phase of CIMC Linyu Tianqi!

CIMC Tianqi Project unveiled the mystery of the automated production line for welding and assembling of mixer truck frames! 1) Laser cutting tube blanking The sub-beam is accurately cut to ensure the size of the parts, and marks are engraved on both sides of the sub-beam, saving the positioning time of the follow-up process. 2) […]

Price list of concrete mixer truck, please check here if you need it!

In the construction industry, there is a kind of machinery called a concrete mixer. Whether it is in a prosperous city or in the mountains, it can enter the sight of government supervision, whether it is environmental governance or exceeding standards and limits. With it, it can greatly improve the work efficiency of workers and […]

Keep up with your youth and forge ahead! CIMC, happy 39th birthday!

On September 22, to celebrate the 39th anniversary of CIMC’s commissioning, CIMC Linyu held a grand flag-raising and signing ceremony. More than 300 people including Liu Baoshan, general manager of CIMC Linyu, Xu Zhiyu, Wang Changsuo, Wang Jun, leaders of various departments and employee representatives gathered in the flag-raising square of the company to present […]

New Car Express | CIMC Linyu Hybrid Mixer “Churning the Wind and Cloud” with its Strength

The brand-new CIMC Linyu hybrid mixer truck can “mix” major events with strength! Let’s take a look at what’s so great about it Fuel saving and environmental protection Tank rotation, loading and unloading, and shutdown operations do not consume chassis oil. Comprehensive working conditions save 30% of fuel, reduce urea usage by 30%, reduce carbon […]

Harvest season! This star product launches again in batches

The motor roars like a horn, and the eagle eye is a big sign of the future. On the afternoon of September 8, ten brand-new National Sixth Liberation & Linyu integrated mixers drove out of the CIMC Linyu factory in turn, carrying its mission to Nanyang, the birthplace of Chu and Han culture. It is […]