How to extend the service life of concrete mixer truck?

As a transportation vehicle, the concrete mixer truck must implement the maintenance and repair system of “regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, and condition-based repair” in terms of maintenance and repair. Under this major premise, combined with the actual situation of the concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair can be done to extend the service life of the concrete mixer truck. How to extend the service life of the concrete mixer truck in daily use? The editor of CIMC made a detailed summary for everyone, let’s take a look at it together.

1. Cleaning of storage tank (mixing drum) and inlet and outlet

Since concrete will solidify into a hard block in a short time and is corrosive to steel and paint, it is necessary for daily maintenance to wash the concrete adhering to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet after each use of the concrete storage tank. Serious work. These include:
a. Rinse the feed port with water before each filling to keep the feed port moist during filling;
b. Fill the washing water tank that comes with the car with water while loading;
c. Rinse the feed port after loading, and clean the remaining concrete near the feed port;
d. After unloading at the construction site, flush the discharge chute, and then add 30-40 L of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank; keep the concrete storage tank rotating slowly when the vehicle returns;
e. Remember to drain the sewage in the concrete storage tank before loading the next time.

Concrete mixer truck

2. Maintenance of reducer

According to different service periods, the reducer should be maintained in the following examples:
a. Oil change: Change the oil after 500 hours of use in the first period, and change the oil every 1500 hours thereafter. As long as one year, no matter how many hours it has been working, the oil must be changed.
b. Oil: The reducer of this vehicle is imported with original packaging. The gear oil used is heavy-duty vehicle gear oil GL-5, with a viscosity grade of 85w/140.
c. Recommendation: Drain the oil when the oil temperature is around 60 degrees. After each oil change, check the tightness of the connecting bolts. Check the oil level once a week.

3. Maintenance of radiator

Under normal circumstances, the filter element of the radiator is replaced in a fixed cycle. The filter element is replaced in a new car for 3 months, and then replaced every 6 months. The accuracy of the filter element is consistent with the original filter element. Check whether the radiator fan is running every day, and air gun every week. Clean the surface of the radiator blades to ensure that the radiator works normally.

4. Maintenance of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors

The hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are also imported parts. The hydraulic oil used is 68# anti-mo hydraulic oil. Generally, please replace the hydraulic oil after 3 months of new use. The time to replace the hydraulic oil under normal use shall not exceed 12 months. Different brands of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed. When replacing new hydraulic oil, the hydraulic circuit (including hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, oil pipe, oil pipe joint, radiator) must be cleaned, otherwise it will cause the failure of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor. Shorten its service life.

5. Maintenance of supporting roller

Grease should be added regularly every 3 months, and the surface of the supporting roller of the mixing drum should be filled with oil once a day to avoid abnormal wear of the supporting roller.

6. Maintenance of the drive unit

The function of the driving device is to drive the rotation of the concrete storage tank. It is composed of a power take-off, a cardan shaft, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic motor, a control valve, a hydraulic oil tank and a cooling device. If this part stops working due to a malfunction, the concrete storage tank will not be able to rotate, which will cause the concrete in the vehicle to be scrapped, and even the whole tank of concrete will condense in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck to be scrapped. Therefore, whether the driving device is reliable is an issue that must be paid attention to in use. In order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the drive device, the following maintenance work should be done:
a. The universal rotating part is the part where failures frequently occur. Grease should be added on time, and the wear condition should be checked frequently and repaired and replaced in time. The team should have a spare cardan shaft assembly to ensure that it can resume work within tens of minutes in the event of a failure.
b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean. The working environment of the concrete mixer truck is harsh, and the dirty cement sand must be prevented from entering the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the user manual. Once the hydraulic oil is found to be mixed with water or sand during the inspection, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to clean the hydraulic system and replace the hydraulic oil.
c. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective. It is necessary to clean the hydraulic oil radiator regularly to prevent the radiator from being blocked by cement, check whether the electric fan of the radiator is running normally, and prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from exceeding the standard.

7. Clean up impurities in time

The inlet and outlet devices and the exterior of the car body should be cleaned with water to prevent the concrete from condensing on the wall of the cylinder and the blades. If there is a local concrete hardened block, it should be removed as soon as possible, but the parts should not be damaged.

Regulations for winter maintenance of concrete mixer trucks

Everyone knows that good car conditions are inseparable from our daily careful maintenance of equipment. Winter can be said to be a season when concrete mixer trucks are prone to breakdowns. The problem of how to maintain the mixer trucks in winter has stumped many people. The editor today summarized the maintenance and precautions of the concrete mixer truck under the condition of low temperature in winter. Let’s take a look at it together.

1. During cold start, please remember to run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes (15-20 minutes in severe cold season), and then run reciprocatingly at low speed for 3~5 times without load. Wait for the system to fully warm up before starting to work. Before starting the vehicle, be sure to check whether the control handle of the control device is placed in the stop position. If the tank is rotating at a high speed when the engine is started, the instantaneous force will be very large, which will easily cause damage to the reducer and pump motor system.

2. In the cold winter, after the mixer truck is started, the concrete mixer truck engine should be maintained at about 1100 rpm, and the mixer truck should be warmed up before starting. During this period, do not slam the accelerator or let the engine speed become too high. When preheating, it is not necessary to wait for the temperature of the mixer truck engine to rise to the temperature before starting, as long as the pointer of the thermometer starts to rise.
Concrete mixer truck
3. Please be very gentle and slow to start in winter, and don’t rush forward with just one kick of the accelerator. On the one hand, this is to make the load of the mixer truck engine as small as possible when it does not reach the normal operating temperature, and on the other hand, it also allows the tires to gradually heat up when they are not warmed up and are still in a hard state. A gentle starting method is good for the mixer’s engine, tires and safety. , It is also necessary to ensure that the control handle is in the stop position before starting to avoid impact damage to the hydraulic system caused by load starting.

4. The weather is getting colder and rainy and snowy in winter will appear more frequently. When driving, everyone must pay attention to safety and keep the distance between cars. Observe the icing on the road at any time, slow down in advance, and pass slowly. When driving in rainy and snowy weather, keep a good distance between vehicles. Do not skid in neutral gear, hit the direction sharply, or slam on the brakes. The speed should be controlled below 40km/h.

5. During winter construction, due to the low ambient temperature, the operation of the mixer truck is in unfavorable working conditions. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases when the temperature is low, which increases the pipeline oil flow resistance and the pump oil suction resistance. It should be specially operated during operation. Pay attention to this situation to avoid damage to the equipment.

6. While waiting for the unloading process, it is strictly forbidden to stop rotating the tank for a long time when loading materials. Stopping the tank for a long time can easily cause the deposit and adhesion of the concrete, especially in winter, the cold weather will accelerate the adhesion of the concrete, which is more likely to cause the loss of the solid tank.

7. In winter, the car body should be kept clean and tidy. Due to the insulation of the tank, check whether there is any foreign matter in the gap between the reducer and the tank body. If there is, clean it in time to avoid damage to the oil seal and cause leakage. oil.

8. After the winter work is over, or when the vehicle is out of service, the drain valve should be used to drain the water in the water tank and hose to prevent the parts from being damaged due to excessive cooling and freezing. The pressure regulating valve has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and unauthorized adjustment is prohibited.

9. If the vehicle is not used for a long time, a system maintenance of the entire vehicle is required. As the mixing drum, feed hopper, unloading tank and other parts are in contact with sand and gravel for a long time, they are all worn parts. The surface of the steel plate will rust after being stopped, and paint is required for surface coating. After parking for too long, the lubricating oil and grease of the parts will dry up or deteriorate, and the lubrication of the parts will be poor during operation. Therefore, when the mixer truck is restarted after being deactivated, the overall lubrication system must be checked one by one, and the oil should be added or changed if necessary.

The winter maintenance items for concrete mixer trucks compiled by the above editor are hoped to be helpful to everyone. Of course, in daily use, the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck is much more than that. As a good partner on the road of our freight, we can only reduce the cost of repair and replacement and let it serve us better if we regularly inspect and refuel the concrete mixer, and deal with the problems in time. Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional service-oriented automobile manufacturer. The concrete mixer trucks produced are of high quality and low price, and can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.

Common concrete mixer truck troubleshooting inspections

There may be some problems in the driving of the concrete mixer truck, some problems can be solved immediately, but some problems cannot be repaired on the spot, so we need to do the inspection related inspection work in the daily maintenance to find the problem in time And solve it to reduce the occurrence of faults. So, what are the specific inspection items for concrete mixer truck troubleshooting? The editor made a detailed summary for everyone today, let’s take a look at it together.

1. Abnormal sound of hydraulic pump

Check whether the hydraulic oil is dirty and whether the radiator needle has changed. If it is close to the red area, please replace the hydraulic oil and filter element immediately; check whether the hydraulic oil tank is short of oil; check whether there is air in the system, and hold the high-pressure oil pipe to check whether there is any Intermittent tremor, if there is tremor, you must give up processing; check whether the oil inlet pipe is blocked; oil pump internal leakage is too large, repair it; check whether the hydraulic system charge relief valve is blocked, remove it for inspection.

Dongfeng concrete mixer truck

2. Abnormal sound of reducer

Check whether the flange bolts between the main plate and the tank body are loose; check whether the main plate bearing of the reducer is damaged and intermittent noise occurs; check whether the reducer is abnormal due to lack of oil, and if it is missing, supplement it. ; Check whether the output shaft gear is broken. ; Check whether the reducer is aging and deteriorated, and replace it.

3. Abnormal sound of drive shaft

Check whether the connecting bolts at both ends of the drive shaft are loose; check whether the installation angle of the drive shaft is too large; check whether the spline and universal joint bearings lack grease lubrication.

4. Abnormal sound of tugboat

Check the maintenance of the tug, check whether there is debris on the tug and the track surface; check whether there is a gap between the tug and the track, adjust the relative angle of the tug and the track surface; check whether the internal bearing is damaged; check whether there is a lack of butter.

5. The mixing drum does not rotate

Check whether the safety pin of the controlled valve of the hydraulic pump is broken; the ball head bolt connecting the lever of the manual control valve is loose or missing; check whether the hydraulic oil is seriously insufficient; the filter element is blocked and the oil is not smoothly sucked; check whether the reducer, hydraulic pump, and motor are damaged.

6. The tank body rotates weakly

Check the condition of the hydraulic oil, whether the oil is too dirty; the throttle cable is too loose; check the amount of hydraulic oil, if the oil level is low, you need to add hydraulic oil to the specified oil level; check whether the pressure of the hydraulic pump is too low.

7.The indoor controller handle operation is heavy

Check whether the cable of the indoor controller is stuck and the angle is too large; check whether the cable sheath is worn or not; check whether the limit nut is loose.

8.The radiator does not turn or does not stop

Check whether the radiator insurance is damaged; if so, replace the fuse; check whether the radiator temperature control induction plug is damaged; if it is, you need to replace the temperature control induction plug; check whether the radiator fan motor is damaged; if so, you need to replace it Motor; check whether the circuit is open circuit or virtual connection, if so, check and replace the circuit.

According to the above-mentioned editor’s introduction to the concrete mixer truck troubleshooting inspection, you can find the problem in time and carry out repairs, thereby reducing the cost of repair and replacement, and effectively extending the service life of the concrete mixer truck. Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional service-oriented automobile manufacturer. The concrete mixer truck produced is of high quality and low price. It can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.

CIMC Lingyu Marketing System 2020 year-end summary meeting

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, spring is in full swing. From February 22nd to 23rd, the 2020 work summary meeting of CIMC Lingyu’s marketing system with the theme of “Following the Situation” was held in Luoyang. The company’s mixer truck, liquid tanker and powder tanker marketing system totaled more than 200 people Attended this meeting. The company’s general manager Liu Baoshan accompanied Hu Bolin, Wang Changsuo, Zhao Xinwei, Wang Zhen, Wang Chunting and other high-level leaders and leaders of related departments of the company to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chang Guoqiang.

On the 22nd, a group seminar was held. The marketing team was divided into seven groups according to products and regions to discuss separately, further detailing their respective market action plans for 2021.

On the 23rd, the all-hands meeting kicked off. The first was product training and internal communication. Xu Guowei, the mixer truck project manager, and Zhao Yongfeng, the powder tank truck project manager, explained the product model spectrum, product features and product planning for 2021. The highly competitive main products and new products, complete in variety and excellent performance, make everyone confident in sales in the new year.

Subsequently, Wang Hanning, Deputy General Manager and Director of the General Department of the Marketing Company, Zhang Minfu, Deputy General Manager and Director of the Financial Services Department of the Marketing Company, and Zhao Yadong, Assistant Minister of the Enterprise Management Department, respectively provided internal support for the internal operations of the marketing company, financial tools and after-sales service butler platform in 2021. We communicated and provided strong support for everyone to rest assured in the market in 2021.

In the afternoon, we hired a professional lecturer to bring a new media and short video marketing training. The lecturer introduced the operation strategy of Douyin short video in a simple way. In the era of new media, everyone is responsible for using new marketing tools. The flag bearer of Lingyu brand communication, together with the company, enhances brand influence and promotes business development.

Immediately afterwards, Hu Jiangsheng, deputy general manager of the liquid tank business department and head of the sales department, made a report on the market and product planning of liquid tank trucks. In 2020, liquid tankers have achieved rapid growth, and in 2021 they will launch a charge towards higher goals.

Subsequently, the company’s deputy general manager and general manager of the marketing company Hu Binglin made a summary report on the engineering vehicle marketing work. President Hu’s report is divided into two parts: review and outlook. Through industry conditions, Lingyu performance, market forecasts, target decomposition, and opponent analysis , Marketing strategy, key measures and other aspects have been systematically summarized and strategically deployed. Mr. Hu pointed out that in 2020, the marketing company has successfully completed various tasks assigned by the company and achieved impressive results. At the same time, the company’s products, production lines, management, and organization are all upgrading, creating a good job for this year’s marketing work. Conditions; in 2021, we will follow the company’s deployment and follow the trend. We are confident that we will be calm and bullish!

Achievements are hard-won, and advancement needs encouragement. The conference commended and rewarded individuals and teams with outstanding performance in 2020. Under the common witness of everyone, the company leaders successively awarded the “Liquid Tank Truck Sales Contribution Award” to the liquid tanker’s Ren Ruijie and Wen Kailang; Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan regions awarded the “Excellent Marketing Team Award”, “Best Progressive Team Award” and “Sales Champion Team Award”.

Immediately afterwards, a simple and solemn oath ceremony was carried out. Each business team signed military orders and solemnly sworn oaths with the corresponding leaders. Zhengzheng vows, fist and determination, all the business staff are passionate and full of pride, amid the loud voice of the oaths, they receive tasks, provoke heavy burdens, and devote themselves to a new journey of struggle.

At the end of the conference, Liu Baoshan, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. Mr. Liu first summarized the industry situation, group situation and company situation in 2020. He pointed out that under the complex industry situation and environmental pressure, both CIMC Vehicles Group and CIMC Lingyu have achieved excellent results. The business sectors are advancing hand in hand, showing a good momentum of vigorous development.

For the marketing work, Mr. Liu gave a high degree of recognition: first, sales reached a new high, successfully completed the annual target, and outperformed the general trend of the industry; secondly, channels became more perfect and firmly controlled the market; thirdly, financial development began The fourth is the continuous improvement of management level and the improvement of management work; the fifth is the increasingly mature marketing team, and a wolf-like team that can fight tough battles is taking shape; the sixth is the beginning of new marketing attempts. Keeping pace with the times, brand influence continues to increase. Mr. Liu pointed out that the heart has a direction, and it will eventually return. In 2021, the company “determined a higher sales target, and hopes that the marketing team will work together, work hard, be friends of time, and jointly strive for the new glory of CIMC Lingyu!

CIMC Lingyu 2020 Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference

Years do not last, and the seasons are flowing. The extraordinary 2020 has passed. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, the people of the whole country have worked together to defeat the epidemic and have demonstrated their responsibility and responsibility to the world. Under the correct leadership of the leaders of CIMC Vehicle Group and the company, Lingyu people have created one brilliance one after another with passion and sweat.

On February 9, when the New Year came, CIMC Lingyu’s 2020 year-end summary and commendation meeting with the theme of “Ingenuity Reform, Smarter Future” was held in the company. The company’s general manager Mr. Liu Baoshan, all senior leaders and 800 Yu Ming Ling Yu gathered together for a happy gathering. The meeting was hosted by CIMC Ling Yu Chang Guoqiang and Liu Bingyu.

Accompanied by the strong and passionate “National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China”, all the staff stand solemnly and jointly wish the motherland prosperity. A carefully prepared VCR led the participants to review the unforgettable 366 days and nights that have just passed.

At the meeting, the general manager of the company, Mr. Liu Baoshan, conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s overall business situation in 2020, and elaborated on the company’s overall business strategy in 2021. President Liu emphasized: In 2020, in the post-epidemic era, national macro-control Under these circumstances, a large amount of investment in new infrastructure, 5G base station construction and other projects continued to boost the demand for construction vehicles. We relied on keen market prediction to seize this rare market opportunity, through scientific prevention and control, orderly resumption of production, and grabbing orders, The effective implementation of measures such as rapid production increase, strict quality control, and internal cost control has exceeded the operating targets throughout the year, and finally achieved a record high in sales, revenue and profit for three consecutive years, which together witnessed another milestone in the company’s development! However, it is undeniable that we still have deficiencies in cost management, human resource management and basic management. In 2021, we will build a “high-end manufacturing system” as the guiding ideology, “upgrade product modules, improve the lighthouse factory, and start marketing The four cornerstones of reform and organizational development are the action plan, and the strategic goal for the next three years is to achieve “market advancement into the top three; revenue breakthrough 5 billion; lean operation excellence; and realization of high-end intelligent manufacturing”. In the face of opportunities, we should embrace it happily; in the face of challenges, we will never shrink back!

Subsequently, the company leader Xu Zhiyu read out the “Announcement on Recognizing the Advanced Collectives and Individuals of the Company in 2020”, and all the company’s senior leaders awarded the award-winning outstanding employees with trophies and took a group photo.

Work Together Award (Advanced Team)

Co-casting Albert Award (Advanced Group)

Award for management ability (management model)

Ingenuity Award (Technical Pacemaker)

Quality Pioneer Award (Quality Pacemaker)

Siege Strategy Award (Sales Model)

Perfection Award (Improvement Model)

Dedication Award (Model Worker)

Annual Meritorious Team Award (Outstanding Contribution Award)

During the conference, the dancing skewers dance “Flaming Skewers” and the moving two-person chorus “Broad Sea and Sky” mobilized the atmosphere of the whole venue, and the lucky draw between each session of the conference brought the atmosphere of the venue to a climax!

Finally, Mr. Liu and all the senior leaders wished everyone a happy New Year and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and a good family! With bursts of applause, CIMC Lingyu’s 2020 year-end summary and commendation meeting ended successfully.

In 2020, everyone’s contributions and breakthroughs will compose a wonderful movement of Lingyu’s take-off, which is the happiness and glory of all Lingyu people. The blueprint has been drawn, the drum of war has sounded, and Lingyu people will definitely live up to their mission. In 2021, let us concentrate our efforts to write a new chapter and continue to create brilliant!

CIMC Lingyu’s first tug-of-war competition kicked off

At the beginning of the resumption of work, the weather was new, and the pride was fully expressed. In order to gather unity and display the image of the team, on February 20, the company’s labor union organized the first CIMC Lingyu employee tug-of-war competition to mobilize all employees and hope that all work will achieve better results in 2021.

The competition attracted eight representative teams composed of more than 120 employees from agencies, marketing, and production lines. Through a lottery, the eight representative teams competed fiercely in the order of the match.

On the field, everyone gritted their teeth and persisted in the end without retreating. Other employees cheered on the side, shouting, applause, and laughter one after another, which was brilliant. After fierce competition, the second batch of mixer trucks won the championship, the marketing company representative team won the runner-up, and the first batch mixer team won the third place. The chairman of the company’s labor union Xu Zhiyu presented prizes to the winning team and took a group photo.

(Champion: Mixer Second Team)

(Second Place: Marketing company representative team)

(Third place: First batch of mixer truck)

This competition not only fully created an atmosphere for the start of the new year, but also enriched the employees’ amateur cultural life and demonstrated the spirit of Lingyu people’s unity, hard work, and cohesion.

Summary of common problems of concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer trucks are tank-type special trucks used to transport concrete. Everyone must have a certain understanding. Because the concrete ratio of concrete mixer trucks is scientific and the mixing is even, most construction sites are now using them. And how much do you know about the professional knowledge of mixer trucks?

1. What should I pay attention to when driving a concrete mixer truck?

To drive a concrete mixer truck, for an experienced driver, general safe driving knowledge is good. What I want to remind here is that because the concrete is fluid, when the vehicle turns sharply, the speed must be reduced to prevent the centrifugal force generated by the concrete from making the vehicle unstable!

2. What are the effects of more concrete on the mixer truck?

If there is too much concrete in the mixer under 9 square meters, the truck will leak during the climbing process; if the 12 square mixer is equipped with too much concrete, the mixing will be layered, the concrete sand rate is low, and the gravel particle size is too large. Pumping a lot of stones.

3. New mixer trucks are generally prone to problems after a few years of operation?

It is generally five years to pull dry materials and seven years for wet materials. Generally, mixer trucks are prone to problems after 3 years. The problems of mixer trucks have a lot to do with personal maintenance and manufacturers.

4. What should I do if the concrete solidifies in the mixer truck?

After the concrete is solidified, its main components are dicalcium silicate and tricalcium silicate. In theory, hydrochloric acid can react with it to release its solid state. But in fact it is difficult to operate, because the feed port of the mixer truck is very small, the amount of hydrochloric acid is difficult to control, and the hydrochloric acid can also react with the tank body of the mixer truck. In this situation, the tank is often cut open by electric welding or gas cutting, and then the solidified concrete is mechanically broken.

5. What does the top of the mixer truck mean?

The top of the mixer truck refers to things other than the chassis fender, including the mixing tank and support, the inlet and outlet hopper, the hydraulic system and the reducer, the water tank and the pipeline, and the operating linkage mechanism.

Concrete mixer truck
6. Are the hydraulic systems of general mixer truck manufacturers domestic or imported?

Generally, manufacturers will choose the equipment according to the size of the mixer and the needs of customers. The standard configuration of 6 square meters or less is a domestic system (optional import), and the standard configuration of 6 square meters or more is an imported system.

7. Is the hydraulic pump of the small square volume mixer better the selected volume pump or the variable pump?

The hydraulic pump is the main component of the mixer truck. Generally, the mixer truck with less than 6 square meters is the standard fixed pump, but it is recommended that the customer choose the variable pump.

8. What is the welding process of the mixer truck?

Nowadays, most manufacturers use fully automatic seamless welding for the welding of the entire car, and both circular and longitudinal seams use fully automatic seamless welding.

9. What is the payment method of the mixer truck?

There are many ways to pay for the mixer truck. You can buy the car in full or in installments. Generally, manufacturers will have certain discounts for the full amount of the car. There is no discount on installments, and the interest is equal to the bank interest.

10. What should I do if the concrete mixer truck is exhausted? Is there a better way other than adding water?

If it is because of the concrete, then it depends on whether the slump is too small or the concrete strength is too high, or the concrete is too sticky and not good. The above reasons can be adjusted according to the construction requirements; if it is always bad Under the circumstances, it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem with the blade angle and the cutting port.

Tank truck operation guide

Tank trucks are also known as mobile fuel trucks, computer tax-controlled fuel trucks, fuel tank trucks, fuel trucks, fuel trucks, oil trucks, oil trucks, edible oil trucks, and are mainly used as petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel) , Crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to different purposes and use environments, there are multiple oil refueling or oil transportation functions, such as oil absorption, pumping, and multiple oil distribution and distribution functions.

Tank truck tank structure

The tank truck is composed of a special vehicle chassis and an upper part. The upper part is composed of a tank body, a power take-off, a transmission shaft, a gear oil pump, and a pipe network system. The pipe network system is composed of oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter screen and pipeline.

The structure of the oil tank is an elliptical cylindrical or trapezoidal cylindrical body, made of high-quality steel plate. The whole tank body is divided into single or multiple warehouses. The inside of the tank can be divided into compartments. The lower end of the intermediate partition has a through hole. Multiple bins, the bins can be divided into compartments, the lower end of the intermediate partition has a through hole, and the sub-bin reinforced wave partition is welded in the middle of each bin to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank when the car is sucked and increase the rigidity of the tank.

Fuel tank truck

User Operation Guide for Tank Truck

1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the tanker, the tank and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, and the internal and external joints of the two ends of the oil delivery hose should be frequently coated with lubricating oil, which is easy and convenient to disassemble and install the tanker. Clean the tubing in time after each work to ensure the cleanliness in the tubing;

2. The use and maintenance of the oil pump of the oil tanker shall be carried out in strict accordance with its operation and maintenance instructions;

3. Before refueling operation, you must use a power pole to insert into the wet ground, the tank truck grounding tape should be grounded, and the static electricity should be maintained during the operation;

4. The safety valve and filter net of the tanker should be checked and cleaned frequently;

5. Oil tank and pipeline system should be cleaned regularly. The tank truck regularly checks whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the seal is reliable;

6. Oil tank trucks should install electrostatic belts in accordance with the specifications. When static electricity encounters the extremely high concentration of combustible gas remaining in the car, an explosion occurs. The electrostatic belt frictions frequently on the car body, etc., and can be effectively removed from the space where static electricity is easily generated. Static electricity hazards to ensure that the body is not harmed.

Installation method:

Install it on the metal part of the chassis! After using for a period of time, after the bottom part is worn out, you can put down some of the rubber band on it! If possible, users can install the tank truck electrostatic grounding alarm;

7. Tank trucks should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, and should be equipped with towing subway chains and electric poles. When driving, the towline chain should touch the ground; when refueling or draining, the electric pole must be inserted into the wet ground;

8. The oil tank filling hole should be tightly sealed, the oil drain valve and drain pipe should be free of leakage, the oil tank vent hole should be unblocked, the oil inlet filter of the oil pump should be cleaned frequently, and the two ends of the joint should be installed immediately after the oil delivery hose is used up Cover, no dirt can enter;

9. The vaporizer and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine must not have flashback. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle;

10. The staff of the oil tanker shall not wear shoes with nails. It is strictly forbidden to smoke near the oil tank, and fire is strictly prohibited;

11. When parking, keep away from the fire source, and choose to park in a cool place in the hot season. During thunderstorms, do not park under large trees or high-voltage lines. When parked in the middle of driving, a special person should be supervised;

12. During the maintenance process, if the operator needs to enter the oil tank, it is strictly forbidden to carry fire, and must have reliable safety protection measures, and there must be a dedicated person outside the tank;

13. All electrical devices on the car must be well insulated, and sparks are strictly prohibited. Car working lighting should be safety lights below 36V;

14. When the oil tank sedimentation tank is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to roast it with hot water, steam, or drive the car into the warm room to thaw;

15. When performing maintenance and overhaul under the vehicle, the internal combustion engine should be turned off, the hand brake should be tightened and the wheels should be tightened;

16. When a vehicle needs to be tested after being repaired, it should be driven by a qualified person. The vehicle must not carry people or objects. When it needs to be tested on the road, the test license issued by the traffic management department should be displayed;

17. When parking on a ramp, reverse gear should be used for downhill parking, first gear should be used for uphill parking, and a triangular wooden wedge should be used to plug the tires;


Precautions for fire protection of tank trucks

1. Do not pour gasoline into the carburetor port when the engine is running or when the car is cranking. Fill the carburetor with gasoline to increase the concentration of the mixed gas in the cylinder. Although this is helpful for starting when the oil does not enter the cylinder failure, it will not help the failure caused by other reasons, and it may also cause a return. Fire, burn people and burn down vehicles and other hazards.

2. When maintaining the gasoline filter, it is not recommended to burn the filter core with gasoline. Many people like to use gasoline to burn the ceramic filter element to remove impurities on the filter element when maintaining the gasoline filter. The hazard of this is that it is easy to catch fire and at the same time affects the life of the filter element.

3. In the oil depot, it is not allowed to check the battery storage by short-circuiting. Because in poorly ventilated small oil depots, tires, batteries, tarpaulins and other equipment are often placed, and there is spilled gasoline on the ground, and sparks generated during a fire are likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air.

4. The tow train chain of the oil tanker is not allowed to be wound on the girder. Like other substances, oil also generates static electricity when rubbing against another object. This kind of static flashover may ignite the fuel and cause a fire. Therefore, a grounded ground wire must be installed on the oil depot, and a grounded iron chain must be installed on the oil tanker to prevent static sparks in the oil tank. This iron chain must not be wound on the frame of the beam. On the ground, and the mopping section is not less than 50 cm.

5. It is strictly forbidden to refuel under the high-voltage wires.

6. The hanging fire method is not allowed to be used frequently. Sometimes car spark plugs have carbon deposits. When the carbon deposits in a certain cylinder are severe, the cylinder cannot work normally. In order to make the cylinder work normally, the method of “hanging fire” outside the cylinder is adopted (leave 3 between the spark plug and the high-voltage line). Mm—4 mm gap) to increase the spark-over energy of the spark plug electrode and restore the cylinder to work, but the general “hanging” method is easy to fall off if you are not careful. If there is dripping gasoline on the cylinder, it is extremely prone to fire. Therefore it is only a temporary remedy. The correct treatment should be to clean and maintain the spark plug in time, and try to avoid using the “hanging fire” method.

7. No leaks in the automobile oil system. If there is a drip in the oil circuit of the chassis, and it is encountering a late ignition point and a lean point of the mixture, the exhaust pipe will ignite due to the slow combustion, and the temperature of the body will rise, more than ten times the ignition point of gasoline vapor (gasoline vapor The ignition point is 28°C). If the leaked oil is ignited, it is very easy to cause fire and cause the car body to be scrapped. If the carburetor part drips on the cylinder head, the high-voltage spark leakage of the spark plug may also cause a fire.

Detailed explanation of tanker structure performance

A tanker is a tank-shaped transportation vehicle used to transport various liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods, including gasoline, crude oil, various viscous oils, vegetable oils, liquid ammonia, alcohol, water, and various acids. Alkali liquids, cement lead oxide powder, etc., tank trucks occupy a very important position in transportation, accounting for about 18% of the total number of trucks.


According to the mode of transportation, tank cars can be divided into two categories: railway tank cars and road tank cars.
Road transportation tankers can be divided into oil tankers, steam tankers, liquid tankers, cement bulk carrier, cement mixing tankers, and fuel tankers according to their uses.

Tanker structure

Although there are many types of tanker trucks, they all have an overall bearing structure. The body of most tankers is composed of two parts: the tank body and the underframe.

tank truck

Tanker tank body introduction

The tank body of the tanker is a horizontal cylinder structure, and the cylinder part is welded by the upper plate, the bottom plate and the end plate. The upper plate is made of 9mm thick steel plate rolled into road tank models. The bottom plate is made of 11mm thick steel plate due to greater force. The bottom plate accounts for about 1/4 of the circumference of the full cylinder. The end plate thickness is 11mm steel plate. Press into a spherical convex panel with a transitional arc part.

Generally, the spherical radius of the tank end plate is about 3500mm, and the transition radius is 100mm. When the tank plate is made of ordinary low-alloy steel, the thickness of the steel plate is correspondingly 8mm and 10mm. The diameter of the tank increases with the increase in volume. The inner diameter of a tank with a volume of 30 cubic meters is 2100 mm; a tank with a volume of 50 cubic meters is 2600 mm; and a tank with a volume of 60 cubic meters is 2800 mm.

However, due to the existence of the air bag, the manufacturing process is more complicated, and it is not convenient to clean the tank body. In addition, practice has proved that when the liquid is not full, the impact on the end plate of the tank is not so significant, so the air bag is eliminated in the tank trucks now produced. In order to ensure that the total volume of the tank remains unchanged, the length of the tank is lengthened to make up for this part of the volume of the air bag.

At this time, there is a ruler in the tank to limit the amount of oil carried, leaving an empty volume for liquid expansion, and avoiding overflow when the liquid expands.

tank truck

Tanker chassis

Because the tank itself has great rigidity, the weight of the liquid in the tank is mainly borne by the tank body, and then transmitted to the steering tank frame through the bracket and bolster, so the tank frame mainly bears the horizontal longitudinal traction impact. The center beam is generally made of two channel steels. The central part is covered with an upper cover plate with a thickness of 8 mm. The cover plate is welded with a tank body lower saddle plate. The center of the cover plate is provided with an oil trap hole or an oil drain valve hole. There are drainage pipe holes at both ends (when there is a heating jacket), and a reinforced lower cover plate is welded on the part of the center beam near the core plate. The corbel generally uses a box-shaped section, on which a tank bracket is mounted, which is composed of a web-shaped plate and a skid. The web-shaped plate is riveted or welded to the steel plate of the corbel to be molded and welded to form a groove shape. On the end beams and corbels, so that the tank body is supported on it by skids. The end beams are molded and welded into a trough shape from steel plates with a thickness of 6 mm. There are side beams between the end beams and the corbels, which are mainly used to enhance the rigidity of the ends and transfer part of the longitudinal force to the corbels. In addition, the underframe is also equipped with railings, walking boards, handrails, and pedals.

tank truck

Bottomless tanker

Since the tank body of the tanker is an integral cylindrical structure with greater strength and rigidity, the tank body can not only bear the weight of the liquid, but also the tanker can bear the longitudinal force acting on the tanker without the need for an underframe. There are no middle beams, side beams and cross beams between the two corbels. The tank body is welded to the traction beam and the corbel beams. The connection device between the tank body and the underframe is eliminated, and there is no need for jamming. The tank car has its own weight and can give full play to the load-bearing role of the tank metal material.

The difference between the tank body of the tank car without a chassis and the tank body of the tank car with a chassis is the supporting part at both ends. The traction beam and the corbel beam of the tank car without a chassis are connected with the tank body by welding to transmit the longitudinal force.

Summary of concrete mixer truck models

The concrete mixer truck model has 3 cubic meters, 3.5 cubic meters, 4 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, 9 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 12 cubic meters, 14 cubic meters, 16 cubic meters and other specifications. The meaning of each model is different, which is mainly reflected in the difference in loading. Therefore, when choosing a concrete mixer truck model, the loading capacity is mainly considered.

Under normal circumstances, an 8 cubic concrete mixer truck can hold 8.5-9 cubic meters of concrete, and a 10-cubic tank truck can hold 10.5-11 cubic meters of concrete. Concrete mixer truck manufacturers (such as CIMC Linyu) will keep it in the design. Lower the margin to prevent the concrete mixer truck from sprinkling materials on steep slopes. Therefore, the volume indicated on the concrete mixer truck means that it can load the volume of concrete.

Dongfeng concrete mixer truck

Determining the actual loading capacity of the concrete mixer truck can be determined in this way:

1. Weighing. If there is a contract, there is this item. It is best to draw the truck and weigh it. Don’t tell the concrete mixing station in advance. When the truck comes, you will say that you want to weigh the truck and let them come witness. After weighing the gross weight, come back and unload the concrete and then remove the tare weight. You can get the total weight of the concrete on the truck. You know from the report of the mixing station the bulk density of each cubic meter of concrete (such as 2380kg/m3). You can use this total The weight is divided by the weight per square meter to know the volume. Usually, the error in the coagulation of the regular mixing station cannot exceed 2%.

2. Measuring the square. That is, the template you have made is convenient for accounting, and the calculated square quantity is compared with the actual discharge square quantity.

Theoretically, the greater the load of transport vehicles, the higher the transport efficiency, but this will also lead to a linear increase in vehicle purchase costs and a decline in trafficability. The loading capacity is 8~9m. The concrete mixer truck with an 8X4 chassis has a load capacity of 6~7m. The price of the 6X4 chassis is 309/5~40% expensive. At the same time, the construction site is generally narrow and the temporary construction road conditions are very poor. The inconvenience of large vehicles, especially semi-trailers, must be fully considered. Therefore, when determining the loading capacity of a vehicle, various factors must be considered comprehensively, and one must not lose sight of the other.

Looking at the market, concrete mixer trucks with 6~7m 6X4 chassis have the highest cost-performance ratio, followed by semi-trailers with 10~12m loading capacity, and 8X4 chassis with 8~10m 8X4 chassis have the lowest cost-performance ratio. Therefore, 6~7m concrete mixer trucks are generally used.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of individual large-scale projects, a small amount of 10~12m semi-trailers can be appropriately equipped. This can take into account various needs and is a more reasonable configuration. If funds are sufficient, repairs, accessories and after-sales service can be guaranteed, purchasing imported products from famous brand manufacturers is a good choice.