Mixer maintenance dry goods! Quickly collected

Mixer truck

As the saying goes, mixers are repaired at three points and seven points, and maintenance is especially important. This time, we will introduce to you in detail in three parts: inspection before leaving the vehicle, maintenance during the loading and unloading process, and precautions during transportation.

Before leaving the car: check, find problems and troubleshoot

Mixer truck

1. Routine inspection

The mixer truck is most afraid of the tank not turning on the road. The concrete can’t be stopped for more than 2 hours, and the concrete above C40 level can’t be stopped on the road. After the car starts, let the jar rotate at a low speed, check the tire tread, tire pressure, etc. around the car, check whether stones, nails or the like are stuck in the tire, and clean it in time.

2. Special precautions check

Mixer truck

2.1 Bolt inspection

Including the connecting bolts of the reducer and the tank, the fixing bolts of the reducer base, the connecting bolts, and the U-shaped bolts. Regular maintenance must be done in daily operation. Check whether the new car is loose before leaving the factory. The first tightening cycle is the first to use Weekly, follow-up inspection and tightening once a month to prevent accidents.

2.2 Lubricant replacement

Including reducer gear oil, hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system, engine oil, etc., if it is missing, it will cause wear on related components and affect the overall performance of the car. It is recommended to replace it after working for 100 hours for the first time, and every 1000 hours thereafter (at least once a year).

2.3 Replacement of radiator filter

The radiator is equivalent to the breathing system of the car. Once the “breathing” is not smooth, it will cause the engine to overheat and cause problems such as cylinder explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and replace the filter element in daily work. It can be replaced at the same time as the maintenance of the hydraulic system. Replace the filter element when the pointer is in the red area, and replace it at least once a year.

2.4 Filling butter

Transmission shafts, raceways, tugs, main groove shafts, joysticks and other components should be guaranteed to be filled with butter once a month to reduce the wear of key components and thereby extend the service life.

Maintenance during loading and unloading

Mixer truck

1. Reverse the mixing drum before loading

Since most of the mixer trucks are parked in the open, there may be sundries, leaves and other debris in the tank, which will affect the quality of the concrete if not discharged.

2. Allow the mixing tank to run at full speed for 1-2 minutes before unloading

Let the concrete be fully mixed. If necessary, add some water to make the concrete more evenly mixed and facilitate unloading.

3. After loading and unloading the material, flush it into the hopper and the tank

Because the small stones scattered during loading are easy to solidify on the inside and outside of the hopper and the chute, which affects the use and appearance.

Matters needing attention during transportation

Mixer truck

Turn must be slow. Decelerate and reduce gear ahead of time before entering the bend. Observe whether the jar is turning through the rearview mirror at any time, and adjust the speed as slowly as possible. When the road conditions are not good, the low-speed gear should be passed, the uphill gear should be reduced in advance, and the start should be smooth. At the same time, it is best to speed up the speed of the tank to prevent the concrete from flowing out. Never downhill when heavy vehicles are in neutral. When turning downhill, decelerate ahead of time and then downshift to slow down. Finally, we must pay attention to the problem of height limitation. The road conditions on the construction site are complicated, and we must be careful of trees, etc., especially to prevent the wires from being scratched.

Mixer truck

In recent years, the commercial and mixed market has been booming, and concrete mixer trucks have become a common vehicle. At the same time, it is also one of the tools to bring considerable benefits to our customers and friends. With continuous income, maintenance and protection in daily operation is especially critical. With inspection and maintenance before leaving the car, careful maintenance during loading and unloading, and standard operation during transportation, we will be farther away from danger and closer to safety; farther away from wear and tear and closer to revenue.

Compressed garbage trucks are correct for docking and unloading!

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the size of the city is getting larger, the density of garbage is continuously decreasing, and the compressibility is increasing. The market needs garbage loading vehicles with high loading efficiency and low operating costs, so Linyu compression docking garbage trucks came into being.

Linyu compression garbage trucks are mostly used for garbage docking and transfer in urban garbage stations. It can be used in connection with vertical and underground garbage compression stations; the engine is powerful; the chassis is comfortable and beautiful, and it is all-round in terms of professionalism!

Compression docking garbage truck

Compressed garbage truck performance advantages

(1) Two chassis wheelbase configurations are adopted to match most garbage stations in the market, realizing one vehicle with multiple stations and one station with multiple vehicles.

(2) Humanized design, using hydraulic rotary self-unloading to open the door, can be completed in the cab, convenient and fast.

(3) The garbage box has good airtightness, and the hydraulic automatic locking device adopts a special sealing rubber strip to effectively prevent sewage dripping.

(4) Optional sewage collection box can prevent sewage from leaking and refuse secondary pollution.

(5) The tank lifting oil cylinder adopts double-layer multi-stage oil cylinder, and the discharge door adopts a full-turn up design, with large turning angle, and no discharge residue.

Compressed garbage truck

Configuration parameters of compression garbage truck

Vehicle model CLY5180ZDJE6L CLY5180ZDJE61
Total quality(kg) 18000 18000
Curb weight/rated load quality(kg) 8350/9520 7450/10420
Chassis model (brand) DFH1180EX8(Dongfeng) DFH1180EX8(Dongfeng)
Engine model and power(kW) D6.7NS6B230.169kW D4.5NS6B190.140kW
Emission Standards Country VI Country VI
Fuel type Diesel Diesel
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 7840*2490*3300 6770*2490*3270
Wheelbase(mm) 4500 3800
Cabinet volume(m³) 19 14

What are the characteristics of the “Lingzhi” version of the concrete mixer truck?

In recent years, with the introduction of the concepts of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, my country has comprehensively promoted the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power. Upgrading of Chinese manufacturing is imperative. Automation and intelligent production models have become the development path of many manufacturing companies.

In this context, CIMC Linyu actively implements production line upgrade and product upgrade strategies. The newly launched “Lingzhi” version of the concrete mixer truck was born and gathered. This product realizes the integration of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent connection, intelligent operation, intelligent control and intelligent protection, creating a new industry and opening a new era of intelligent mixer trucks. Let’s take a look first.

Smart manufacturing

(1) Use Industry 4.0 thinking to deeply integrate intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet.

(2) The production process locks in production goals, realizes mass-scale customized production, improves production efficiency, and guarantees efficient use of resources.

(3) For the first time in the industry, the use of nano-ceramic environmental protection pre-treatment combined with electrostatic powder spraying process, the degree of automation reached more than 95%.

(4) At the same time, no toxic heavy metals and chemical constituents are discharged during the process, which truly achieves green and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Smart connection

Based on the 5G big data platform, the vehicle operation status, driving trajectory, operating parameters, cargo status and other information are sent to the platform terminal in real time through cloud sharing; at the same time, through the analysis of big data, the abnormal state of the vehicle can be identified and the customer can grasp the real-time data of the vehicle. Realize vehicle intelligence sharing.

Smart connection

Smart travel

The whole vehicle adopts panoramic AI monitoring, which can recognize the status of the driver and passengers through the image sensor in the car, eliminate fatigue driving, and correct bad driving habits. Configure advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which can realize collision warning, intelligent deceleration, automatic emergency braking and other functions. The driving radar system can realize functions such as road condition recognition and lane departure warning, etc. to escort the safe driving of vehicles.

Smart travel

Intelligent control

A variety of cutting-edge functions are integrated into one to realize intelligent and convenient control of vehicles and provide customers with high-end customized products. The intelligent control system mainly includes an electronically controlled constant speed system, an intelligent weighing system, an electronically controlled operating system, and a centralized lubrication system.

Intelligent control

(1) Electronically controlled constant speed system: the mixing tank can be kept rotating at a constant speed during driving, reducing fuel consumption and the risk of turning and turning, and can effectively ensure the quality of transported concrete.

(2) Intelligent weighing system: The status of the concrete loaded in the vehicle can be checked in real time on the cab and the smart terminal to achieve accurate delivery. At the same time, it has the function of printing the order form, which simplifies the transportation operation process.

Intelligent control

(3) Electronically controlled operating system: Through hydraulic lifting device and electric control system, remote operation of vehicle input and output can be realized, reducing labor intensity of personnel.

(4) Centralized lubrication system: The main lubrication points of the car body adopt centralized lubrication measures to achieve regular and quantitative lubrication and provide convenient services to customers.

Smart protection

A variety of functional sensors are arranged at key parts of the vehicle to detect the running status of the vehicle in real time and feed the information back to the Zhilian terminal, which allows users to intuitively understand the vehicle’s usage status and maintenance information. At the same time, it allows vehicle designers and service personnel to better understand the user’s usage habits and provide customers with professional remote services and customized solutions.

concrete mixer truck

In 2020, the epidemic has become a topic that no one can circumvent. In the current post-epidemic era, under the background of “inverse globalization”, manufacturing companies are transitioning to high-end intelligence, promoting their own brands or becoming the only way for development. “Tank Truck Expert” CIMC Lingyu launched the “Lingzhi” version of the concrete mixer truck, and Lingyu set sail. “Chi” wins the future. An era of high-end intelligent mixer trucks is coming.


What are the characteristics of Linyu tank truck and how to ensure safety?

For the dangerous goods transportation industry, the particularity of products determines the degree of danger of the industry to a certain extent. Regardless of whether it is a tanker or a transportation driver, safety issues are not minor issues. After all, many safety accidents are caused by ignoring these issues. How should the safety of the tank truck be guaranteed? This has become an urgent concern for many people in the industry.

Tank truck safety is an urgent task


tank truck

People who understand the hazardous chemicals transportation industry should know that the safety performance of the tank truck itself is the basis of operational safety. The level of safety performance depends on the standards that the design complies with. At present, the standard basis of China’s atmospheric pressure dangerous goods tank trucks is GB18564.1-2019 . In addition to strictly complying with GB18564.1-2019, Lingyu’s dangerous goods tankers also refer to the ADR standard and go further in the design of some projects. In addition to the items required by the standard, the material, volume, tank type, etc. of the tank body have a certain impact on safety. Choosing the right tank truck can not only ensure driving safety, but also extend the life of the tank body.

In addition, the safety components on the tank, such as emergency shut-off valves, safety valves, manholes, discharge valves, hoses, etc., are essential. For tank truck expert Lin Yu, when choosing these accessories, it is natural to put the impact of accessories on vehicle safety in the first place.

Linyu makes safety first

tank truck

For Linyu carbon steel tank trucks and stainless steel tank trucks, the material of the tank body is made of domestic brand manufacturers, which has better corrosion resistance and higher strength. The structure of the tank body and the wave-proof plate adopts the finite element analysis method, and the design is optimized according to the analysis results, so that the strength and rigidity of the tank body are further improved under the premise of light weight.

tank truck

The anti-wave plate in the tank is designed as a forward convex disc-shaped structure, which can effectively scatter shock waves to all sides, reduce the local stress of the anti-wave plate, and protect the tank.

Complete safety devices and high safety. The first is the emergency cut-off bottom valve, which can protect the tank body and prevent the leakage of the medium in the tank when the pipeline of the vehicle is accidentally hit. The second is the tank roof protection device, which can protect the tank roof accessories from being damaged and prevent leakage when the vehicle rolls over; there are other electrical systems that are easily overlooked. Linyu’s tank truck adopts an integrated wire harness structure, and the joint adopts a plug structure , Waterproof and short circuit-proof, so that the overall safety of the car is higher, to ensure driving safety.

tank truck

Linyu aluminum alloy liquid tank truck, the tank body material uses domestic high-quality aluminum alloy plate. For some mediums with higher transportation temperature and mediums with higher design requirements (such as methanol, etc.), Lingyu adopts aluminum alloy heat preservation tank trucks and pressure tank trucks made of special types of aluminum alloy plates developed in cooperation.

The tank truck adopts a manhole with an emergency discharge function. In the event of an accident or fire in the tank truck, the gas in the tank is released urgently to effectively prevent the explosion accident of the tank truck. According to the design requirements, chemical trucks choose manholes or large-displacement safety valves for emergency discharge functions, which play the same role in explosion protection.

tank truck

These safety equipment provide multi-level protection for the driving of Lingyu tank truck, from the material to the volume of the tank body to the cross-sectional structure, which fully reflects Lingyu’s primary sense of responsibility for safety.

The above are the safety configuration items of the tank body. As for the disc brakes and air suspension of the whole vehicle, as well as the EBS system, Linyu has also implemented according to the standard requirements. In addition, there are intelligent projects related to safety performance that can be installed according to customer requirements.


tank truck

In addition, Linyu also first considers safety factors in the choice of chassis. Surrounding the cab in all directions, the 360° ultra-clear camera can perfectly avoid blind spots in the field of vision and reduce safety accidents. Ling Yu is actively taking up its own responsibilities, and strives to provide customers with safer, more efficient, and more profitable products.

What are the advantages of sanitation sewage suction truck?

With the rapid development of urban economic construction, the state gradually strengthened its efforts to control and monitor environmental pollution, and gradually increased the requirements for the transportation and treatment of various types of garbage.

In recent years, the treatment volume of urban sewage and industrial wastewater in my country and the amount of sludge generated have increased rapidly, and the transportation and disposal of sewage sludge has become a concern for environmental protection. Sewage suction truck is one of the more commonly used sanitation vehicles for sludge collection, sewage suction, transfer and transportation.

CIMC Linyu has launched an 18-ton sewage suction truck with emission standard of China VI. Compared with conventional sewage suction trucks on the market, this sewage suction truck will be characterized by its wide application range, high degree of automation, large capacity and fast working speed. Become a competent assistant of the municipal sanitation department and various environmental protection companies.

Features of sewage suction truck

1. Wide range of applications

The truck can be used for sewage sludge, sewage suction, cleaning, transportation and discharge in factories, schools, living quarters, garbage stations and other areas;

2. High degree of automation

A. The car uses vacuum pumps of well-known domestic brands, and can be equipped with double vacuum pumps according to customer needs. It has high vacuum, low noise, uniform airflow, large suction power, long suction range, self-priming and self-discharging, saving manpower;

B. Use well-known domestic brands of oil cylinders and hydraulic devices, with tank lifting and unloading and automatic opening and closing functions of the rear door;

C. Sewage suction truck has high vacuum degree, low noise, uniform airflow and fast working speed.

3. High reliability

A. Design and use liquid level prompt, anti-overflow valve, water vapor separator and other devices. Prompt liquid level information, automatically stop when full, to prevent sewage overflow;

B. The tank design has a compact structure, high strength and large capacity, good sealing device performance, and effectively avoids secondary pollution.

Product parameters of sewage suction truck

Vehicle model CLY5180GXWE6
Total quality(kg) 18000
Chassis model(Brand) DFH1180EX8(Dongfeng)
Engine type D6.7NS6B230
Emission Standards Country VI
Fuel type Diesel
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 8020*2490*3210
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Maximum vacuum(%) (93-96)%
Vertical suction(m) ≥5
Horizontal suction(m) 20
Full time(min) 8-15
Lifting time of tank(s) ≤20
Tank volume(m) 11.6
Tank size (diameter length * diameter)(mm) 4800×1700

This brand-new sewage suction truck responds to the call of the times, follows the trend of development, meets emission standards, has multiple functions, and has advanced equipment. It is bound to become a weapon in the sanitation industry. In the era of advocating energy saving and environmental protection, CIMC Linyu keeps developing and innovating, constantly bringing good products that everyone can trust, and at the same time contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

How can a cement tanker become a dangerous product? These taboos cannot be committed!

The explosion accident of bulk cement tank trucks has a great impact, not only endangering public safety and causing huge losses of life and property. As a manufacturer of cement tank trucks, customers often ask us questions like this:

Q: Cement tank trucks are not dangerous goods, how could they explode?

A: Because the bulk cement transportation tanker is under pressure transportation, the tank has a limited pressure valve. If the tank is modified, or after non-professional maintenance, or if the operator negligently and improperly operates, it may cause excessive gas pressure in the tank explosion!

Water tank truck

Causes of the explosion of the cement tank truck

(1) Modification or improper maintenance will also cause damage to the original tank, resulting in uneven pressure bearing. The modified or repaired parts are likely to be broken when the pressure is too high, causing the tank to crack or even explode.

(2) Improper operation will also cause an explosion of the cement tank truck. The video below shows that a man unauthorizedly opened the lid of the tank mouth when there was a large air pressure inside the cement tank truck, resulting in an accident.

The tank pressure of cement tank trucks is generally controlled by humans, and explosion accidents are mostly caused by improper operation. Here, we solemnly remind that operators of cement tank trucks should pay attention to the following points:

Transportation industry

(1) Bulk cement tank trucks are prone to excessive pressure during the entire discharge operation, which can be divided into three cases: the discharge valve is opened late in the pressurization stage before discharge, which causes excessive pressure; The gas volume is larger than the discharge volume of the tank, which is easy to cause excessive pressure; the pipeline clogging during the discharge process is easy to cause excessive pressure.

(2) If you need to open the tank cover of the tank truck, you must ensure that there is no pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank (observe the pressure gauge pointer is “0”) to operate. When the negative pressure is in the tank, the cover cannot be opened due to huge pressure, but it is more dangerous when it is overpressure (positive pressure).

(3) During the loading and unloading operations, the operator needs to monitor the pressure and discharge conditions in the tank at all times, and must ensure that the air compressor is in good working condition. During the ash discharging process, the state of the pressure gauge and the pressure relief valve must be kept in mind! If it is found that the pressure in the tank exceeds the specified pressure, pressure reduction measures shall be taken immediately. Many drivers like to sleep or leave the scene at this time, which is very dangerous. During the loading and unloading process, if there are abnormalities in the air compressor or pipeline valves, emergency stop measures should be taken immediately to stop the work to ensure foolproof.

Oil tank truck


Bulk cement tank trucks are usually equipped with several safety devices: pressure gauge, safety valve, pressure relief valve, blow-off valve, etc. The pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure in the tank; the safety valve is used for automatic exhaust and pressure reduction when the pressure in the pipeline and the tank exceeds the working pressure; the pressure relief valve is used for excessive pressure during the discharge process or artificial exhaust after discharge Depressurization; Blow-off valve to prevent pipeline blockage during discharge.

Bulk cement transportation companies must pay attention to the quality of equipment, not just low prices; do not refit vehicles privately. If you really need them, you must consult the opinions of regular tank truck manufacturers; vehicle maintenance must go to regular repair shops, do not want to repair cheaply ; At the same time, strengthen the safety education and standardized operation training for drivers and operators.

The development trend of the semi-trailer concrete mixer truck after the epidemic

As the domestic epidemic subsides, major industrial companies have invested in intense production. From the current sales data of special vehicles, after experiencing the epidemic in February and March, April ushered in a highlight moment, including dump trucks The sales volume is even more impressive, and the concrete mixer truck also quickly ushered in the peak season.

However, this year’s concrete mixer market is a bit unusual. Under the dual effects of the epidemic and the switch of regulations, some companies have taken the lead in the layout and launched a concrete semi-trailer mixer.

Regulatory restrictions

Concrete mixer truck

In fact, this type of model appeared very early, but because of the super generous volume of the mixed bicycle, the advantage of the semi-hanging version in the domestic market is not obvious, only a small part of the demand for car purchase.

Until 2019, the CITIC announced 83 types of tank trucks that did not meet the requirements of the “Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprise and Product Announcement”, requiring them to stop production and sales, of which there were 68 concrete mixer trucks, accounting for 81%.

According to the regulations, the stirring capacity of the four-axis mixer truck cannot exceed 8 square meters, and the three-axis mixer truck cannot exceed 6 square meters. But in fact, generosity is already an open secret in the industry, so after 5 · 21, the mixer entered the dilemma of “difficult to get a license”.

Concrete mixer truck industry trends

Almost all practitioners recognize that legalization is already the general trend, and the mixer market will only become more and more strict; on the other hand, for customers, a single 6 to 8 party transportation volume, want to maximize profit It will be very difficult. Against this background, compliance and generous concrete mixers have become an urgent need for the industry.

At this time, the agitating capacity prescribed by the regulations can reach the 14-square 3-axle semi-trailer mixer, which has prominent advantages and has become a new favorite in the market.

Without overloading, the actual maximum loading capacity of the four-axle mixing bike: 8 square meters; the actual maximum loading capacity of the mixing semi-trailer: 13-14 square meters

Calculation based on 13 parties

How much can a semi-trailer be mixed than a single bike?

13 parties-8 parties = 5 parties

Calculate at a freight rate of 30 yuan / square, earn more every day?

5 parties X30 yuan X6 trips / day = 900 yuan

Based on 300 working days per year, how much do you earn every year?

300 days X900 yuan = 270000 yuan

Linyu layout

Concrete mixer truck

As early as 2016, CIMC Lingyu developed and exported concrete semi-trailer mixers. In recent years, with the ever-changing customer needs and stricter standards for overtaking, Lingyu has responded actively, gradually improving products and improving performance, and finally launched the latest CLY9400GJB semi-mounted concrete mixer for the domestic market.

In order to adapt to the usage scenario, Ling Yu has made special optimization for the concrete semi-trailer mixer, adopting a short wheelbase design, which can easily load 12 meters of weighbridge, and the flexibility is better guaranteed.

As for the capacity that is most concerned about, Ling Yu strictly abides by the regulations and the transportation capacity reaches 13-14 square meters. The annual inspection of the households is not a problem at all. In addition, it uses high-strength wear-resistant steel, lightweight rims, aluminum alloy accessories, etc., which has a light weight and further increases the amount of transportation.

Of course, it has more than these features. It optimizes the frame design, arranges the tops reasonably, matches the golden power, and personalizes the creation. Coupled with the smart high-end configuration, the convenience and safety of the vehicle are guaranteed.

Lin Yu sharpened his sword in four years and launched the latest semi-trailer concrete mixer truck, which set off a new industry revolution. Will the semi-mounted concrete mixer truck become the market outlet in the future?

Prospect analysis of concrete mixer truck

Relevant sources said that semi-trailer trucks do have certain shortcomings compared to bicycles. In the face of complex road conditions and special operations, the flexibility and ability to escape can not be compared to bicycles of the same level; on the other hand, there will be law enforcement loopholes in remote areas and rural markets, so it is difficult to completely replace the mixing bicycle.

But this does not mean that it has no market prospects, and its load-bearing advantage within the scope of regulations is still very obvious. Therefore, in the future, semi-trailers and bicycles are likely to present a “chamber resistance” situation, each with its own market segment: In the initial stage of project construction, the effect of the mixing bike is obvious; and after the infrastructure is perfect, the generous advantages of semi-trailers will be highlighted to boost the construction progress of the project.

In other words, future bicycles may be more inclined to “dirty work”, and semi-trailers will focus on efficient transportation, which is also the difference between bicycles and semi-trailers in other models. Therefore, under the trend of more and more strict regulations, the semi-trailer concrete mixer truck will divide the existing market of the mixer bicycle to a certain extent and occupy a certain market share.

For tank truck manufacturers, crisis and opportunity coexist, and challenge and pressure are both.

Compression garbage truck operating instructions

The garbage compression truck is composed of a sealed garbage compartment, a hydraulic system and an operating system. The whole vehicle of the compression vehicle is a fully sealed type. All the sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping and compression enters the sewage tank, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution during the transportation of the compression vehicle.

The types of garbage trucks are divided into: compression garbage trucks, dump trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, pull arm garbage trucks, hook arm garbage trucks (cart removable garbage trucks) sealed garbage trucks, hanging buckets Garbage truck (self-loading garbage truck).

Garbage trucks are usually mainly used in municipal sanitation, large factories and mines, used to transport all kinds of garbage, suitable for transporting domestic garbage in the community, and can compress and crush the loaded garbage to increase its density and shrink its volume, greatly improving Efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The new garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, easy maintenance and low operating cost.

CIMC Sanitation truck

1. Frame structure

The garbage bin is welded with reinforced beams and steel plates to form a solid frame structure. The bottom surface is a concave plane, and the side and top surfaces are arc curved surfaces. It has a beautiful appearance, light weight, good force, and no deformation; The structure is not only light and compact, but also can distribute the garbage evenly, and the discharge is clean and complete; the loader is mainly composed of the loader shell, slide plate, scraper and other components, and each component adopts a beam or box structure with good force , Firm structure and light weight;

2. Sealing treatment to eliminate secondary pollution

The garbage is in a closed state during compression loading and transportation. The junction between the garbage bin and the loader is sealed with a special rubber sealing strip. The front of the garbage bin has a sewage tank composed of the garbage bin and the rear of the shovel. The lower part of the loader has a sewage tank with a volume of 0.3 m, and its water inlet can receive the sewage that leaks due to the aging or damage of the seal between the garbage bin and the loader during use. The sewage tank is equipped with a cylinder control Or manual control of the sewage valve, which is convenient for discharging sewage in the designated place. The filler cover completely covers the filler opening of the filler, eliminating the phenomenon of dust and dust flying caused by the disturbance of the rear air flow during the transfer process, and it is more beautiful;

3. Electro-hydraulic joint control

The vehicle’s control system makes full use of the advantages of electronic control, pneumatic control and hydraulic control. The electronic control system controls the pneumatic control system, and the pneumatic control system controls the hydraulic valve group, which effectively solves the problem of the interface between the hydraulic system and the electrical system. , Make full use of the multi-way directional valve is more resistant to oil pollution than the electromagnetic directional valve, eliminating the phenomenon of valve jamming, improving the reliability and efficiency of use;

CIMC Sanitation truck

4. Hydraulic lifting safety circuit

In the hydraulic system of the lifting loader, an explosion-proof valve is provided, which cuts off the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the loader will not suddenly fall and cause a vicious accident, which improves the use of safety;

5. Automatic and manual operating system

The work of each agency has two operation modes, automatic and manual. If the automatic operation fails, manual operation can be used to complete the operation of the organization and the garbage is discharged, which not only ensures the efficient work of the garbage truck, but also provides debugging, maintenance and fault handling. Great convenience;

6. Automatic control of engine power output

Engine power output control, that is, throttle control, can be fully automated through the electrical system to meet the power requirements of the garbage pressure filling cycle and pushing and discharging. Under other operating conditions, the engine is automatically in the idle state, which can reduce power loss and failure Incidence rate, reduce fuel consumption, and improve the economics of use;

7. Advanced electronic control system

Imported PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) integrated control is adopted, and the control circuit is generated in the PLC. The logic circuit is used to ensure that each operation instruction is executed in sequence, and at the same time, the operation instructions are interlocked. Only the external line is connected to reduce the occurrence of failure Rate, avoiding accidents caused by misoperation and improving reliability; the specially set emergency brake button can stop the garbage pressure filling mechanism in any state or any position, and ensure the safety of operators and equipment;

8. Convenient operation control

The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the car respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control the pushing and discharging and select the operation mode (such as automatic or manual), and the operation control box at the rear controls the pressure filling mechanism and the barrel turning mechanism The operation is very convenient. Especially in waste landfills, operators can complete unloading and sewage discharge without getting off the vehicle. Can be equipped with remote control device according to user requirements;

9. Various barrel turning (bucket) mechanisms

Different users can choose different bucket turning (bucket) mechanisms according to different garbage collection methods: turning standard garbage iron bucket ZBT59003-88 (300 liters), plastic garbage bins (240 liters), small garbage hopper (800 liters) ), Sealed covered garbage hopper (1400 liters), large garbage hopper (3350 liters);

10. High-quality imported components

The key components of electrical and hydraulic systems are imported components, such as PLC, proximity switches, buttons, cylinder seals, etc., which improves the reliability of garbage trucks;

11. Optional

According to user requirements, imported oil pumps, imported multi-way directional valve sets, hydraulic oil coolers, and wired remote control devices for garbage pressure filling are optional.

What are the differences between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks?

Nowadays, domestic garbage is increasing, and garbage compression trucks have emerged at the historic moment. Compared with ordinary garbage trucks of the same configuration, the price of garbage compression trucks is tens of thousands more expensive, so what is the difference between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks?

The appearance of Linyu garbage compression truck is different from that of ordinary garbage trucks in appearance, but it does not see its advantages.

Advantages of Linyu garbage compression truck

1. Loading Capacity

Garbage compression trucks have a large loading capacity, such as 5-square compression garbage trucks and 5-square hanging bucket garbage trucks. The hanging bucket garbage trucks can only be installed up to about 5 square meters. Rubbish, the advantages are obvious.

2. Save working time

Ordinary garbage trucks can only be compressed when they are transported to the garbage compression station after they are loaded, and the garbage compression trucks have compressed themselves into blocks when collecting garbage, saving the time spent by sanitation workers on garbage disposal. Do more with less.

3. Can respond to various trash cans

The special functions of ordinary garbage trucks can only handle their own suitable garbage bins. For example, the hanging bucket garbage truck can load and unload the hanging bucket garbage bins. The swing arm garbage truck can handle the swing arm garbage bins, but it cannot automate other garbage bins. Loading, but the reverse reversal style function of the garbage compression truck allows it to deal with a variety of garbage bins, such as bucket-type rear flip, swing arm type rear flip, triangle bucket rear flip, and floor reversal, all can correspond On different styles.

Although the price of garbage compression trucks is much higher than that of ordinary garbage trucks, its special performance and loading capacity far exceed that of ordinary garbage trucks. Although the garbage compression trucks are powerful, you must also purchase garbage trucks according to the situation. If the local garbage trucks are treated with ordinary garbage trucks, there is no need to use compressed garbage trucks, avoid over-utilization of large materials, and save unnecessary costs.

Customer representative visits the factory for vehicle inspection

The above is what we brought to everyone about the difference between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks, do you understand? When buying, we should consider the situation of the amount of garbage in our area to avoid the possibility of buying ordinary garbage trucks. Deal with the waste of resources caused by the local garbage bins or the purchase of garbage compression vehicles.

How to do cement bulk carrier summer maintenance?

As the temperature continues to rise, summer is finally coming, and many people have done sun protection early. After all, no one wants to be tanned several times before a summer. Although our cement bulk carrier is not afraid of the sun, with the arrival of the summer rainy season, the necessary maintenance and protection still need to be done.

Cement bulk carrier is composed of special car chassis, bulk tank, gas pipeline system and automatic unloading device, etc. It is mainly used for bulk transportation of powdery dry materials such as fly ash, cement and lime powder with a diameter not greater than 0.1mm. Linyu’s cement bulk carrier is mainly divided into two variants of bicycle and semi-trailer.

Because it is a special vehicle, it is more complicated to use and maintain than ordinary vehicles, which requires us to pay special attention to its maintenance and protection in normal use.

Cement bulk carrier

Tank assembly maintenance

First, pay attention to personal protection. The temperature of the air intake pipe rises when it is pressed, and in addition to the summer exposure, the surface temperature of the pipeline is easy to cause burns to the staff, so special attention must be paid to the necessary protection before the operation.

Cement bulk carrier

Second, pay attention to tank cleaning. When cleaning the residual ash in the tank and replacing the vulcanization tube, try to choose the morning or morning with a lower temperature in the tank, but still ensure the ventilation in the tank to prevent the worker from getting heat stroke. In order to observe the situation of the personnel in the tank at any time and respond in a timely manner.

cement bulk carrier

Third, pay attention to waterproof in the rainy season. During the rainy season, pay close attention to the state of the tank lid and the sealing rubber ring to avoid the gaps in the tank lid to cause rainwater to flow into the tank body, which will cause cement to agglomerate and affect the ashing efficiency; in addition to the tank body waterproofing, the rainy season for the workers must be done Security, must pay attention to anti-skid when working on the tank top, equipped with safety belts throughout the process to protect their own safety.

cement bulk carrier

Frame assembly and other maintenance

Car chassis

It should be carried out in strict accordance with the manual, and do not disassemble it privately, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

Air compressor

Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the specifications of the manual, and private operation is strictly prohibited.


Regularly check the lubrication and operating conditions, and deal with abnormal noise as soon as possible; gear bite and wear should also be regularly checked and maintained.

Intake line

Check the sealing situation frequently and deal with any leaks in time.


Regularly check the tire tread and tire pressure to prevent damage to the tire caused by too high or too low pressure, affecting the use.

Safety devices

It is necessary to check the status of the safety valve and pressure gauge of the tank truck in time to prevent overpressure and reverse suction.

Of course, the maintenance of the tank truck is far more than that. The editor only picked out the parts that need special attention and gave a brief explanation. Only with regular inspections, maintenance and protection can the use of cement bulk carrier be more efficient and long-lasting, and the customer experience better.