Dorado is the best choice, so choose Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier!

CIMC Linyu cement bulk carrier takes into account both safety and economy. The whole vehicle is smarter, more stable and more beautiful. It is the first choice for the transportation of cement, fly ash, calcium powder and other bulk materials.

Cement Bulk Carrier

Humanized design, convenient and efficient

New large-angle fluidized bed

The porous “one” and “X”-shaped fluidized bed has a larger angle and higher fluidization efficiency. The modular design of the product structure and assembly line assembly operations fully guarantee product quality;

Cement Bulk Carrier

Transmission system

The unique belt drive air compressor structure perfectly solves the shortcomings of direct drive jitter and easy damage, effectively reducing costs and creating maximum benefits;

Cement Bulk Carrier

Patented can lid

The company’s patented technology design, using the center spinning compression method, is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has a longer service life;

Cement Bulk Carrier

Humanized ladder

Movable ladder, good stability, reasonable location, convenient and safe operation by staff

Cement Bulk Carrier

More environmentally friendly

Linyu took the lead in applying for the patented technology of the vehicle dust collector. The optional electronic pulse dust collector with convenient installation and simple operation meets environmental protection requirements and solves customers’ worries during use.

Cement Bulk Carrier

Process standardization, quality guaranteed

01. Laser cutting-high efficiency

The tank body, accessories and internal materials are all cut by large-scale CNC plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, etc., with small errors and high precision, which greatly improves production efficiency;

Cement Bulk Carrier

02. Annular welding-more precise

The advanced assembly point welding tooling, roller rack supporting transportation mechanism and the head ring welding tooling are only available in China, which effectively guarantees the strength, quality and appearance of the tank body;

Cement Bulk Carrier

03. Electrostatic spraying-wear resistance

The industry’s first powder tank bicycle “spray + powder spray” electrostatic powder spraying process, full color, beautiful and beautiful, enhanced the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the tank car coating, the coating hardness reached H level, and the service life was extended by 5 to 7 years;

Cement Bulk Carrier

04. Smart assembly-more efficient

The intelligent assembly line can monitor the operation of each link of the entire line in real time, ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the entire line, ensure that the quality of the entire vehicle is stable and reliable when the user is in use, and improve the product life cycle attendance rate;

05. Inspection and delivery-safer

After the vehicle has been debugged, the front wheel sideslip, lights, braking system and other strong inspection items are inspected one by one on the fully automatic inspection line to ensure the reliability and safety of the quality of the entire vehicle;

Cement Bulk Carrier

In addition, compared with semi-trailer trucks, cement bulk carriers also have the advantages of convenient driving and flexible operation, and bicycles are also more suitable for places with bad road conditions such as mountains!

Repurchase for old customers! The handsome “Black Samurai” is full of combat power

The autumn was high and the sun was shining brightly, and a batch of customized “Black Warrior” tank trucks drove out of the CIMC Linyu factory and went to ** to help local transportation services.

tank truck

It is understood that these tankers transport corrosive products such as sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. The ordering customer is an old friend of Linyu who has cooperated for many years. The requirements will be more stringent. After many comparisons, we finally chose Linyu. After one cooperation, we identified the “Linyu” brand. This year, we ordered 20 Linyu tank trucks again. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but their service is also guaranteed. Very thoughtful and very trustworthy.

tank truck1

Repurchase comes from trust, and this batch of tank trucks are tailor-made according to the actual needs of customers. The lightweight design of the 27-square warehouse uses high-strength, corrosion-resistant 304L stainless steel and aluminum alloy wheel covers, which are durable and long-lived; in terms of safety, the new six-claw stainless steel quick-opening explosion-proof manhole and aluminum alloy lifting guardrail are also equipped A well-known domestic disc brake suspension and bottom valve alarm system is used to ensure the stability and safety during use and operation.

tank truck

It is the excellent product strength that will win the trust of customers! I believe that the delivery of these tankers will bring better experience and benefits to our old customers. The handsome “Black Warrior” will also become a beautiful scenery in Nanyang. In the future, we also look forward to creating more value for more customers and contributing our strength to the construction of various places!

tank truck 3



【Group News】The revenue of the first three quarters was 118.2 billion, and it took only 9 months for CIMC to break 100 billion for the first time

On the evening of October 27, CIMC Group (referred to as “CIMC”, stock code: 000039.SZ\2039.HK) officially released the 2021 third quarter performance report.

According to the report, from January to September 2021, CIMC achieved operating income of 118.242 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 85.94% year-on-year; net profit attributable to the parent was RMB 8.799 billion, an increase of 1161.42% year-on-year; basic earnings per share were RMB 2.4056 was RMB 2.4056, a year-on-year increase of 1620.74%; the weighted average return on equity was 19.83%.

This is the first time that CIMC’s revenue has exceeded 100 billion yuan since it was put into production for 39 years and listed on the market for 27 years, and it has successfully entered the “100 billion club”. What is even more gratifying is that CIMC achieved the historic achievement of 100 billion in revenue this year in only 9 months.

At present, CIMC is pushing the group’s business towards high-quality development. The “gold content” of this 100 billion transcript is also particularly important. The report shows that in the three months from July to September of 2021, CIMC achieved revenue of 45.058 billion yuan, and net profit attributable to its parent exceeded 4.5 billion yuan, which was slightly more than the total profit of the six months in the first half of this year. The quality of the company’s development was further improved. improve.

Among the main businesses of CIMC, the revenue or profit of container manufacturing, road transportation vehicles, energy/chemical/liquid food equipment, logistics services, airports, circulating vehicles have all achieved substantial growth, and the scale and quality of overall financial income Both showed a gratifying upward growth trend.

Outstanding performance of various businesses in the logistics field

In the first three quarters of 2021, in order to alleviate the shortage of containers in the market and guarantee China’s export demand for containers, CIMC’s container manufacturing business will do its utmost to ensure the supply of new containers by increasing resource input, improving production efficiency, and fully releasing production capacity. . The production and sales volume and operating income of this business have achieved a significant year-on-year increase. The cumulative sales of dry cargo containers are 1,908,500 TEU (the statistical unit of container traffic, using 20-foot containers as standard containers), an increase of about 220.81% year-on-year; the cumulative sales of reefer containers are 130 million TEU, A year-on-year increase of approximately 54.58%.

In the first three quarters, CIMC Road Transport Vehicles sold a total of 163,300 semi-trailers, special-purpose vehicle tops, and light vans per set globally, an increase of 21.0% year-on-year. According to the first three-quarter results disclosed by CIMC Vehicles, an independent listed entity, CIMC Vehicles achieved operating income of 22.56 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 20%.

CIMC road transportation vehicle business

CIMC Airport and logistics equipment, fire and rescue equipment business also achieved good development results in the first three quarters. The inventory orders of the airport equipment business have maintained considerable growth; the performance of CIMC’s automated logistics equipment business has also continued to improve; in addition, as CIMC continues to launch new series of high-end fire-fighting equipment at home and abroad, CIMC’s fire-fighting and rescue equipment business The performance rose steadily.

CIMC-TianDa’s boarding bridge products are distributed in more than 70 countries and more than 300 airports worldwide

CIMC’s logistics service business achieved rapid growth in business volume and operating income through business chain extension and organic collaboration. This business segment entered the international air cargo market in the third quarter, improving the service network layout in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia and other regions with the most active global economy, providing five-stream general logistics services of “River, Sea, Rail, Air and Land”.

In the first three quarters, the revenue of CIMC’s recycling vehicle business increased significantly. Among them, the production capacity of new energy recycling vehicle products has entered a period of rapid expansion. After the newly planned production base is put into production, production capacity and output value will be greatly increased. In addition, CIMC continues to focus on the business of recycling vehicle leasing operations. Among them, it has achieved major business breakthroughs in the recycling and packaging of home appliances and fresh agricultural products, and will officially operate in the near future. At the same time, the cyclic vehicle intelligent leasing operation platform has been launched, and the efficiency of leasing operation management will be greatly improved in the future.

Clean energy revenue grew rapidly year-on-year

In the first three quarters of 2021, benefiting from strong industry demand and the gradual control of the global epidemic, CIMC Enric Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Enric”), the main operating entity of CIMC’s energy, chemical and liquid food businesses ’S revenue has grown substantially.

As of the end of September, CIMC Enric had orders in hand of approximately RMB 12.48 billion, of which the revenue from the clean energy business segment increased significantly year-on-year. In July, CIMC Enric acquired scarce resources such as docks and docks along the Yangtze River for RMB 529 million, consolidating and expanding CIMC’s scale and cost competitiveness in the field of water clean energy equipment manufacturing and engineering; CIMC Enric The first oil-gas-hydrogen combined construction station in Hebei Province undertook by the company was successfully completed, and its refueling scale and comprehensive energy service capabilities are in a leading position. Benefiting from the gradual control of the global epidemic and the recovery of global trade, CIMC Enric’s chemical environment business segment revenue also increased significantly year-on-year.

In addition, CIMC’s liquid food business has also achieved steady growth. While consolidating its leading position in the brewing and distillation equipment industry, CIMC Enric is committed to exploring new areas of spirits brewing such as liquor and gradually achieving more results in the market. The most noteworthy thing is that the business has made significant progress in the Chinese market in the first three quarters. In early September, CIMC Enric won the bid for the Shuijingfang liquor project with an order amount of more than 100 million yuan. On September 30, the vodka production line of the Qionglai Bacchus project, the largest spirits factory in Asia undertaken by CIMC, successfully produced liquor and achieved a phased victory.

Large tank of Qionglai Bacchus project, Asia's largest spirits factory

In the first three quarters, offshore wind power related equipment developed rapidly under the dual benefits of the global energy consumption transition wave and dual-carbon policy goals, and became a bright spot in the market. From January to September, among the newly effective orders of CIMC’s offshore engineering business of US$1.271 billion (approximately RMB 8.1 billion), in addition to US$387 million for oil and gas production platforms, orders related to offshore wind power and clean energy reached US$373 million. There are 468 million US dollars in car carriers, and a total of 43 million US dollars in other types of contracts. At present, CIMC’s offshore engineering business has accumulated orders valued at US$1.817 billion, a significant increase compared to the same period last year.

Innovative business bursts with vitality

CIMC’s innovative businesses and innovative companies have always received the expectation and attention of the public. The first three quarters of this year also burst with great vitality, contributing more and more to the development of CIMC.

In the first three quarters of 2021, CIMC Modular Building Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Modular”), a subsidiary of CIMC, obtained the second-level qualification for general construction contracting on the basis of the original Grade A design qualification for buildings; at the same time, CIMC Modular also updated its modular construction business strategy in a timely manner, and carried out new explorations in the field of industrialized construction.

The Chinese Overseas Chinese Capital Health Station project of CIMC Modular Building will be completed soon

In terms of cold chain business, CIMC’s cold chain business mainly deploys cold chain equipment manufacturing and cold chain logistics services, and increases strategic investment layout. It currently has competitive advantages in cold boxes, cold cars, mobile cold storage and other fields.

CIMC Mobile’s cold storage business continued to make efforts and reached strategic cooperation with Guangdong Tianye Cold Chain (Guangdong Supply and Marketing) around the construction of the field cold chain system; in July this year, CIMC Cold Cloud won the bid for the “Wuhan Institute of Biological Products New Crown Vaccine Control packaging equipment project”.

CIMC is also continuing to expand cold chain service areas such as vaccine transportation and fresh cold chain. CIMC Cold Cloud successively provided cold chain transportation services for six major domestic COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, including one-stop services such as cold chain packaging design, packing, inland transportation, airport customs declaration, and airport operations. CIMC’s logistics business has provided Southeast Asian import cold chain services to a number of large import fruit and vegetable merchants and import e-commerce platforms. At the same time, it has actively deployed its fresh food export business, and its cross-border fresh food transportation multimodal transportation business revenue has reached a new high.

CIMC Lengyun Medical Incubator Provides Solutions for Global Vaccine Transport

In the first three quarters, under the container segment of CIMC, the integrated equipment business outside of the traditional transportation container business continued to grow. Integrated equipment for energy and environmental protection is the focus of the “container+” business of the container layout. The energy integrated equipment business mainly focuses on new energy transformation equipment, power generation equipment, electrochemical energy storage equipment, energy operation and maintenance equipment, and new energy charging and swapping equipment. Among them, new energy transformation and energy storage equipment are the most valued. It has also received considerable attention from the capital market. CIMC’s environmental protection integrated equipment business mainly focuses on water treatment equipment and other aspects. The container segment plans to enter six market segments, including domestic sewage treatment in villages and towns, river sewage interception treatment, and decentralized water supply systems.

CIMC Container Yard

In the future, CIMC’s integrated equipment business will continue to deepen the two major areas of energy and environmental protection, deepen cooperation with leading customers in the energy and environmental protection fields, and actively explore new “container +” application areas.


【Group News】CIMC Vehicles: Revenue in the first three quarters increased by over 20% year-on-year

On the evening of October 26, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK), the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end semi-trailers and special vehicles, disclosed the 2021 third quarter report. The financial report shows that in the first three quarters of 2021, CIMC’s leading advantage in the vehicle industry has further expanded, and the scale effect of high-end manufacturing has continued to be released. Operating income has grown steadily to RMB 22.56 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.0%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 790 million yuan.

CIMC Vehicles

In terms of sales volume, CIMC Vehicles sold a total of 163,300 units/set of various semi-trailers, special-purpose vehicle tops, and light vans worldwide, an increase of 21.0% year-on-year. In addition, as of the end of September 2021, the total assets of CIMC Vehicles reached 23.09 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5% from the end of the previous year.

Steady growth in various business segments in the domestic market

Actively develop low-carbon green products

At present, CIMC Vehicles has three main business segments, namely semi-trailer business, special vehicle top-fitting business and light van body business. In the first three quarters of 2021, the revenue of these three business segments in the Chinese market has grown steadily.

In terms of semi-trailer business, China’s semi-trailer industry has entered a period of great change, the industry is accelerating its integration, the second-generation semi-trailer national standard enforcement has become stricter, and the quality and carrying capacity of semi-trailer products have improved. Affected by factors such as the downturn in the macro economy, rising global commodity prices, and declining demand for tractors, the demand for semi-trailers in the third quarter showed a downward trend and then an upward trend. In the first three quarters of 2021, product iterations and upgrades continued to stimulate demand. CIMC Vehicles China’s semi-trailer business sales and revenue increased significantly by 26.5% and 22.7% year-on-year.

CIMC Vehicles

As for the special-purpose vehicle top-fitting business, with the implementation of the sixth phase of the national motor vehicle pollution emission standards, the short-term homogeneity competition in the industry has intensified, and the domestic heavy-duty truck market demand slowed down in the third quarter. The company actively explores the market, intensifies the research and development of new energy special vehicles, and promotes a joint development strategy with OEMs. In the first three quarters of 2021, CIMC Vehicles has further expanded its leading advantages in concrete mixer trucks and urban muck trucks. The sales volume and revenue of the special-purpose vehicle top-loading business have increased by 17.5% and 16.5% year-on-year.

CIMC Vehicles

In terms of the light van body business (hereinafter referred to as “TB” business), in the context of the accelerated growth of China’s light van market demand, CIMC Vehicles has proactively launched the “terabyte” brand, focusing on the cold storage of TB business Production and sales of vans and dry vans.

In the field of refrigerated compartments, the Chinese government has clearly accelerated the plan for cold chain logistics, and further promoted the standardization of cold chain equipment and the development of new cold chain storage equipment, which stimulated the accelerated development of cold chain logistics. In the first three quarters of 2021, the sales of refrigerated vehicles in the Chinese market increased significantly year-on-year, and the income and sales of refrigerated vans of CIMC Vehicles continued to increase.

CIMC Vehicles

In the dry van field, the Chinese government previously announced the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Production and Registration Management of Light Trucks and Small and Mini Passenger Vehicles”, and the compliance governance of light trucks has been continuously strengthened. CIMC Vehicles actively develops dry cargo body business for urban logistics distribution, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of urban logistics distribution through a high-end manufacturing system.

In the future, as the Chinese government advocates green and low-carbon transportation and strengthens green infrastructure construction, CIMC Vehicles will actively develop and promote new energy, intelligent, digital and lightweight green products to enhance the company’s core competition for sustainable development To inject vitality into sustainable transportation development.

Optimize localized production line layout

Significant recovery in overseas markets

While the scale of the domestic market is expanding steadily, CIMC Vehicles’ overseas markets have also recovered significantly. Benefiting from the recovery of the global economy, demand for semi-trailers in overseas markets has continued to be released, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has reshaped consumption habits, and orders in the overseas semi-trailer market have surged.

It is reported that CIMC Vehicles has deepened the business philosophy of “transoceanic management and local manufacturing”, provided convenience to customers by strengthening local manufacturing and local procurement, and actively optimized global supply chain management and global logistics distribution systems. The above-mentioned measures have also created long-term development opportunities for CIMC Vehicles in the external circular economy.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the revenue of CIMC Vehicles’ semi-trailer business in the North American market increased by 8.6% year-on-year. While gradually resolving the impact of global headwinds on the company, benefiting from the optimization of localized production lines in the North American market and the rapidly increasing market demand, the sales of refrigerated semi-trailers in North America increased significantly by 178.5 percent year-on-year.

CIMC Vehicles

In addition, CIMC Vehicles seized the opportunity of the rapid rebound in the European semi-trailer market to further enhance the production line and capacity layout of high-end manufacturing. In the first three quarters of 2021, sales and revenue in the European semi-trailer market increased significantly by 40.9% and 36.4% year-on-year.

According to the latest data released by “Global Trailer” on the ranking of global semi-trailer manufacturers by output in 2021, CIMC Vehicles continued to rank first among global semi-trailer manufacturers. This is the ninth year that CIMC Vehicles has successfully won the global ranking of semi-trailer manufacturers since 2013. The No. 1 throne, the “high-end manufacturing system” highlights the scale effect.

According to the data, CIMC Vehicles has been exploring the construction of a “high-end manufacturing system” since 2014. At present, it has built 13 semi-trailer production “lighthouse” factories, 6 special-purpose vehicle top-mounted production “lighthouse” factories, and 2 refrigerated vans around the world. Body production “lighthouse” factory. From the design concept to the manufacturing process, the “Lighthouse” factory of CIMC Vehicles continuously delivers the green concept of “saving energy consumption and reducing pollution” through its products, continues to implement intelligent construction and the Chinese government’s “dual-carbon” work strategy, and leads semi-trailers. And special vehicles to the industry’s green and sustainable development.

CIMC Vehicles

CIMC Vehicles pointed out that in the future, the company will actively use the raised funds to strengthen innovation drive and realize digital transformation, laying a good mechanism for the further research and development of smart and interconnected semi-trailer products and a new generation of new energy refrigerated delivery vehicles. Before 2025, it aims to fully realize the “high-end manufacturing system” and “new management infrastructure”, adding a new chapter to China’s smart manufacturing and high-end manufacturing.


Keep these points in mind and increase the life of your concrete mixer truck by at least 20%!

I believe that when you buy a car, you are most concerned about the maintenance of your car. So what can you do to extend the life of the car in daily use? Today I will explain the tips for the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer~

concrete mixer truck

The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer truck includes: replacing the hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter element, and gear oil.

Hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil plays a role in transferring energy, lubricating, flushing, rust prevention, heat dissipation, and removing water vapor in the entire system. Ensuring that the quality and cleanliness of hydraulic oil meet the standards is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment.

Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic filter

The hydraulic filter element is equivalent to the kidney of the human body, filtering and purifying the blood (hydraulic oil) of the system to create the best working environment for the system.

Gear Oil

Gear oil mainly plays the role of lubrication, washing, rust prevention, etc., to ensure that the quality and cleanliness of the gear oil meet the standard, so as to protect the comprehensive performance of the oil and prolong the service life of the reducer.

Gear oil

After the new car has been used for 500 hours, the hydraulic system must be maintained for the first time, and the hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter element, and gear oil must be replaced. After the first warranty, maintenance should be carried out every eight months. In the specific maintenance, many card friends will also ask:

1. Is it possible to only change the hydraulic oil without changing the filter element?

Can not.

Dirty filter element mixed with new oil will directly pollute the oil in the entire system. Changing the oil means no change, and the filter paper with attached impurities will block the filter holes, reduce the permeability of the filter paper, and easily cause poor oil absorption and insufficient oil supply.

2. Is it possible to only change the filter element without changing the hydraulic oil?

Can not.

Under high temperature and high pressure, the various performance indexes of the oil will gradually weaken, and it will not reach the best condition;

The hydraulic system is a high-precision component. The volume of abrasives and impurities generated during operation is very small. We can’t see it with the naked eye. We need to use professional testing equipment to measure. Look at the clear oil, not necessarily the clean oil, if you wait until You can see that the oil is dirty with your eyes, and the system is already contaminated and damaged seriously.

Filter element

3. Is a filter element that is never clogged and has a smooth flow of oil a good filter element?


The filtration accuracy of the filter paper is a key parameter to measure the quality of the filter element. The hydraulic filter element of the mixer truck requires a filtration accuracy of 10-15 microns. The filtration accuracy is too poor. Large pollutant particles will pass directly through the filter holes and cannot filter. Ineffective filtration, so a filter element that never clogs is not necessarily a qualified filter element.

concrete mixer

4. How to choose a qualified filter element?

There are a lot of filter cartridges sold in the accessory market, which are mixed with good and bad. The price ranges from twenty to thirty yuan to one or two hundred yuan, which really makes it difficult for everyone to choose. It is recommended to determine from three aspects:

1. Price

The cost price of the filter element depends on the cost of the material and the processing cost. If the price is too low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, so try not to take risks;

2. Quality

A good filter element, the folds of the filter paper are tight and flat, the metal framework is strong, not easy to deform, the joints are welded smoothly, without burrs and welding slag, and the weight is about 500g;

3. Source

It’s best not to choose Sanwu products with unknown origins. The damage to the equipment is not worth the loss. It is best to purchase from a reliable channel. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but the installation consultation and after-sales service can also be guaranteed.

Export again! That touch of yellow in autumn

As the saying goes, “One autumn rain and one cold, ten autumn rains put on cotton”, after a few autumn rains, the weather became colder and gloomy. After lunch, the editor found a bright yellow in the factory, like the sunlight in autumn, bright and warm but not dazzling. Looking closer, it turned out to be Linyu’s customized mixer truck that is about to be exported to Africa.

mixer truck

Africa has always been one of the birthplaces of ancient humans and civilizations in the world, with a vast territory and rich resources. It used to be synonymous with poverty, but now it is a huge market with a population of 1.2 billion. It is expected that the logistics and transportation market in Africa will be one of the industries with the most growth potential in the next two decades.

Tailor-made export to Africa

This batch of mixer trucks adopts Sinotruk Howo 6X4 chassis, imported hydraulic system, and 8 square weight lightweight tops. They are customized by CIMC Linyu according to the actual construction environment and individual needs of African customers in accordance with high-end quality standards. It’s good, it’s obvious!

mixer truck

Quality tops and better quality

The upper tank body is made of domestic well-known brand steel, which is high in strength, light in weight and longer in service life; it is cut by a laser cutting machine and welded by automatic welding equipment to ensure product quality and production consistency to the greatest extent.

mixer truck

Strong adaptability and lower residual

After the optimized design, the center of gravity of the tank is reduced, which can meet the needs of various complicated road conditions and special operations; adopts large blades, multi-phase three-dimensional mixing mode, fast feeding and discharging speed, more uniform mixing, and lower residual rate.

mixer truck

Well-known hydraulics and stable performance

The high-horsepower engine and imported hydraulic three-piece set provide super-large torque and surging power. At the same time, the performance of the whole vehicle is more reasonable, and the fuel consumption is lower. It provides a stable and reliable operation mechanism guarantee for long-term work.

mixer truck

In recent years, in the face of severe domestic and foreign market situations, CIMC Linyu has withstood the severe test of the market and has been subjected to more and more tests by virtue of its ultra-high cost-effective advantages, excellent product quality and nanny-like after-sales service. The pro-favorites of users, the market retention and market share are increasing year by year. The re-export to the African market this time further strengthened CIMC Linyu’s local brand influence and also demonstrated the full recognition of CIMC Linyu in overseas markets.

【Group News】CIMC Vehicles and Siemens Digital Industrial Software Sign Global Agreement to Promote Digital Transformation of Semi-trailers

On October 15, the signing ceremony of the global agreement between CIMC Vehicles and Siemens Digital Industrial Software was successfully held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, Liang Naiming, Global Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Siemens Digital Industrial Software, and representatives of both parties attended the signing ceremony of the meeting.

At the event site, Dr. Li Xiaofu, CTO of CIMC Vehicles and CEO of Car Business Strategy Division, as a representative of CIMC Vehicles, introduced the history of cooperation with Siemens’ digital industrial software.

CTO, Chief Technology Officer of CIMC Vehicles, CEO of Car Business Strategy Division

It is reported that Dr. Li Xiaofu participated in the construction of CIMC Vehicles’ first semi-trailer “Lighthouse” factory, completed the overall planning and construction implementation of the CIMC Tonghua Super Magellan project, and led the construction of multiple manufacturing automation and digital “Lighthouse” factories .

According to the data, the “Lighthouse” factory incorporates virtual simulation, big data, Internet of Things, and digital technology, and is equipped with highly automated equipment (such as CNC laser cutting machines, robotic welding workstations, KTL and powder coating lines), which can achieve large-scale automation Flexible production solves the problems of backward production equipment, technical lag, increased labor costs, energy conservation and emission reduction, and is a powerful measure to promote the development of the industry from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

“In terms of global manufacturing strategy, high-end manufacturing has become the focus of economic competition among all parties. The development of high-end manufacturing and the use of digital transformation are important means for the development of Made in China 2025, a core measure to optimize the industrial structure, and it is also China’s semi-trailer manufacturing that is moving towards high quality. And the development direction of compliance.” Dr. Li Xiaofu said.

Dr. Li Xiaofu added: “Since CIMC Vehicles began to cooperate with Siemens Digital Industrial Software at the end of 2014, the product range has gradually covered semi-trailers, special-purpose vehicle tops and refrigerated vans in the 7 years from consulting and planning to POC verification to full-scale system construction. The three major business sectors have achieved the coverage of the full range of CIMC Vehicles product categories.”

In addition to the expansion of the scope of cooperation, the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two sides are also expanding and developing. From CAD (three-dimensional computer-aided design software) tools to CAD+PLM (product life cycle management), CIMC Vehicles has gradually realized the integration of design process and modular configuration management of products. The two parties have gradually expanded from domestic cooperation to global business cooperation.

CIMC Vehicles and Siemens Digital Industrial Software exchange gifts

Liu Ruofeng, Vice President of Siemens Digital Industrial Software High-end Equipment/Industry Machinery and Enterprise Key Accounts also shared his vision for the cooperation between the two parties. Subsequently, Dr. Li Xiaofu and Liu Ruofeng signed a global agreement on behalf of both parties.

The signing of this global agreement marks a new stage of global business cooperation between CIMC Vehicles and Siemens Industrial Software. Dr. Li Xiaofu pointed out, “At present, CIMC Vehicles has entered a new era of comprehensive digital transformation. Product data, as the data source of the company’s digital construction, will fully support the implementation of CIMC Vehicles’ business philosophy of “transoceanic operations and local manufacturing”.”

Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, delivered a speech

Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, said that digitization is a consistent strategic need of the high-end manufacturing system of CIMC Vehicles, and an inevitable requirement for high-end manufacturing to move into the deep water zone. As the world’s first high-end manufacturer of A+H-share semi-trailers and special vehicles, CIMC Vehicles will continue to strengthen its innovation drive and promote digital transformation. The goal is to fully realize the high-end manufacturing strategy and new management infrastructure by 2025, adding a new chapter to China’s smart manufacturing and high-end manufacturing.

Today, the “high-end manufacturing system” of CIMC Vehicles has taken shape, and its advantages in scale are further highlighted. At present, CIMC Vehicles has built 13 semi-trailer production “lighthouse” factories, 6 special-purpose vehicle top-mounted production “lighthouse” factories, and 2 refrigerated van body production “lighthouse” factories at home and abroad. The “product module” of trailer products and the digital transformation and upgrading will continue to increase the niche, and will reach new heights under the strategy of “transoceanic operation and local manufacturing”.

Global signing ceremony

CIMC Vehicles will join hands with Siemens’ digital industrial software to cooperate strongly, and based on the long-term development of global business, promote the digital transformation and high-quality development of the global semi-trailer industry.

The alliance of the rich is assembled, safe, lightweight, leading in the country!

CIMC Linyu has always insisted on exploring the market, working hard on the product itself, and realizing all-round control in terms of product structure, process design, production, and accessory supply. Today, the editor will take everyone to see what is amazing about Linyu’s tank truck!

What are the advantages of Linyu tank trucks

Anti-shock: Using finite element analysis, the wave-breaking board adopts a forward convex dish-shaped structure design, the tank body is more uniformly stressed, and when the liquid is impacted, it can better absorb the impact energy, and at the same time scatter the shock wave around and release the impact force;

Anti-rollover: The center of gravity of the body and chassis is low, 5-10cm lower than that of peer manufacturers, the tank is lighter, and the safety and anti-rollover ability is stronger. According to expert analysis, for every 5cm lower the center of gravity of the tanker, rollover accidents will be reduced by 30%-50%.

One-time molding: PLC programmable control technology, one-time canning molding process, reducing welds, smooth appearance, excellent process performance, and higher precision;

Patented fastening: patented fastening design, the frame and running mechanism adopt the world’s latest generation of Huck BobTail fastening system, permanent installation, zero clearance, to achieve the highest performance and reliability of key parts;

Precise inspection: using high-precision measuring equipment, the product goes through the procedures of flaw detection, water test, pressure test, etc., and transfers to the finished product garage after passing the inspection

Linyu Tank Truck Product Style

CLY9402GRY48 Fully loaded methanol transport semi-trailer

Fully loaded methanol transport semi-trailer

Full load-bearing structure

Lightweight design

Low center of gravity is safer

Patent structure

Many optional configurations, strong applicability

CLY9407GYY3 46 square aluminum alloy oil transport truck

46 square aluminum alloy aoil transport truck

Lower center of gravity, suitable for mountain transportation

Straight canister type, more flexible for sub-storage

Smooth appearance and better craftsmanship

Many optional configurations, strong applicability

CLY9401GRYQ/Q1 45.5/48 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

45.5/48 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

Light weight, 6100kg

Circular cross section, high design grade

Special board, high grade index

L4BH, suitable for many media

CLY9401GRYQ2 48 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

48 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

Lighter weight 5700kg

Full load-bearing structure

Many transport media

Shorter length

Lower center of gravity

CLY9407GRYB 50 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

50 square aluminum alloy chemical transport truck

Lighter weight, 5950kg

Many transport media

Shorter length

Lower center of gravity

CLY9405GRYB 46.5 square stainless steel chemical transport truck

46.5 square stainless steel chemical transport truck

Lightweight, 7400kg

Many transport media

Patent structure

Low center of gravity is safer

CLY9405GRYC 46.5 square stainless steel chemical transport truck

46.5 square stainless steel chemical transport truck

Lightweight, 7900kg

Many transport media

Patent structure

Low center of gravity is safer

CIMC Linyu tank trucks are guided by “safety +” and practice the policy of “Tanks are all over the world”, provide safe transportation solutions for the industry, provide more reliable and safe tank trucks for the majority of card friends, and protect everyone who gets rich .

What are the maintenance items for the small mixer truck?

A small mixer truck is a special vehicle that often deals with building materials such as water, stone, cement, etc. in daily work. Long-term use and wear are particularly severe. In order not to affect its work efficiency, we need to maintain it regularly. So what should be paid attention to in the maintenance process? Let’s take a look together.

1. The radiator of the small cement mixer truck should not be in contact with acid-alkaline and corrosive substances to avoid corrosion of the radiator fins.

Mixer truck

2. It is necessary to use soft water to fill the inside of the radiator. If the hard water is softened, it needs to be filled, so as to avoid the blockage of the radiator and excessive scale.

3. Use antifreeze as required, and not use inferior antifreeze for temporary cheapness.

4. When we install and repair the radiator of the small cement mixer truck, be careful not to touch the radiator belt and radiator fins, so as not to cause the radiator to be leaky or the heat dissipation effect is not good.

5. When the radiator of the small cement mixer truck is completely drained and then filled with water, first turn on the water drain switch of the engine block. When water flows out, turn it off again to avoid blisters.

6. In normal use, always check whether the water level inside the water tank of the cement mixer truck needs to be filled with water. Stop the engine and wait until the temperature of the body drops before adding water. Open the lid of the water tank slowly and fill it with water. People should stay away from the water filler as much as possible, so as to avoid the high temperature of the steam inside and cause scalding.

Mixer truck

7. In winter or when the temperature is very low, pay attention to discharge all the water in the water tank when parking for a long time or indirect parking.

8. The environment for the radiator of the spare small cement mixer truck should be ventilated and dry.

9. Depending on the actual situation, the user should completely clean the core of the radiator within 1 to 3 months. When cleaning, rinse with clean water along the reverse side of the air inlet. Regular and complete cleaning can prevent the core of the radiator from being blocked by dirt, which will affect the heat dissipation performance and affect the service life of the radiator.

10. The water level gauge should be cleaned once in about three months, and the parts should be disassembled and cleaned frequently.

The above are the precautions for the maintenance of small mixer trucks. Special attention should be paid to avoid contact with acid, alkaline and corrosive substances, to avoid blockage of the radiator and excessive scale, regular maintenance of the radiator, and regular cleaning of the water level gauge. When using a car, we must also pay attention to maintenance, so as to increase its life span and create better economic benefits for us.

Product Express I CIMC Linyu Lightweight Cement Bulk Carrier Efficiently Helps Urban Construction

The powdered material transportation semi-trailer (hereinafter referred to as the cement bulk carrier) is suitable for the bulk transportation of dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, and granular alkali with a particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm. With the “new infrastructure” and the steady increase in investment in fixed assets, cement bulk carriers have gradually become popular in the special-purpose vehicle market and have become a popular model in the special-purpose vehicle industry.

The process of urbanization is getting faster and faster, and the new infrastructure is constantly advancing. As an important transportation tool for urban construction in China, cement bulk carriers have been developing rapidly in the past two decades. In the past ten years, cement bulk carriers have been developing towards smaller cubes, lighter weights, faster discharge speeds, and lower surplus rates. This is closely related to market demand and national policy guidance.

As a well-known brand in China’s tanker industry under CIMC Vehicles, CIMC Linyu is committed to the safety and lightweight of cement bulk carriers. While focusing on product technology upgrades and safety upgrades, it is also actively exploring smart manufacturing, with more reliable performance, better products, and more convenient services to ensure that lightweight cement bulk carriers can always be at the forefront of the industry and help powder particles Scientific development of material transportation industry.

CIMC Linyu cement bulk carrier-“how fast and better save” small white tanks

A cement bulk carrier with up to 22 patents, lightweight, high in configuration, and the discharge speed is more than 1.2 tons per minute, which is truly reliable, intelligent, time-saving, labor-saving and efficient.

how fast and better save

The board is “excellent” and “light” enough

The whole vehicle adopts new high-strength high-quality steel from a well-known domestic steel plant, high-end aluminum alloy accessories, high tensile strength, good mechanical properties, and the same square weight and configuration are more than 100Kg lighter than competing products in the industry.

The board is excellent and light enough

“Strong” compression resistance, “fast” unloading

The new patented tank structure, the fluidization angle is further increased, and the buffer frame structure not only has a good compression resistance, but also has a faster discharge speed and a low material residual rate.

Strong compression resistance, fast unloading

Intelligent and safer

Fully automatic control of unloading, remote control switch, one-button control, and optional intelligent facilities such as anti-collision and reversing blind spot monitoring, the whole vehicle is smarter, more convenient and safer.

Intelligent and safer

Wide material transportation, one can has many functions

Cement, fly ash, moist fly ash, dry-mixed mortar, calcium powder, micro powder, etc., can be transported with a variety of materials.

Wide material transportation, one can has many functions