CIMC Lingyu 2020 Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference

Years do not last, and the seasons are flowing. The extraordinary 2020 has passed. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, the people of the whole country have worked together to defeat the epidemic and have demonstrated their responsibility and responsibility to the world. Under the correct leadership of the leaders of CIMC Vehicle Group and the company, Lingyu people have created one brilliance one after another with passion and sweat.

On February 9, when the New Year came, CIMC Lingyu’s 2020 year-end summary and commendation meeting with the theme of “Ingenuity Reform, Smarter Future” was held in the company. The company’s general manager Mr. Liu Baoshan, all senior leaders and 800 Yu Ming Ling Yu gathered together for a happy gathering. The meeting was hosted by CIMC Ling Yu Chang Guoqiang and Liu Bingyu.

Accompanied by the strong and passionate “National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China”, all the staff stand solemnly and jointly wish the motherland prosperity. A carefully prepared VCR led the participants to review the unforgettable 366 days and nights that have just passed.

At the meeting, the general manager of the company, Mr. Liu Baoshan, conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s overall business situation in 2020, and elaborated on the company’s overall business strategy in 2021. President Liu emphasized: In 2020, in the post-epidemic era, national macro-control Under these circumstances, a large amount of investment in new infrastructure, 5G base station construction and other projects continued to boost the demand for construction vehicles. We relied on keen market prediction to seize this rare market opportunity, through scientific prevention and control, orderly resumption of production, and grabbing orders, The effective implementation of measures such as rapid production increase, strict quality control, and internal cost control has exceeded the operating targets throughout the year, and finally achieved a record high in sales, revenue and profit for three consecutive years, which together witnessed another milestone in the company’s development! However, it is undeniable that we still have deficiencies in cost management, human resource management and basic management. In 2021, we will build a “high-end manufacturing system” as the guiding ideology, “upgrade product modules, improve the lighthouse factory, and start marketing The four cornerstones of reform and organizational development are the action plan, and the strategic goal for the next three years is to achieve “market advancement into the top three; revenue breakthrough 5 billion; lean operation excellence; and realization of high-end intelligent manufacturing”. In the face of opportunities, we should embrace it happily; in the face of challenges, we will never shrink back!

Subsequently, the company leader Xu Zhiyu read out the “Announcement on Recognizing the Advanced Collectives and Individuals of the Company in 2020”, and all the company’s senior leaders awarded the award-winning outstanding employees with trophies and took a group photo.

Work Together Award (Advanced Team)

Co-casting Albert Award (Advanced Group)

Award for management ability (management model)

Ingenuity Award (Technical Pacemaker)

Quality Pioneer Award (Quality Pacemaker)

Siege Strategy Award (Sales Model)

Perfection Award (Improvement Model)

Dedication Award (Model Worker)

Annual Meritorious Team Award (Outstanding Contribution Award)

During the conference, the dancing skewers dance “Flaming Skewers” and the moving two-person chorus “Broad Sea and Sky” mobilized the atmosphere of the whole venue, and the lucky draw between each session of the conference brought the atmosphere of the venue to a climax!

Finally, Mr. Liu and all the senior leaders wished everyone a happy New Year and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and a good family! With bursts of applause, CIMC Lingyu’s 2020 year-end summary and commendation meeting ended successfully.

In 2020, everyone’s contributions and breakthroughs will compose a wonderful movement of Lingyu’s take-off, which is the happiness and glory of all Lingyu people. The blueprint has been drawn, the drum of war has sounded, and Lingyu people will definitely live up to their mission. In 2021, let us concentrate our efforts to write a new chapter and continue to create brilliant!