CIMC Lingyu Marketing System 2020 year-end summary meeting

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, spring is in full swing. From February 22nd to 23rd, the 2020 work summary meeting of CIMC Lingyu’s marketing system with the theme of “Following the Situation” was held in Luoyang. The company’s mixer truck, liquid tanker and powder tanker marketing system totaled more than 200 people Attended this meeting. The company’s general manager Liu Baoshan accompanied Hu Bolin, Wang Changsuo, Zhao Xinwei, Wang Zhen, Wang Chunting and other high-level leaders and leaders of related departments of the company to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chang Guoqiang.

On the 22nd, a group seminar was held. The marketing team was divided into seven groups according to products and regions to discuss separately, further detailing their respective market action plans for 2021.

On the 23rd, the all-hands meeting kicked off. The first was product training and internal communication. Xu Guowei, the mixer truck project manager, and Zhao Yongfeng, the powder tank truck project manager, explained the product model spectrum, product features and product planning for 2021. The highly competitive main products and new products, complete in variety and excellent performance, make everyone confident in sales in the new year.

Subsequently, Wang Hanning, Deputy General Manager and Director of the General Department of the Marketing Company, Zhang Minfu, Deputy General Manager and Director of the Financial Services Department of the Marketing Company, and Zhao Yadong, Assistant Minister of the Enterprise Management Department, respectively provided internal support for the internal operations of the marketing company, financial tools and after-sales service butler platform in 2021. We communicated and provided strong support for everyone to rest assured in the market in 2021.

In the afternoon, we hired a professional lecturer to bring a new media and short video marketing training. The lecturer introduced the operation strategy of Douyin short video in a simple way. In the era of new media, everyone is responsible for using new marketing tools. The flag bearer of Lingyu brand communication, together with the company, enhances brand influence and promotes business development.

Immediately afterwards, Hu Jiangsheng, deputy general manager of the liquid tank business department and head of the sales department, made a report on the market and product planning of liquid tank trucks. In 2020, liquid tankers have achieved rapid growth, and in 2021 they will launch a charge towards higher goals.

Subsequently, the company’s deputy general manager and general manager of the marketing company Hu Binglin made a summary report on the engineering vehicle marketing work. President Hu’s report is divided into two parts: review and outlook. Through industry conditions, Lingyu performance, market forecasts, target decomposition, and opponent analysis , Marketing strategy, key measures and other aspects have been systematically summarized and strategically deployed. Mr. Hu pointed out that in 2020, the marketing company has successfully completed various tasks assigned by the company and achieved impressive results. At the same time, the company’s products, production lines, management, and organization are all upgrading, creating a good job for this year’s marketing work. Conditions; in 2021, we will follow the company’s deployment and follow the trend. We are confident that we will be calm and bullish!

Achievements are hard-won, and advancement needs encouragement. The conference commended and rewarded individuals and teams with outstanding performance in 2020. Under the common witness of everyone, the company leaders successively awarded the “Liquid Tank Truck Sales Contribution Award” to the liquid tanker’s Ren Ruijie and Wen Kailang; Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan regions awarded the “Excellent Marketing Team Award”, “Best Progressive Team Award” and “Sales Champion Team Award”.

Immediately afterwards, a simple and solemn oath ceremony was carried out. Each business team signed military orders and solemnly sworn oaths with the corresponding leaders. Zhengzheng vows, fist and determination, all the business staff are passionate and full of pride, amid the loud voice of the oaths, they receive tasks, provoke heavy burdens, and devote themselves to a new journey of struggle.

At the end of the conference, Liu Baoshan, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. Mr. Liu first summarized the industry situation, group situation and company situation in 2020. He pointed out that under the complex industry situation and environmental pressure, both CIMC Vehicles Group and CIMC Lingyu have achieved excellent results. The business sectors are advancing hand in hand, showing a good momentum of vigorous development.

For the marketing work, Mr. Liu gave a high degree of recognition: first, sales reached a new high, successfully completed the annual target, and outperformed the general trend of the industry; secondly, channels became more perfect and firmly controlled the market; thirdly, financial development began The fourth is the continuous improvement of management level and the improvement of management work; the fifth is the increasingly mature marketing team, and a wolf-like team that can fight tough battles is taking shape; the sixth is the beginning of new marketing attempts. Keeping pace with the times, brand influence continues to increase. Mr. Liu pointed out that the heart has a direction, and it will eventually return. In 2021, the company “determined a higher sales target, and hopes that the marketing team will work together, work hard, be friends of time, and jointly strive for the new glory of CIMC Lingyu!