CIMC Lingyu’s first tug-of-war competition kicked off

At the beginning of the resumption of work, the weather was new, and the pride was fully expressed. In order to gather unity and display the image of the team, on February 20, the company’s labor union organized the first CIMC Lingyu employee tug-of-war competition to mobilize all employees and hope that all work will achieve better results in 2021.

The competition attracted eight representative teams composed of more than 120 employees from agencies, marketing, and production lines. Through a lottery, the eight representative teams competed fiercely in the order of the match.

On the field, everyone gritted their teeth and persisted in the end without retreating. Other employees cheered on the side, shouting, applause, and laughter one after another, which was brilliant. After fierce competition, the second batch of mixer trucks won the championship, the marketing company representative team won the runner-up, and the first batch mixer team won the third place. The chairman of the company’s labor union Xu Zhiyu presented prizes to the winning team and took a group photo.

(Champion: Mixer Second Team)

(Second Place: Marketing company representative team)

(Third place: First batch of mixer truck)

This competition not only fully created an atmosphere for the start of the new year, but also enriched the employees’ amateur cultural life and demonstrated the spirit of Lingyu people’s unity, hard work, and cohesion.