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CIMC Sanitation truck


The main function of the CIMC sanitation truck is to transport and dispose of all kinds of garbage. Due to the variety and density of the garbage, the carrying capacity of the sanitation truck is measured by the volume of the car rather than by the mass.

Sanitation truck application field


Sanitation trucks are used to collect, load and transport domestic garbage, construction waste, and kitchen waste. It is mainly used for garbage collection and treatment in various places such as community, school, scenic spot, hotel, township, sanitation, garbage disposal station, etc. The new sanitation truck has reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient operation, high degree of automation, and garbage clearing freight. Low advantage.

The CIMC sanitation trucks are divided into functions, mainly: swing arm type garbage trucks, compression garbage trucks, hanging barrel (cylinder) type garbage trucks, self-loading garbage trucks, dump trucks, and trailer garbage trucks. Docking garbage trucks, etc.

According to the chassis brand, there are mainly brands such as Dongfeng, Futian, Changan and Qingling. Garbage trucks are mainly classified according to emission standards, such as the national three garbage trucks and the national four garbage trucks, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Sanitation truck specification

FOB price 35,000 USD ~59,000 USD
Item Standard configuration Optional
Drive type 6*4 8*4
Box body Load capacity 5(m3) 13.4/20 m3
Compression ratio ≈1:4
Sewage tank 200L(90+110)
Control system PLC control system

Rated hydraulic pressure 16.2 Mpa

Loading system Plastic bin 240L*2 Tilting loader
Side railing Steel Aluminum
Rear monitor Without Optional
Rear working lamp Without Optional
Working caution lamp Without Optional
Lamps 24V
Accessory Tools , operation manual
Paint for body Shot blasting before painting

Color and logo as per requirements, White-red reflective sticker

Other As per factory standard

CIMC sanitation truck function description

Swing arm garbage truck

Consisting of chassis, garbage bin (bucket), swing arm deceleration buffer cylinder, etc. It is characterized in that the garbage bin can be separated from the car body to realize the combined use of one car and multiple garbage bins. You can place the ground to collect garbage, or you can place the garbage transfer station to collect garbage. The swing arm type garbage truck is mainly used for garbage dumps in the sanitation department, and garbage collection in places with large garbage collection and wide collection and transportation.

Hanging bucket type self-loading and unloading garbage truck

It adopts chain and hydraulic cylinder linkage device to realize automatic lifting and turning of garbage, and automatically collects garbage in multiple garbage bins into the compartment, which is transported and has a self-unloading function. The hanging bucket type garbage truck can also be combined with a plurality of garbage bins (iron drums or picking buckets) for one truck. This garbage truck is suitable for a community with a large amount of garbage and a wide range of garbage collection, school, Scenic spots, factories, etc., can also choose this garbage truck for the ring road sanitation with a small amount of garbage.

Compressed garbage truck

Using machine, electric and hydraulic linkage control system, computer control and manual operating system, through the filling device and pusher and other devices to achieve garbage dumping, crushing or crushing, and crowding the garbage into the compartment And compaction and shirking. This garbage truck is characterized by high technical content and large loading capacity. It is suitable for use in places where the amount of garbage is large and the population density is relatively concentrated. It can be used in conjunction with garbage cans to collect garbage.

Car detachable garbage truck

Also known as hook (hook) arm type garbage truck, boom type garbage truck, pull arm type garbage truck, etc. This is widely used in urban streets, school garbage disposal, scenic spots, towns and other places. use. It can be equipped with multiple garbage compartments in one car, and the garbage compartment is sealed, which is more beautiful and more environmentally friendly. Multiple garbage compartments are placed in each garbage point, with self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, and convenient dumping of garbage.

Sealed dump truck

This garbage truck is a one-piece compartment that can be automatically unloaded. The car body can be made into a front sliding type, a wingspan type and the like. It is widely used in urban street garbage disposal. It has sealed self-unloading function, hydraulic operation and convenient dumping of garbage. The advantage of this garbage truck is that it is affordable and has a large capacity. It is suitable for sanitation to collect garbage. The micro-waste truck is suitable for collecting garbage in places with small amount of garbage in closed places such as communities, schools and factories.

CIMC sanitation truck features

The sanitation truck body is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion;

The garbage compartment body is integrally formed with carbon steel structure, which is tough and durable and can withstand various external impacts;

The sanitation truck compartment is thickened and reinforced, which can be used with mechanical lifting devices or sanitation trucks;

The bottom of the garbage compartment is particularly strengthened, which is not easy to collapse, deform and wear, and prolong the service life of the product;

The sanitation truck body is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.

The sanitation truck can cooperate with various garbage compartments or garbage bins to collect and transport garbage, which is convenient for transportation, efficient operation and cost saving;

The inside and outside of the sanitation trucks are smooth and clean, which is convenient for emptying garbage and cleaning;

The sanitation truck is designed to be ergonomic, light and durable, and flexible to move;

Sanitation truck color can be customized, diverse, suitable for different environments and garbage collection.

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