Electric Flushing Sweeper Truck


Product Features of Electric Flushing Sweeper Truck

Man-machine automation

Using CAN bus control technology, one-key operation button and LED display screen are arranged in the cab, which can display the information of vehicle operation in real time;

Humanized design

Adopt the structure arrangement form of “center-mounted two vertical sweeps + center-mounted left and right high-pressure water spray bar + center-mounted double suction mouth wide suction nozzle”, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance, and the whole vehicle has good passability;

Reliable quality

The key components of the vehicle are all well-known brands, and they have low-level water tank and high-level water tank alarm devices, which are safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters of Electric Flushing Sweeper Truck

Vehicle model CLY5100TXSSHBEV
Total mass (kg) 9995
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 8000/1800
Chassis model (brand) SH1107ZKEVWZ(SAIC)
Drive motor model and peak power (kW) TZ360XSC2S01(200)
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Total battery power (kWh) 161.2
Driving range (km) 316
Charging time (h) 2~3
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 7068×2240×2635
Wheelbase (mm) 4200
Cleaning width (m) 3.1
Sweeping width (m) 3
Maximum cleaning capacity (m2/h) 60000
Unloading angle (°) ≥45
Total volume of clean water tank (L) 4400
Total volume of dustbin (L) 3800

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