Green Sprinkler Truck


Features of Green Sprinkler Truck

(1) It has the functions of front spray, rear spray, side spray and self-priming, which can adapt to different operation needs;

(2) The rear high-pressure water cannon can be used for irrigation and cleaning operations;

(3) The rear sprayer can carry out greening spraying, spraying dust and spraying pesticides;

(4) The tank is equipped with a low water level alarm device, which is safe and reliable.

Green Sprinkler Truck Parameters

Vehicle model CLY5250GPSE51
Total mass (kg) 25000
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 11660/13210
Chassis model (brand) ZZ1251N464GE1(Sinotruk)
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 10200*2500*3230
Wheelbase (mm) 4350+1350
Engine model and power (kW) MC07.28-50(206)
Emission Standards Country V
Fuel type Diesel
Tank volume (m3) 14.4
Rear high-pressure water cannon 1pec
Sprayer power (kW) 2.2
Sprayer range (m) ≥20
Sprayer shot height (m) ≥10
Sprayer rotation angle (°) -5~85
Sprayer pitch angle (°) ±90
Sprayer control method Panel plus remote dual control

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