Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck

Multifunctional dust suppression truck
Multifunctional dust suppression truck

Features of Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck

(1) The vehicle is equipped with front and left hedging, rear left and right sprinkling, rear left and right greening irrigation and rear operation water cannon, etc. It has multiple functions such as cleaning, watering, spray dust reduction, self-priming and self-draining. Good driving effect, large range and wide coverage;

(2) The tank body adopts oval design, which is beautiful and easy to clean;

(3) The tank body has good sealing performance, and the interior adopts sandblasting pretreatment and high-performance anti-rust paint spraying, which is durable;

(4) The tank is equipped with a low water level alarm system, which can realize the automatic alarm protection function, and a liquid level gauge is installed at the rear, which is double safe and safe.

Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck Parameters

Vehicle model CLY5160TDYE5 CLY5180TDYE5 CLY5250TDYE5 CLY5250TDYN5 CLY5251TDYN5
Total mass (kg) 15800 18000 25000 25000 25000
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 10105/5500,9905/5700 11000/6870,6805,10650/7220,7155 14950/9920,9855 13950/10920,10855 16600/8270,8205 15500/9370,9305 15700/9170,9105 14600/10270,10205
Chassis model (brand) DFL1160BX1V










Engine model and power (KW) ISD21050(155) ISD210 50(155) MC07.28-50(206) YC6MK280N-50(206) MT07.29-50(216)
Emission Standards Country V Country V Country V Country V Country V
Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel NG NG
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 10100,8920*2480










Wheelbase (mm) 5000 5000 4350+1350 4350+1300 4350+1350
Fog gun range (m) 80~100 80~100 100~120 100~120 100~120

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