Self-loading Garbage Truck

Self-loading garbage truck

Features of Self-loading Garbage Truck

  • The vehicle is a high-efficiency garbage collection vehicle, suitable for the collection and transportation of barreled garbage in urban streets, living quarters and other densely populated areas. The vehicle is flexible and easy to operate.

  • The garbage bin adopts arc-shaped design, with beautiful appearance and coordination.

  • Adopt overhead oil cylinder connecting rod type bucket lifting mechanism, which is stable and reliable in operation.

  • Adopt electromechanical-hydraulic integrated control, easy to operate, time-saving and efficient.

  • The rear door adopts hydraulic opening and locking design, with high-performance sealing structure, which can effectively prevent the overflow of sewage and prevent secondary pollution.

Technical Parameters of Self-loading Garbage Truck

Vehicle model CLY5030ZZZE5
Total mass (kg) 3495
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 1970/1395,2160/1205
Chassis model (brand) SC1031GDD53(Changan)
Engine model and power (kW) DK12-10(65)
Emission Standards Country V
Fuel type Diesel
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 4710*1590*2200
Wheelbase (mm) 2990
Cabinet volume (m3) 4
Supporting trash volume (L) 120/240 (standard barrel)

Product Features of Self-loading Garbage Truck

(1) Equipped with a barrel-type loading mechanism and a lifting box unloading mechanism at the same time, the functional mechanism adopts hydraulic control, and the degree of automation is high;

(2) Good sealing performance, can effectively avoid secondary pollution;

(3) The vehicle is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with large carrying capacity, low noise and strong maneuverability, and is suitable for domestic garbage collection in cities and towns.

Self-loading Garbage Truck specifications

Vehicle model CLY5071ZZZE5
Total mass (kg) 7360
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 3820/3410
Chassis model (brand) HFC1070P93K1C3ZV(JAC)
Engine model and power (kW) WP3Q130E50(96)
Emission Standards Country V
Fuel type Diesel
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 5715,5800*1900*2600
Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Cabinet volume (m3) 7
Supporting trash volume (L) 120/240

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