Sprinkler truck


Sprinkler truck

Sprinkler truck characteristics

(1) The car has simple structure, reasonable layout, and convenient use and maintenance;

(2) The vehicle has the functions of front spray, rear spray, side spray, and self-priming. The rear working platform can operate high-pressure water cannon for irrigation or cleaning operations;

(3) Equipped with domestic leading high-power dedicated sprinkler pumps, fire-fighting joints, self-flow valves and filter screens, with excellent performance; the tank body is equipped with a low water level alarm device, which is safe and reliable.

Technical parameters of sprinkler truck

Total mass (kg) 15800 15800 18000 18000 25000 25000 25000
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 7200/8405 5885/9720 7400/10470,10405 8250/9620,9555 11080/13790,13725 11900/12970,12905 11600/13270,13205
Chassis model (brand) DFL1160BX1V(Dongfeng) DFL1160BX1V(Dongfeng) DFH1180BX1V(Dongfeng) EQ1180GD5NJ(Dongfeng) ZZ1251N464GE1(Sinotruk) EQ1250GD5NJ1(Dongfeng) ZZ1251M464GE1L(Sinotruk)
Engine model and power (kW) ISD18050(132) ISD180 50(132) ISD18050(132) YC6J190N-52(140) MC07.28-50(206) YC6MK280N-50(206) MT07.29-50(216)
Emission Standards Country V Country V Country V Country V Country V Country V Country V
Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel NG Diesel NG LNG
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 8450*2490*2840,2760 8450*2490*2840,2760 8450*2490*2840 8500*2500*2900 9600*2500*3000 9650*2500*3030 9600*2500*3000
Wheelbase (mm) 4500/4700 4500/4700 4500/4700 4500/4700 4350+1350 4350+1300 4350+1350
Tank volume (m3) 8.8 10.2 10.9 10 14.4 13.5 13.8

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