Sweeper Truck


  • The mature chassis of Changan Company is adopted, which has the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase and low noise, and can flexibly enter the narrow roads such as city auxiliary roads and residential areas;

  • It combines the sweeping and suction functions into one, and is equipped with a “central two-disc brush + rear suction port” structure brush, which has excellent suction and scanning ability;

  • The cleaning device has anti-collision and avoidance functions, and also has a wet dust reduction function, which effectively reduces secondary dust;

  • The cab is equipped with an intelligent control system, which is convenient and simple to operate.

Sweeper Truck Parameters

Vehicle model CLY5030TSLSCE5
Total mass (kg) 2860
Curb weight/rated load mass (kg) 2310/420,2270/460
Chassis model (brand) SC1035DE5(Changan)
Engine model and power (kW) DAM13R(73)
Emission Standards Country V
Fuel type Gasoline
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 4820,4620*1690*2060
Wheelbase (mm) 2900
Sweeping width (m) 2.2
Maximum cleaning capacity (㎡/h) 44000
Total volume of clean water tank (L) 600
Total volume of dustbin (L) 1800

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