** Once again ushered in the history of the largest batch of departures

It is the end of June in a blink of an eye. Every day, many vehicles are delivered from the Linyu factory to customers across the country. This morning, on the Silk Road Avenue in Luoyang, CIMC Linyu’s lightweight and flammable liquid transport vehicles lined up in a long line, with a magnificent momentum, all the way to the west to the ** area known as the “Scattered South of the Yangtze River”. It is reported that this customer is mainly engaged in the production and processing of new clean energy and chemical products, and is also Sinopec’s contracted procurement unit in the northwestern region. After nearly a month, after comparing the quality of the products of various manufacturers, we finally ordered the Linyu aluminum alloy liquid tank trucks with excellent quality and service in batches. This launch is the first batch of products off the assembly line.