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Located in the ancient capital–Luoyang city, LUOYANG CIMC LINYU AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD., has a history of over 40 years in automobile manufacturing, and now has become an important back bone enterprise of CIMC Vehicle Investment Holding Co., Ltd (CIMC Vehicle Group for short).

Tanker sales manufacturer CIMC Vehicles Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC), the world’s largest container manufacturer

Seeking Increasing PerfectionGuarantee Professional Quality

The company has been always emphasizing quality management improvement, and was successively granted with ISO9001,“CCC”and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certificate, which indicates CIMC LINYU has become integrated into the global automobile market.

Quick Service

As a professional tanker sales manufacturer, CIMC Linyu builds a high-standard marketing and service network with the service concept of “sincere, fast, efficient, trustworthy, and win-win” and the advanced courage to surpass peers. Through our professional service and focus , to meet the greatest satisfaction of customers.

Independent Research Improved Quality

Fully introducing the mounting technology from Germany and Japan and conducting win-win cooperating with chassis producers which is very famous in China,and elaborately match the hydraulic system imported with original packaging from worldwide well-known manufacturers,the company has successfully launches the over 100 types of special purpose automobiles in three series including powder (bulk) tank vehicles, concrete mixer truck and liquid tank truck etc.

CIMC concrete mixer trucks production process

All tank body, accessories, and inner material are processed with large scale numerical control plasma cutting machine,numerical control punch and other special equipments, the equipment brings less errors and high precision, ensure theproduct geometric accuracy and increase production efficiency as well.

01.Blanking process

CIMC Group holds the leading welding quality in national same industry. The tank is shaped with special hydraulic roller and tank body is welded with automatic joint machine, with single- side welding, double-side shaping process. The tank body was rolled by a 10 meter one-step round roller. The unique advanced spot welding tooling, wheel frame support transport operators and girth welding tooling will ensure tank intensity, quality and appearance.

02.Welding process

Tank body and spare parts are pre-treated with shot blasting in order to remove the rust and eliminate oil.Further it can improve surface intensity and painting adhesion, lay a sound foundation for painting. Painting adopts luxury bus coating process and use dust-free spray paint and baking process both finish paint and anti-rusting capability are the first class in the same industry. (CIMC LINYU is the only factory which use the coach coating process for engineering vehicles quantity.)

03.Painting process

Rational assembly process layout, strict quality control system, guaran-tees excellent production and increased production ability. Guaranteed the vehicle stable and reliable quality.

04.Assembly process

After adjustment and test, all vehicle products will be conducted with compulsory inspection on front wheel sideslip, lamps, brake system and other items on the automatic inspection line, to ensure reliability and safety.

05.Inspection and test process

CIMC concrete mixer truck product advantages

Control system

Adopt three-point control mode, that is,by control bar on both rear sides and in-cabdeviceto control the drum easily and conve-niently.

Hydraulic driving system

Adopt international top brand in hydraulic driving filed, such as Germany,Italian,American brand with integral structure,excellent performance, meeting custom-ers’various special need.

Water supply system

Have various volume water tanker,can feed the water for mixing and cleaning, enlarged water pipe and various feeding solution. Can convenient customer, water feeding solution can use air pressure, reducer pump, electronic pump ect, can meet different requirement.


Take a few concrete mixer truck advantages and let you choose us with confidence.

Blade anti-wear protection

Modified logarithmic helical curve type of blade.In light of special need of wear resistance, all blades are mounted with anti-wear protection parts, not only prolonging vehicle service life,but also synchronizing the wear of drum and blades.

Humanization design

Lighting device: human-oriented large power tailworking lamp at rear part, not only meeting specialrequirement for night working, but also ensuringsafety of personnel and vehicle.
Step area: adopt pressed steel and attractiveappearance, reasonable handrail ensuring safety.
Self-locking in cab, to prevent from mistakeoperation and ensure security.
Smart equipment: remote operation, water metering,tank mouth seal etc.


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