Tank Truck

Tank Truck

Tank Truck


CIMC Lingyu liquid tanker complies with GB18564 and EU road transportation standards, as well as national laws and regulations, including volume, weight, structure, etc., are designed in strict accordance with national standards;


The stainless steel/carbon steel tanker meets the same lightweight standard as the aluminum alloy tanker. Lingyu uses a unique tank structure to design a 42-square stainless steel tanker, with a vehicle weight of only 7.2 tons (6.4 tonsfor an aluminum alloy tanker with the same square weight);

Advanced Design

The structure of the tank body and the anti-wave plate adopts the finite element analysis method, establishes the stress analysis model under all working conditions, and optimizes the design according to the analysis results.Local stress to protect the tank;

Precision Cutting

Using CNC plasma cutting machine, head expanding machine, die-free hemming machine, piecing machine and other domestic advanced tank truck special equipment to fully ensure the stability of the product quality of liquid tank trucks;

High-end Welding

International advanced automatic welding equipment is used for internal tank welding and tank girth welding, the welding quality is stable and reliable, and the welding seam is smooth and beautiful;

Luxury Spray

It is sprayed according to the standard of luxury bus painting technology, and after nearly 20 processes such as degreasing,rust removal, and "four spraying and five drying", it is ensured that various indicators reach the industry-leading level, and the tank body has a beautiful appearance and is durable!

Tank truck System Introduction

Closed loading and unloading system:

Tank trucks Closed loading and unloading system. This system consists of an API unloading valve, an anti-spill device, and an oil and gas recovery device. It achieves fast loading, unloading speed, safety and environmental protection.
API unloading valve —— docking with oil depot and petrol station connector, operators do not need to climb the tank top operation.
Anti-flooding device—–preventing oil spillage in the oil tank during oil filling.
Oil and gas recovery device—protecting the atmosphere from oil and gas when loading and unloading oil, polluting air.

Operation safety system:

The tank trucks operating safety system consists of an explosion-proof manhole cover, a safety bottom valve, a tank top safety protection device, an emergency shut-off device, and an anti-away device. Achieve the safety of the transportation process and loading and unloading operations. Tank top safety guard.
Explosion-proof manhole cover —— When the pressure inside the tank suddenly increases, the small cover of the manhole will automatically open, release the pressure and prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations.
Safety bottom valve ——-The safety bottom valve is normally closed, preventing the liquid in the tank truck from flowing out when the pipe is broken.
Tank top safety guard —– prevent operator from falling when the operator climbs the tank top.
Emergency shut-off device button —— When an emergency occurs during the loading and unloading process (bottom filling), press the button and the bottom valve is immediately cut off.
Anti-separation device —— Prevent accidental movement of the vehicle during loading and unloading, and the device is linked with the bottom valve control master valve

Anti-theft oil system:

A. Mechanical anti-theft oil system:
a) Prevent the oil thief from opening the oil discharge valve through the oil discharge valve outlet guardrail lock;
b) Lock the oil discharge valve through the outlet box of the oil discharge valve to install the lead seal to prevent the oil thief from opening the oil discharge valve.
B. Electronic anti-theft oil system:
a) By installing the sensor on the oil discharge valve, manhole cover, etc., once someone opens the relevant valve, the system will automatically alarm and record to prevent the oil thief from opening the oil discharge valve to steal oil;
b) Monitor by installing a camera at key parts of the vehicle, etc., to prevent the thief from opening the unloading valve to steal oil.

ABS anti-lock braking system:

The ABS anti-lock brake system consists of an ECU, sensors, cables, and so on. It can prevent the brakes from being braked, reduce the loss of control of the brakes, and reduce the wear of the tires.

EBS anti-lock braking system:

The EBS anti-rollover brake system consists of an ECU, sensors, cables, and so on. It achieves the effect of preventing the brakes from being braked, reducing the loss of control of the brakes, preventing rollover when the vehicle is turning, and reducing tire wear.

High brake performance disc brake axle system:

The high-brake disc brake axle system has been upgraded from a conventional drum brake to a disc brake for improved braking performance and reduced tire wear.

High performance shock absorption air suspension system:

The system is upgraded from the traditional leaf spring to the air spring to reduce vibration and improve the driving comfort.

High performance shock absorption, no-load low wear air suspension system (front axle lift):

The system is upgraded from the traditional leaf spring to the air spring to reduce the vibration damping performance and improve the driving comfort. At the same time, the first bridge has the lifting function. When the load is light, the first bridge is lifted up and reduced. Tire wear and reduced fuel consumption.

Ordinary leaf spring suspension system:

The system is damped by a conventional leaf spring

Lighting signal system:

The system consists of lighting fixtures and signal fixtures.

Tank Truck Accessories
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