Operation points and precautions of concrete mixer truck

The concrete mixer is a kind of machine with a bladed shaft that rotates in a tank or a cylinder to mix various raw materials into a mixture or suitable consistency. Since the operation of the concrete mixer truck is somewhat different from other equipment, not all people can operate the mixer. If people who do not understand the operation process, blindly operate it, which may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when operating the double-shaft mixer truck:

1. Before the mixer is turned on, the operating handle of the mixer drum should be placed in the "stop" position.

2. After starting, the mixing drum should be rotated at a low speed for about 10 minutes, so that the hydraulic oil temperature can rise above 20°C before it can work.

3. When parking in the open air, the mixing drum should be reversed before loading to drain the water and debris to ensure the quality of the concrete.

concrete mixer truck

4. When transporting concrete, ensure that the sliding bucket is placed firmly to prevent it from swinging due to looseness.

5. When the mixed concrete is shipped, the rotating speed of the mixing drum is 2-10 rpm.

6. When the vehicle is equipped with concrete, the on-site stagnation time shall not exceed 1 hour. If it is overtime, the person in charge on the site should be required to deal with it in time.

7. When the slump of the transported concrete should not be less than 8cm, it should not exceed 2 hours when the temperature is high and when the temperature is low, it should not exceed 2.5 hours from the time the concrete is put into the tank to when it is discharged.

8. Before discharging the concrete, the mixing drum should be rotated at a speed of 10-12 rpm for 1 minute before discharging.

9. After the concrete is discharged, immediately use the hose provided with the vehicle to flush out the inlet, discharge hopper, and discharge chute, and drain off the dirt and residual concrete stuck to the body. Fill the mixing drum with 150-200L of clean water. On the way back, the mixing drum should be rotated slowly to clean the inner wall and avoid residual slag attached to the drum wall and mixing blades. Drain the water before loading again. .

10. When transporting concrete, the engine speed should work in the range of 1000-1400 rpm to ensure that the engine has a torque. During the transport of concrete, the vehicle speed should not exceed 40km/h to ensure driving safety.

11. After the work is completed, the inside of the mixing drum and the body should be cleaned, and the remaining concrete should not be left in the drum.

12. When the mixer truck is working with the pump, it is forbidden to run idly, and do not exceed 15 minutes in continuous use.

13. Keep the water tank full for emergency use. After shutting down in winter, drain the water in the water tank, water pump, water pipe, and mixing drum, and park it in a sunny place where there is no accumulation of water to avoid freezing damage to the machinery.

14. In winter, the insulation cover should be installed in time, and the antifreeze liquid should be used to protect the mixer truck, and the fuel label should be changed according to the weather changes to ensure the normal use of the machinery.

15. When not working, when inspecting and repairing the hydraulic transmission part of the mixer truck, the engine and hydraulic pump should be carried out without pressure.

The concrete mixer truck is composed of a car chassis and a special device for concrete mixing and transportation. The chassis of the concrete mixer truck mostly adopts the second-class general chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The dedicated mechanism mainly includes power take-off, front and rear supports of the mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, operating mechanism, cleaning system, etc. Its working principle is to take out the power of the car chassis through the power take-off device and drive the variable pump of the hydraulic system to convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and transmit it to a given code. The motor drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the mixing device.

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