What are the precautions for the use of concrete mixer trucks

Concrete mixer trucks carry the task of safely, reliably and efficiently transporting commercial concrete from the mixing plant to the construction site. Therefore, the precautions for the use of mixer trucks are very important and are what many people want to know. Let's share the precautions for the use of mixer trucks.

Precautions for the use of concrete mixer trucks

(1) When the new car is put into use, it must undergo a comprehensive inspection and test drive. When everything is normal, it can be officially used.

(2) The capacity, quality and slump of the conveyed concrete shall comply with the corresponding regulations.

(3) When the mixer truck is parked in the open field, the mixing drum should be reversed before loading, and the accumulated water (or rainwater) and sundries in the drum should be discharged to ensure the quality of the transported concrete.

(4) Wear protective equipment when working beside the discharge hopper and discharge chute. Do not approach the hopper and mixing port, do not look inward, and do not touch the rotating mixing drum with your hands.

(5) When driving on the road, the extended chute must be turned over and placed on the unloading chute with hooks, and then turned to the vertical position of the vehicle body, and the unloading chute and the extended chute must be locked on the frame with a locking device. To prevent shaking due to instability, causing injuries and affecting the operation of other vehicles.

(6) When the concrete mixer truck passes through bridges, caves, warehouses and other facilities, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the passing height and the weight of the road surface to avoid damage to the mixer truck.

(7) The continuous operation time of the working device should not exceed 8h.

(8) At the time of delivery, if it is found that the water evaporates and the slump is too low to meet the user's requirements, water can be appropriately added to the cylinder, and then it is rotated at a speed of 12-14r/min for 30 revolutions before discharging.

(9) During the no-load operation of the mixer truck and the conveying of concrete, the mixing drum must not stop rotating to avoid partial damage to the raceway and rollers or the segregation of the concrete.

(10) The water volume of the water tank should be filled up frequently for emergency use.

(11) Before adding water to the water tank, the air valve must be opened to release the air in the tank, and the air storage cylinder must be closed in time after inflating and supplying water.


The water tank is only pressurized when supplying water, do not drive on the road with the pressurized water tank.


1) Do not open the water inlet valve until the water tank is not depressurized;

2) Do not drive before the water tank is depressurized.

(12) Whether the discharge chute and the extension chute need to be used together is determined by the requirements of the specific working position.

(13) When full-loaded concrete is running forward, if you want to reverse, you must operate the handle to stop the forward rotation, and then reverse the handle. It is strictly forbidden to manipulate the handle to make it reverse during the forward rotation.

(14) According to the difference of the road uphill, the driver should load the material reasonably according to the slope of the road they are walking on, so as to avoid spreading material on the road and polluting the environment.

(15) Be careful when turning the concrete mixer truck. Especially when the car turns to the left, pay more attention, do not make the speed of the mixing drum exceed 3r/min, and the speed of the vehicle should be reduced when the road surface is uneven. It is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns at high speed when the mixer truck is fully loaded.

(16) Non-operating personnel are prohibited from operating.

(17) After get off work, the whole vehicle, the feed hopper, the inside and outside of the mixing drum, and the discharge chute must be cleaned. Lock the door, turn the locking handle, and lock the throttle handle and servo handle.

The above content is the precautions for the use of the mixer truck that the concrete mixer truck manufacturer has summarized and shared with you. As a specific transport vehicle, the concrete mixer truck should pay special attention during the use process.

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