Development path

  • 2017

    • 2017.3, CIMC Lingyu dressed up in Henan Province urban and rural environmental sanitation new technology new equipment new technology Expo;
    • 2017.3.15, Luoyang Zhongke Information Industry Research Institute “Wanan Zhongchuang–Dr. Lecture Hall” special research team visited CIMC Lingyu;
    • 2017.5, CIMC Group & Vehicles section “Asked by the way” 2017 environmental protection and health coordination exchange class was successfully held in Luo;
    • 2017.7.11, Luoyang City People’s Congress representative inspection team visited CIMC Lingyu to visit and investigate;
    • 2017.7, CIMC Lingyu successfully passed the 2017 five-star after-sales service evaluation system supervision and audit.
  • 2016

    • 2016.3, CIMC Lingyu won the honorary title of “Volkswagen Entrepreneur Innovation – Top Ten Innovative Enterprise” in Luolong District;
    • 2016.5.11, CIMC Ling Yuxi won the honorary title of “2015 Luolong District Mayor Quality Award”;
    • 2016.5.17, Zhao Xiaoping, general manager of CIMC Data Network Center, and his party visited CIMC Lingyu to conduct IT research work;
    • 2016.5.25, CIIG Lingyu Malaysia agent YONMING Group IPOH 4S store grand opening;
    • 2016.7, Li Yizhen, Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and his party visited CIMC Lingyu;
    • 2016.8, CIMC Lingyu successfully passed the supervision and audit of TS16949/ISO14001 quality environmental management system;


  • 2015

    • 2015.1.4, Mr. Li Yuhui, Vice President of the Group visited CIMC Lingyu to inspect the safety production work.
    • 2015.2.11, CIMC Lingyu 2014 Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference was held in Luoyang City Workers Club
    • 2015.2.3, CIMC Lingyu 2015 Business Annual Conference with the theme of “Zhihui Lingyu Flexibility and Win-Win” was held in Luoyang Modu Lihao International Hotel.
    • 2015.4.30, the three-year-old Luoyang District Labor Model Appreciation Conference was held in the multi-functional conference room of Luolong District. Comrade Yuan Liping, the leader of CIMC Lingyu Liquid Tank Division won the honor of “Model Worker of Luolong District” title;
    • 2015.5.7, Bao Changyong, deputy secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, visited our company to investigate the development of the company.
    • 2015.6.26, on the occasion of the upcoming July 1st Party Day, CIMC Lingyu held a commendation of the outstanding party members and the party class report in the conference room 201 of the company to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the party.
    • 2015.8.12-15, SGS audit experts visited CIMC Lingyu to help the company successfully pass the 2015ISO14001/TS16949 environmental quality system supervision and audit.
    • 2015.8~12, CIMC Lingyu carried a standardized, standardized, safer and more economical aluminum tanker product, and held a large-scale national tour exhibition of “Aluminum Can Tour Exhibition Liangjian Kyushu”.
    • 2015.9.23, the flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Group’s production was held in the company’s flag-raising square.
    • 2015.10.27 CIMC Lingyu successfully passed the 2015 3C certification audit.
    • 2015.11.9 CIMC Lingyu’s “dry-mix mortar transport truck” stood out among 933 companies with advanced design and complete technology, and won the “CMIIC2015 China Construction Machinery Industry Star Product Award”.
    • 2015.11.18, the Group Headquarters issued a certificate of “Qualification Level” certification for CIMC Lingyu, which marked that CIMC Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd. successfully passed the “Qualified Level” certification audit of the Group’s internal control standards.
  • 2014

    • 2014.1.11-12, CIMC Lingyu 2014 Business Annual Conference with the theme of “Cans Passing the World for the Future” was held at the Yaxiang Jinling Hotel in Luoyang.
    • 2014.5.5, all members of the CIMC Lingyu Company Party Committee held a special mobilization meeting for the party’s mass line education practice activities in Room 301.
    • 2014.5.27-28, “National Ready-mixed Concrete Enterprise Management and Green Environmental Concrete Production Seminar and 2014 China Concrete Entrepreneur Summit Forum” hosted by the National Building Materials Industry Technical Information Research Institute was held in Nanjing. Hu Jie, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu, and more than 10 other industry colleagues won the honorary title of “2013 China Concrete Industry Green Environmental Person of the Year”.
    • 2014.6.6, CIMC Lingyu held the launching ceremony of “2014 CIMC Lingyu Service Miles” in front of the marketing building.
    • 2014.8.6-9, CIMC Lingyu passed the TS16949 quality system supervision and audit for the fourth time in a row.
    • 2014.9.22, CIMC Lingyu held a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Group’s production.
      On 2014.9.24, Cheng Jianlong, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Luoyang City, and Cheng Huan, Minister of the Ministry of Youth Industry, visited CIMC Lingyu to visit and investigate.
    • 2014.10.13, CIMC Lingyu successfully passed the 2014 3C certification audit.
      On 2014.10.14, the project representatives of CIMC Lingyu and Mercer Human Resource Management Consulting Co., Ltd. held a project cooperation start meeting in Room 201.
    • 2014.11.25 officially kicked off at the bauma China 2014 (Shanghai Baoma Exhibition) with the theme of “Building the Heart and Building the Future”. The CIMC Lingyu brand concrete mixer truck and aluminum alloy vertical powder material transport vehicle. Three exhibition models of aluminum alloy liquid transport semi-trailers were unveiled at the exhibition.
    • 2014.12, the “2014 China Construction Machinery Industry Internet Conference and Annual Brand Festival” awarding ceremony, which was guided by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, was held in Shanghai. CIMC Lingyu Concrete Mixing Truck won the 2014 Concrete Mixer Star Product Award.


  • 2012~2001

    • 2002.12, reform of the property rights system and the formation of joint-stock companies.
    •  2003.1, the company began to expand into the field of special vehicles.
    • 2003.3, the first to pass the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) compulsory product certification, namely “CCC” certification.
    • 2004.4, completed the technical transformation of the special vehicle workshop, and the new workshop with an annual production capacity of 800 sets was put into use.
    • 2005.1, successfully passed ISO/TS16949 quality system certification.
    • 2006.8, the new brand of Lingyu began to be launched.
    • 2007.2, the company and China’s top 500 enterprises – China International Marine Container Transportation Group Corporation achieved strategic cooperation and established a joint venture company of Luoyang CIMC Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd.
    • 2007.7, Lingyu Automobile Industrial Park covering an area of ​​400 mu started construction. After completion, the company will become China’s largest tanker production base.
    • 2007.10, Lian Weiliang, secretary of the provincial party committee and secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, inspected the company’s industrial park.
    • 2007.11, Guo Hongchang, Mayor of Luoyang City, investigated and investigated the site of the construction site to be completed.
      On 2007.12, the company held the launching ceremony of the industrial park relocation, and the main project of the industrial park was officially completed, and the production line was tested.
    • 2008.3.28, the company held the industrial park production ceremony, the provincial party committee executive, Luoyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Lian Weiliang attended the ceremony.
    • 2008.5.22, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Acting Governor Guo Gengmao conducted a survey on Luoyang CIMC Lingyu Company. Lian Weiliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, and Guo Hongchang, the mayor of Luoyang, accompanied the investigation.
    • 2008.11.20, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the former Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee Lian Weiliang investigated the operation and operation of the company.
    • 2009.2, Li Qihui, vice president of the group and chairman of the company, inspected the company.
    • 2009.4, Xu Guangchun, former secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, came to the company for research and guidance in order to understand the production and operation of the company in the context of the financial crisis.
    • 2009.6, Guo Gengmao, deputy secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and governor, also came to the company for research and guidance.
    • 2009.7, Mai Boliang, President of CIMC Group, visited our company to inspect and guide the work.
    • 2010.5, the general group of the vehicle group Li Guiping and Guo Yonghua came to our company to inspect and guide the work.
    • 2010.7, Mao Wanchun, member of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Committee and new secretary of Luoyang Municipal Committee, visited our company for inspection and guidance.
    • 2010.8, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Shenwo Bus Co., Ltd.
    • 2010.9, the delegation of ten African countries visited our company
    • 2010.11, CIMC Lingyu debuted at Shanghai Bauma Exhibition
    • 2011.11.9, Shi Jichun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and deputy governor, accompanied by the leadership of the Luoyang Municipal Government, went to CIMC Lingyu to inspect and investigate.
  • 2000~1991

    • 1992, the annual production and sales volume reached 1,200 units, with a sales income of 120 million yuan and a profit and tax of 12 million yuan. It has become a well-known enterprise in the light automobile industry, and “volley” has become a well-known brand in the industry.
    • 1996.6, merged into the total post-Sanjiu Enterprise Group. The company name is based on the use of “Sanjiu Enterprise Group Luoyang Lingkong Automobile Manufacturing Factory”.
    • 1999.6, joined Yutong Group, changed its name to: Luoyang Yutong Automobile Co., Ltd., and the factory officially became a local state-owned enterprise.
    • 1999.10, a large-scale technical transformation was carried out on the bus production line, and four modern production lines for parts, welding, painting and final assembly were built.
    • 2000.12, successfully passed the ISO9002 quality system certification.


  • 1990~1971

    • 1980.7, the name of the “National Lingkong Machinery Factory” was used to contact the military business.
    • 1987.7, the “Lingkong” trademark was officially registered by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the “Lingkong” trademark was officially used in the future.
  • 1970~1960

    • 1960.3, the factory was built, and the name of the factory was: Air Force Logistics Department Mechanical Repairing Factory.
    • 1965.7, compiled into the sequence of the three headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army, unified naming of the whole army: the 5400th factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
    • 1969.7, the 5400th factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army moved from Beijing to Luoyang, and the two factories merged, collectively referred to as the 5408 factory.


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