What are the advantages of sanitation sewage suction truck?

With the rapid development of urban economic construction, the state gradually strengthened its efforts to control and monitor environmental pollution, and gradually increased the requirements for the transportation and treatment of various types of garbage.

In recent years, the treatment volume of urban sewage and industrial wastewater in my country and the amount of sludge generated have increased rapidly, and the transportation and disposal of sewage sludge has become a concern for environmental protection. Sewage suction truck is one of the more commonly used sanitation vehicles for sludge collection, sewage suction, transfer and transportation.

CIMC Linyu has launched an 18-ton sewage suction truck with emission standard of China VI. Compared with conventional sewage suction trucks on the market, this sewage suction truck will be characterized by its wide application range, high degree of automation, large capacity and fast working speed. Become a competent assistant of the municipal sanitation department and various environmental protection companies.

Features of sewage suction truck

1. Wide range of applications

The truck can be used for sewage sludge, sewage suction, cleaning, transportation and discharge in factories, schools, living quarters, garbage stations and other areas;

2. High degree of automation

A. The car uses vacuum pumps of well-known domestic brands, and can be equipped with double vacuum pumps according to customer needs. It has high vacuum, low noise, uniform airflow, large suction power, long suction range, self-priming and self-discharging, saving manpower;

B. Use well-known domestic brands of oil cylinders and hydraulic devices, with tank lifting and unloading and automatic opening and closing functions of the rear door;

C. Sewage suction truck has high vacuum degree, low noise, uniform airflow and fast working speed.

3. High reliability

A. Design and use liquid level prompt, anti-overflow valve, water vapor separator and other devices. Prompt liquid level information, automatically stop when full, to prevent sewage overflow;

B. The tank design has a compact structure, high strength and large capacity, good sealing device performance, and effectively avoids secondary pollution.

Product parameters of sewage suction truck

Vehicle model CLY5180GXWE6
Total quality(kg) 18000
Chassis model(Brand) DFH1180EX8(Dongfeng)
Engine type D6.7NS6B230
Emission Standards Country VI
Fuel type Diesel
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 8020*2490*3210
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Maximum vacuum(%) (93-96)%
Vertical suction(m) ≥5
Horizontal suction(m) 20
Full time(min) 8-15
Lifting time of tank(s) ≤20
Tank volume(m) 11.6
Tank size (diameter length * diameter)(mm) 4800×1700

This brand-new sewage suction truck responds to the call of the times, follows the trend of development, meets emission standards, has multiple functions, and has advanced equipment. It is bound to become a weapon in the sanitation industry. In the era of advocating energy saving and environmental protection, CIMC Linyu keeps developing and innovating, constantly bringing good products that everyone can trust, and at the same time contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

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