Cement bulk carrier internal structure introduction

The CIMC cement bulk carrier is a three-dimensional design. Three-dimensional design refers to the use of a computer to represent the actual shape of a product into a three-dimensional model, so that the three-dimensional model can contain more actual structural features, and can truly reflect the actual product construction and manufacturing process by simulating the product.

At the same time, the CAE force analysis was used to analyze the structural mechanical properties of the tank by computer aid, and to optimize the structural performance, so that the whole tank was subjected to more reasonable force, so that the tank can have a longer service life.

The external design of the cement bulk carrier is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. After the design of the tank is completed, the following is the actual manufacturing work. The middle set adopts laser cutting and cutting, which can improve the precision to 0.01mm. The mirror incision is formed once, which can reduce the hot melt area as much as possible, so that the steel plate element has no change, the rigidity will not be lost and the stress concentration will not occur.

Then, using the automatic CNC bending machine control, the cylinder is formed once, the inside of the plate will not be damaged, and the molding quality is stable and reliable.

Framed team process

Next, the work that the drum needs to do is team up. The medium-sized powder tank body adopts the frame type teaming process to make the left and right rollers docked. Such a process equipment can ensure that the tank body formation process is not deformed and the appearance is beautiful.

Moreover, the size and design of the cylinder are exactly the same, which makes the cylinder have an ideal force layout, so that the tank will not be easily cracked.

Welding process

After the tank is completed, it is the welding work. The good welding process not only keeps the weld seam of the tank beautiful, but also ensures that the steel plate weld does not have concentrated stress and keeps the tank steel plate with good strength.

CIMC's cement bulk carrier, using automatic welding process, single-sided welding double-sided molding, so that the tank has better strength.

Chassis horizontal positioning process

After the shape of the tank is determined, the tank needs to be accurately positioned. Only accurate positioning can avoid the problem of traction pin wear, suspension tire wear, trailer tail and center of gravity offset.

The tank body adopts a bottom price horizontal positioning platform with automatic height adjustment function, which can ensure that the trailer bottom frame and the tractor saddle can completely match according to the height difference of different brands of tractor saddles.

The tank is unloaded quickly and has less residual material. The internal design is professional.

The inclination angle of the cement bulk carrier and the side slide is more than 2-3 degrees compared with other tanks in the same industry, which can improve the fluidity of the material, reduce the residual amount of materials inside the tank and unload the material as soon as possible, wherein the unloading speed is the fastest. It can reach 1.5 tons / minute.

The powder tank discharge port also adopts an enlarged design, which ensures that the material can be supplied sufficiently at the time of unloading, and the material can be discharged at the fastest speed, and the reinforcing support of the discharge pipe can be ensured by using the triangular stability principle. During the unloading process, the pipe has no displacement and the stability is the best.

The painting process is very important, not only to ensure the quality of the paint, but also to pay attention to environmental protection.

After the outer shape and internal structure are designed, it is necessary to paint the tank. The tank body is designed with spray + dusting process, which can make the coating life of 5-8 years without fading.

Moreover, the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the paint can be doubled compared with ordinary paint, the thickness of the coating reaches H level, and it is not easy to be smashed. Finally, the pre-treatment, phosphorus-free and heavy metal materials are more environmentally friendly.

Vehicle piping design needs attention to detail, details determine the success or failure of the product

Finally, the arrangement and assembly of the outer tubing of the tank. In terms of piping, pay special attention to the details. The ball head is made of stainless steel, which is both beautiful and usable. The reinforced outer bracket can make the tank with better strength. Laser welds, no stress concentration, make the tank life longer.

Inspection work is a must, the new car can only enter the market if it meets the test standards.

When the new model is finished, it can only be considered as a qualified product after passing the standard inspection.

CIMC has test towers, complex road conditions, and vehicle testing center test sites, which can accurately test the optimal positioning size of the discharge speed and residual amount of the tank, the stability of the vehicle and the braking performance of the vehicle. And safety performance, only the performance of the vehicle, after reaching the national standard, can enter the market for card friends to use.

An excellent product requires not only professional design methods and good manufacturing processes, but also a satisfactory service to be a complete ecosystem.

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