What are the characteristics of the "Lingzhi" version of the concrete mixer truck?

In recent years, with the introduction of the concepts of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, my country has comprehensively promoted the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power. Upgrading of Chinese manufacturing is imperative. Automation and intelligent production models have become the development path of many manufacturing companies.

In this context, CIMC Linyu actively implements production line upgrade and product upgrade strategies. The newly launched "Lingzhi" version of the concrete mixer truck was born and gathered. This product realizes the integration of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent connection, intelligent operation, intelligent control and intelligent protection, creating a new industry and opening a new era of intelligent mixer trucks. Let’s take a look first.

Smart manufacturing

(1) Use Industry 4.0 thinking to deeply integrate intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet.

(2) The production process locks in production goals, realizes mass-scale customized production, improves production efficiency, and guarantees efficient use of resources.

(3) For the first time in the industry, the use of nano-ceramic environmental protection pre-treatment combined with electrostatic powder spraying process, the degree of automation reached more than 95%.

(4) At the same time, no toxic heavy metals and chemical constituents are discharged during the process, which truly achieves green and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Smart connection

Based on the 5G big data platform, the vehicle operation status, driving trajectory, operating parameters, cargo status and other information are sent to the platform terminal in real time through cloud sharing; at the same time, through the analysis of big data, the abnormal state of the vehicle can be identified and the customer can grasp the real-time data of the vehicle. Realize vehicle intelligence sharing.

concrete mixer truck

Smart travel

The whole vehicle adopts panoramic AI monitoring, which can recognize the status of the driver and passengers through the image sensor in the car, eliminate fatigue driving, and correct bad driving habits. Configure advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which can realize collision warning, intelligent deceleration, automatic emergency braking and other functions. The driving radar system can realize functions such as road condition recognition and lane departure warning, etc. to escort the safe driving of vehicles.

concrete mixer truck

Intelligent control

A variety of cutting-edge functions are integrated into one to realize intelligent and convenient control of vehicles and provide customers with high-end customized products. The intelligent control system mainly includes an electronically controlled constant speed system, an intelligent weighing system, an electronically controlled operating system, and a centralized lubrication system.

concrete mixer truck

(1) Electronically controlled constant speed system: the mixing tank can be kept rotating at a constant speed during driving, reducing fuel consumption and the risk of turning and turning, and can effectively ensure the quality of transported concrete.

(2) Intelligent weighing system: The status of the concrete loaded in the vehicle can be checked in real time on the cab and the smart terminal to achieve accurate delivery. At the same time, it has the function of printing the order form, which simplifies the transportation operation process.

concrete mixer truck

(3) Electronically controlled operating system: Through hydraulic lifting device and electric control system, remote operation of vehicle input and output can be realized, reducing labor intensity of personnel.

(4) Centralized lubrication system: The main lubrication points of the car body adopt centralized lubrication measures to achieve regular and quantitative lubrication and provide convenient services to customers.

Smart protection

A variety of functional sensors are arranged at key parts of the vehicle to detect the running status of the vehicle in real time and feed the information back to the Zhilian terminal, which allows users to intuitively understand the vehicle's usage status and maintenance information. At the same time, it allows vehicle designers and service personnel to better understand the user's usage habits and provide customers with professional remote services and customized solutions.

concrete mixer truck

In 2020, the epidemic has become a topic that no one can circumvent. In the current post-epidemic era, under the background of "inverse globalization", manufacturing companies are transitioning to high-end intelligence, promoting their own brands or becoming the only way for development. "Tank Truck Expert" CIMC Lingyu launched the "Lingzhi" version of the concrete mixer truck, and Lingyu set sail. "Chi" wins the future. An era of high-end intelligent mixer trucks is coming.

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