What are the performance characteristics of small white tanks for cement bulk carriers

The tank body is white, the appearance is quite high, the performance is excellent, and the praise is rave reviews... Speaking of the small white tank, one of Linyu's characteristic products, I must be familiar with all card friends! In fact, despite its white appearance, it has many black technologies inside!

1. Lightness

The main structure of tanks, beams, etc., legs, wheels, side guards, mudguards and other accessories are all made of high-strength steel plates and high-end aluminum alloy plates customized by well-known domestic steel plants. There is no lightest, only lighter and lighter weight. Reducing the loss of tires and other parts can reduce vehicle operating costs.

2. Stable

The cement bulk carrier has a short wheelbase, low center of gravity, minimum loadometer design, and flexible operation; safety valves have passed multiple pressure tests, buffered frame structure; strengthened and reinforced ash outlet pipes to extend pipeline life, tank plates have high strength and pressure resistance Good sex. Compact structure, safe and reliable, can make the vehicle run stably and at ease.

cement bulk carriers

3. Continue

Solid powder spraying, no phosphorus, no heavy metal pretreatment process, to achieve zero VOCs emissions, 98% loading rate, fluidization angle of 20 degrees, the industry's largest, the discharge rate and residual rate of the industry. Saving 1L of fuel can reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3kg, making development green and sustainable.

cement bulk carriers

4. Wisdom

It can realize the whole process of automatic control of unloading, remote control switch, one-button control, convenient and fast, time-saving and labor-saving, reversing radar image, blind spot monitoring, four-way camera, core technology to create a smart white can, intelligent safety, excellent performance, with Come to a more high-quality and convenient travel experience.

With the tightening of national regulations and environmental protection policies and the improvement of product quality requirements of the younger generation of users, Linyu’s "Little White Cans" are the first to deploy and increase research and development efforts. They are lightweight, intelligent, safe and sustainable. It has been in the forefront of the industry and has won the love of users with its superior performance. CIMC Linyu will surely live up to high expectations, continue to lead the technological innovation of the tanker industry, and help the high-quality development of the logistics and transportation industry.

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