Do you know the five major development trends of cement bulk carriers in the future?

It is getting closer and closer to the National Sixth Standard that will be fully implemented on July 1. Presumably this is a major event that card friends are very concerned about in the near future. Many customers are still holding a wait-and-see attitude towards National V switching to National VI, and whether to buy or wait is still vacillating. This is also evident from the "cliff-type" drop in the heavy truck market's growth rate in April.

In fact, the arrival of National VI is imperative, and comprehensive promotion is also a matter of time. Today, let’s take the cement bulk carrier as an example to talk about the five major development trends of tankers in the future, and see how CIMC Linyu actively responds and seizes the opportunity.

Trend 1: Intelligent Orientation

Intelligentization is an important way to carry the independent upward breakthrough of Chinese auto brands under the new pattern, and the tanker market is no exception. Only by taking the road of intelligent product development, can we continue to meet the needs of customers. Linyu cement bulk carrier automatically controls unloading throughout the whole process, which not only reduces the difficulty of operation, but also improves the comfort of operation. With the remote control switch, it truly liberates the hands of unloading. The vehicle is equipped with reversing radar and imaging, blind spot monitoring, and four-way cameras, making road driving safer.

Trend 2: Lightweight Orientation

Lightweight is the only way for the development of my country's heavy truck industry. The main structure of the tank body and girder of the Linyu tanker is made of high-strength steel plates and high-end aluminum alloy plates customized by well-known domestic steel plants. It has high tensile strength, good mechanical properties, and lighter weight. Outriggers, rims, side protection, The same is true for accessories such as mudguards. In addition, lightweighting can also reduce the loss of tires and other parts and reduce vehicle operating costs.

Trend 3: Humanized Orientation

The humanized design not only makes the product more beautiful, but also makes it more convenient for customers to use. Linyu cement bulk carrier adopts innovative air chamber structure, diversion structure and piping design, with faster discharge speed and higher efficiency. In terms of service, CIMC Linyu has nearly two hundred special service outlets nationwide, and there are also parts supply centers in key areas, forming a very complete service network, and launching the "Linyu Service Butler" WeChat mini program, which is available 24 hours a day. Customers provide fast service.

Trend 4: Security Oriented

There is a saying in the card circle: Any car that pursues lightweight without considering safety is a rogue. Linyu cement bulk carrier has a short wheelbase and a low center of gravity. It is designed according to the smallest loadometer and is flexible in operation. On the premise of ensuring safety, the tank body is made of plates with high strength and good pressure resistance, and a safety valve that has been pressure tested for many times; adopts a buffer frame structure; strengthens the ash pipe of the reinforcing plate to extend the life of the pipeline. Degree to ensure vehicle safety.

Trend 5: Green Orientation

At present, the global automotive industry is rapidly turning to the trend of green environmental protection and energy saving. CIMC Linyu has always insisted on producing green products. In the manufacturing process of cement bulk carriers, Linyu Smart Workshop adopts solid powder spraying, no phosphorus, no heavy metal pretreatment process, and realizes zero emission of VOCs. There have been statistics: for every 100kg of light vehicle, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.6L, and every 1L of fuel saved can reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3kg. The lightweight Linyu cement bulk carrier is your best choice!

In recent years, relying on scientific and technological innovation to drive development, CIMC Linyu actively conforms to the development trend of the industry, and has achieved breakthroughs in intelligence, lightweight, safety, humanization, and greenization. It has achieved leapfrog development and will surely compete in the market. China wins the first opportunity, maximizes the benefits for more customers with high-quality tankers, and provides effective guarantee for the continuous, healthy and stable development of the logistics and transportation industry!

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