Common faults and solutions of garbage trucks

Garbage trucks are the clean "warriors" of the city. They take away all kinds of domestic garbage in the city and give us a clean and hygienic environment. However, various failures often occur during work, which not only affects the overall performance of the vehicle, but also delays work efficiency. So what are the common faults of garbage trucks and how to solve them effectively?

1. Garbage truck consumes a lot of fuel

Cause of issue:

(1) Garbage trucks often run at low speeds when collecting garbage in the community, resulting in high fuel consumption.

(2) The vehicle is overloaded.

(3) The tire pressure is too low.

(4) Throttle ups and downs.

Solution: When driving, try to avoid driving at low speed for a long time; don't start or brake the garbage truck frequently; refuse to run overloaded, check the tire pressure frequently to keep the pressure within the normal range.

garbage trucks

2. The hydraulic system has no pressure or the pressure is too low

Reasons for failure: oil pump is damaged and internal leakage is serious; there is a lot of air in the oil circuit; the oil filter is blocked; the hydraulic oil is deteriorated.

Rescue methods: check and analyze the damage, repair or replace; exhaust the oil circuit; clean or replace the filter element; replace the hydraulic oil in time.

3. Garbage truck multi-way valve failure

Cause of failure: internal blockage

Solution: When the hydraulic oil flows into the oil circuit, the scrap iron from the vehicle will flow together with the hydraulic oil. If scrap iron flows into the multi-way valve, it will block the valve and prevent it from working properly. We can clean it with diesel and blow it dry with an air gun.

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4. Engine jitter

Cause of failure: dirty fuel has caused pollution or blockage of the fuel supply system. The use of dirty fuel will cause pollution of the fuel supply, ignition, and exhaust systems, which will lead to the lighting of the engine failure indicator and varying degrees of engine jitter.

Solution: After thoroughly cleaning the contaminated system, continue to add gasoline with stable indicators and add a certain amount of oil line cleaner.

5. Exhaust black

Failure reason: due to incomplete fuel combustion, it will cause a decrease in power.

Solution: It is recommended to repair in a timely and professional repair shop.

6. Poor sealing and leakage of waste liquid

Cause of failure: When recycling garbage, garbage and waste liquid often flow out of the box. This is because the compartment is poorly airtight.

The ending method: no sewage tank is set under the tamping machine to collect low-level garbage and waste liquid; strengthen the seal between the loader and the carriage.

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7. Abnormal sound of gearbox

The cause of the failure: the gap between the gear and the shaft is too large to be loose; the connecting bolt between the transmission and the flywheel housing is loose; the connecting bolt between the engine and the flywheel housing is loose.

Solution: Adjust the gap between the gear and the shaft, and tighten the loose bolts.

The above is an introduction to the common faults of sanitation garbage trucks and their solutions. When the garbage truck is in operation, if there is a failure, you should immediately listen to the flameout and check. If the problem cannot be solved by yourself, send it to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

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