What are the uses of the mixer truck

With the rapid economic development, there are more and more engineering constructions, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. In these engineering sites, you will often see a kind of roller-shaped car shuttle among them, it is the concrete mixer truck. Its main purpose is to transport construction materials. The obvious feature of this type of car is that it is equipped with a large and round cylinder on the base that continuously rotates during driving, so it has the titles of "crawler car" and "olive car". As such a common construction truck, the mixer truck not only has transportation, but also has some unexpected uses. Today, the mixer truck manufacturer will take everyone to take stock of the uses of the mixer truck.

concrete mixer truck

1. Working principle

Working principle The built-in blade is used to continuously stir the concrete soil without interruption, so that it will not cause solidification problems within a certain period of time, so that the mixer truck can meet the requirements of use after the mixer truck arrives at the construction site. .

2. Features

Because the mixing tank of the mixer truck is rotating and mixing at an adjustable speed, the concrete can be transported by the mixer truck to ensure that it does not segregate within the specified distance and time during the transportation, and the coarse aggregate does not settle and maintains good workability.

3.The use of mixer truck

concrete mixer truck

1. Transport concrete

Transporting concrete is called a concrete mixer, and its main purpose is to transport the concrete required for construction to the construction site. These concretes are generally prepared by mixing stations. Due to the risk of initial setting, segregation and solidification when the concrete is idle, put the concrete in the cylinder of the mixer truck and continuously mix it on the transportation road to ensure the construction site The concrete characteristics of the pump truck are intact when taken.

2. Transport cement

Cement is mixed with water and aggregates to form concrete. Similar to transporting concrete, cement mixer trucks are also required for building construction. The cement is directly built into the roots of the vertical members, and then the concrete is poured. This is because if the configured concrete is poured directly, the stones in it will fall to the bottom due to a lot of inertia, causing all the walls or the lower part of the pillars to be stones, which is often referred to as "rotten roots".
Even so, there are not many mixer trucks that specialize in transporting cement. This is because cement requires 2-5m³, which leads to the mixing station must be built in the suburbs outside the city, far away from the construction site, and it is not economical and practical to transport. Whether the mixer truck driver or the mixing station is unwilling to do it. If mixing at the construction site, not only the quality of the concrete is not guaranteed, but it may also cause pollution to the surrounding environment. Even if the building is built, there may be hidden dangers.

concrete mixer truck

3. Water and non-corrosive liquid

In addition to loading concrete and cement, the mixer cylinder may also carry the same volume of water and non-corrosive liquid. As a mixture of concrete, water accounts for a large proportion. In addition, when the concrete rotates and mixes with the cylinder, additives must be added at any time. This is also a liquid. Therefore, the use of the cylinder of the mixer truck to transport water and some liquids is also an additional purpose of piggybacking.

4. Auxiliary appliances

In addition to the above-mentioned industrial use, a foreign vehicle owner filled the tank cylinder of the mixer truck with many bright reflective sheets. When the lights were shining, the rotating cylinder and the bright appearance looked dazzling. Said it was a brainstorming idea!

The above is the summary of the use of mixer trucks. As people continue to innovate, the use of mixer trucks will not be limited to the field of construction. Linyu series of concrete mixer truck tanks follow the popular European and American style combined with Chinese characteristics, and the vehicle has a unique and beautiful appearance. The structure is compact and reasonable. The tank body is made of high-quality steel from well-known domestic steel mills, and different types of special steel are used for different parts of the upper body. The service life of the tank body is longer: covering the entire range of the mixer truck industry; customized different upper body manufacturing solutions for different chassis , In order to achieve the vehicle matching, and truly achieve a wider range of products.

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