Asia's largest single-unit marine ranch manufactured by CIMC obtained the first domestic cage classification certificate

A few days ago, the Qingdao Branch of China Classification Society issued the "Classification Inspection Certificate of China Classification Society" to Yantai Jinghai Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. ("Jinghai Fishery") for three deep sea intelligent cages at one time. As the main body of implementing the "Hundred Box Plan" for the largest single-unit marine ranch in Asia, the Jinghai series of cages has become the first marine ranch aquaculture cage equipment in China that has obtained the classification inspection certificate of China Classification Society. CIMC is an important shareholder of Jinghai Fishery, and the Jinghai series of cages are also independently designed and built by CIMC Raffles, a subsidiary of CIMC.

Jinghai series net cages obtained the classification inspection certificate of China Classification Society

The “Hundred-Cage Project” has an annual output of 600-700 tons of individual net cages through sea cages. “Cages” build a complete Internet of Things big data analysis service platform, and realize the intelligent environment detection, automatic feeding and feeding of deep-water cages. The functions of automatic collection, transmission, calculation and analysis of aquaculture data realize the deep-sea fish breeding function of the intelligent and automated cage platform.

This is not the first time that the "Hundred Box Project" has obtained a new identity certification. On the 17th, with the issuance of the "Certificate of Nationality" and "Certificate of Ownership", the Yantai area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone in the country first tried the "New Path for Confirmation of Ocean Ranch Platforms" by a single right to complete the approval. Upgrade of the second certification.

sea cage single cage

Guo Fuyuan, general manager of Jinghai Fishery, said that with the strong support of various departments at all levels and China Classification Society, the "Hundred Containers Plan" through the sea cages was officially classified into China Classification Society, marking the structural strength of the economic sea cages. , Safety performance, anti-pollution performance and other aspects have reached the domestic advanced level.

Xu Xishui, a member of the Party Committee of the Marine Economic Development Bureau of Yantai Development Zone, said that the marine ranch platform is a new thing, and the relevant laws and regulations did not carry out scientific and standardized management of it in the early stage, there is no basis for confirming the rights and certification, and it is impossible to carry out asset accounting and mortgage loans. The high initial one-off investment has severely restricted the development of the industry.

Ceremony scene

Based on the urgent needs of enterprises in the area, the Yantai area focused on solving the bottleneck of this difficult problem and created the first way to confirm rights in the country to solve the problem of rights confirmation, so that the ocean ranch platform has a "legal identity", and facilitates the rapid construction of modern ocean ranch and quick results. On the basis of pilot projects across the province, this path has carried out system innovations that are more operable and more in line with the needs of contemporary enterprises based on actual conditions, and have been welcomed by the market.

At present, the Yantai area has accumulatively confirmed and issued nearly 30 marine ranch platforms, more than half of the province, ranking first in the country.

Chen Jun, deputy director of the Management Committee of the Yantai Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, said that the next step of the Yantai area will focus on "green development of marine ranches, deep-sea aquaculture, informatization and intelligence, industrial diversification and integration, and modern construction and management mechanisms. It will take the lead in five aspects such as land-sea planning and integration of land-sea development thinking to lead model exploration and mechanism innovation, give full play to the role of experimental field, and strive to provide more replicable and popularized "Shandong plan" and "Yantai experience" for the whole country.

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