What are the small concrete mixer truck maintenance items?

The small concrete mixer truck is a special type of vehicle that often deals with building materials such as water, stone and cement in daily work. Long-term wear and tear is particularly severe, in order not to affect its work efficiency, we need to maintain it regularly. So what do you need to pay attention to during the maintenance process? Let's take a look together.

1. small concrete mixer truck radiator can not be contacted with acid and alkaline, corrosive substances, so as not to cause corrosion of the radiator.

2. need to use soft water to fill the inside of the radiator, if it needs to be softened, it should be filled, so as to avoid the blockage of the radiator and excessive scale.

3. use antifreeze according to the requirements, can not be used for the cheap and use inferior antifreeze.

4. When we install and repair the small mixer radiator, be careful not to touch the radiator belt and the radiator, so as not to cause the radiator to be unsealed or the heat dissipation effect is not good.

5. When the small concrete mixer truck is completely filled with water and then filled with water, first open the water discharge switch of the engine block. When there is water flowing out, close it to avoid blisters.

6. In the usual use, it is necessary to check the water level inside the tank of the mixer truck frequently. It is necessary to stop the operation of the engine. After the temperature of the body is lowered, add water, slowly open the lid of the tank, and add water. When people want to stay away from the water inlet as much as possible, in order to avoid the temperature of the steam inside is too high, causing the price of the scalding mixer.

7. In the winter or when the temperature is very low, pay attention to the water inside the water tank when the parking time is very long or indirect parking.

8. The environment for the spare small conveyor mixer radiator should be ventilated and dry.

9. Depending on the actual situation, the user should completely clean the radiator for one to three months. When cleaning, rinse with clean water along the reverse air inlet side. Regular full cleaning prevents the radiator core from being blocked by dirt, which affects heat dissipation and affects the life of the radiator.

10. The water level gauge should be cleaned once every three months or so, and the parts should be disassembled and cleaned frequently.

The above is all the precautions for the maintenance of small mixer trucks. Special care should be taken to avoid contact with acid-base and corrosive substances, to avoid clogging of radiators and excessive scale generation. The radiators are regularly maintained and the water level gauge is regularly cleaned. Wait. When using the car, we must also pay attention to maintenance, in order to increase its life and better create economic benefits for us. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

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