What is the weight of diesel fuel per gallon

The purchase of refined oil at a gas station is often calculated in terms of weight units “tons” or “kg”, but when using a fuel dispenser to sell refined oil, it is settled in units of capacity “liters”. Then the “density” (or concept of density) needs to be introduced for weight and volume conversion.

Taking diesel as an example

Diesel density and conversion of weight and volume

The density of diesel is generally between 0.83 and 0.85, which is related to the temperature and the product itself. In general, the density in oil metering is divided into standard density, apparent density, and weight density, which correspond to three temperatures, that is, (standard temperature) 20 degrees Celsius, observed temperature, and oil temperature. It is obtained by the national standard formula or by checking the product oil density table.

The measurement process of finished oil transfer is as follows:

1. Measure the oil high;

2. The volume of the oil is determined according to the oil height and the tank volume meter (height one volume);

3. Take a small amount of oil sample in the measuring cylinder and read the density and temperature at this time with a densitometer, which is the apparent density and the viewing temperature;

4. “oil temperature” in the oil sample insulation box;

5. According to the visual density and viewing temperature conversion or look up the table to obtain the standard density;

6. According to the standard density and the oil temperature, the density of the oil in the tank at the temperature inside the tank is obtained;

7. Multiply the weight by the weight and the volume.

Note: The final result of the formula or look-up table has taken into account the effects of air buoyancy. The actual mass (m) obtained.

In summary, the weight of 1000 liters of diesel is between 830 kg and 850 kg. Not a certain value. The density of GB diesel is in the range of 0.810~0.855, and the density of different models is different.

Commonly used as:

0# diesel density 0.84 kg / liter;

+10# diesel density 0.85 kg / liter;

+20# diesel density 0.87 kg / liter;

- 10# diesel density 0.84 kg / liter;

- 20# diesel density 0.83 kg / liter;

-30# diesel density 0.82 kg / liter;

A 35# diesel density of 0.82 kg / liter;

Usually the diesel density is calculated at 0.84, so that one ton of diesel is roughly equivalent to 1190 liters.

Diesel and gasoline metrics

First of all, it should be understood that the weight and volume of crude oil and refined oil are related to temperature and density. The conversion between volume and weight units must introduce a density p. The density pt of crude oil and refined oil indicates that the oil per cubic meter of volume is ton weight at a certain temperature.

The conversion relationship is:

Volume of one ton of oil = 1 / p cubic meters

The number of barrels equivalent to one ton of oil = 1 / p * 6.29 barrels (oil)

Dividing 6.29 by the density is the conversion factor formula for how much oil is equal to 1 ton of oil.

The size of this conversion factor is related to the density of the oil. The reciprocal relationship is as follows: Daqing crude oil density is 0.8602, Shengli 101 oil depot density is 0.9082, which can be obtained separately:
Daqing crude oil conversion coefficient = 6.29/0.8602 = 7.31, Shengli crude oil conversion coefficient = 6.29/0.9082 = 6.93

The calculation method for petroleum products is also the same. If the density of a certain gasoline is 0.739, the calculation result: 1 ton of gasoline is equal to 8.51 barrels; the density of a certain diesel is 0.86, and the calculation result is 1 ton of diesel equal to 7.31 barrels.

First, the oil (excerpt)

Product name Density(p) Barrel/ton
Aviation gasoline 0.701 8.97
Motor gasoline 0.725 8.67
Aviation kerosene 0.775 8.12
Light diesel oil 0.825 7.62

Second, crude oil (excerpt)

Product name Density(p) Barrel/ton
Daqing mixed crude oil 0.8602 7.31
Victory crude oil 0.9082 6.93

Third, the volume unit conversion table

Rise(L) Cubic meter(m3) Gallon (US) Gallon (English) Barrel (oil)
158.98 0.15898 42 34.973 1
1 0.001 0.26418 0.21998 6.29*0.001
1000 1 264.18 219.98 6.29

1 cubic meter = 6.29 barrels (oil)

How many liters is one ton of diesel oil? How many kilograms is one liter of diesel oil?

Generally, the density of national standard diesel oil ranges from 0.810 to 0.855, and the density of different models is different. Such as: O# diesel 0.84 density, +10# diesel 0.85 density, +20# diesel 0.87 density, -10# diesel 0.84 density, -20# diesel density 0.83, -30# diesel density 0.82, -35# diesel density 0.82. According to the above data and calculation method, the density of one ton of light diesel oil is 0.825, which is equivalent to about 1211 liters:

1 ton = 1 * 6.29/p = 6.29/0.8257.62 barrel

1 barrel = 158.98 liters

7.62*158.98-1211.4276 liters

By analogy, one ton of light diesel oil is equal to about 1211 liters, and in turn, one liter of light diesel oil = 1/1211 tons ≈ 0.825 kg = 1.65 jin.

How many liters of gasoline is equal to one ton? How many kilograms is one liter of gasoline?

Gasoline is divided into three grades of 90, 93 and 97 according to the research octane number. For a specific temperature, the average density of gasoline is as follows:

The average density of No. 90 gasoline is 0.72kg/L;

The average density of 93# gasoline is 0.725kg/L;

The average density of No. 97 gasoline is 0.737kg/L;

The density of the product oil for general tank trucks are 0.725kg / L, and one ton of product gasoline is about 1378 liters.

1 ton = 8.67 barrels

1 barrel = 158.98 liters

8.67*158.98= 1378.3566 liters.

In general:

One liter of gasoline 90# is 1.44 g, one liter of gasoline 93# is 1.45 g, and one liter of gasoline 97# is 1.474 g.

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