Why do concrete mixer trucks turn while walking?

Concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction. This type of truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. The power is transmitted to the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic energy generated by the hydraulic pump is transmitted to the hydraulic motor through the oil pipe, and the hydraulic motor converts the hydraulic energy into kinetic energy and transmits it to the mixing tank through the deceleration and torque increase of the reducer. The handle angle can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the mixing tank and the size of the rotating speed, so as to realize the operations of concrete charging, stirring, stirring and discharging. The concrete mixer truck will always keep the mixing drum rotating during transportation, so do you know why it needs to rotate while walking?

1. Improve the efficiency of use

concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer trucks involve transportation time, and it takes a certain amount of time for concrete to travel from the manufacturer to the construction site. If the concrete mixer truck walks and turns on the road, the mixing time of the materials can be combined with the time of transportation on the road, which improves the utilization rate of time and improves the work efficiency. Especially in hot summer, the solidification of concrete can be prevented by continuous stirring. After all, for manufacturers and builders, the value of a truck of concrete is still great.

2. Prevent water and soil separation

concrete mixer truck

Concrete is a mixture of water, sand, and stone. At rest, the heavier sand, dirt, and stones sink, allowing water to escape from it. Keeping the rotation is to ensure that the concrete can be mixed together well, and the water and soil will not separate too early, in case the concrete cannot be used. Moreover, once the concrete is stationary for a long time, it is easy to solidify into a block. When there is something around, it will stick to it firmly. Once it is dry, it is difficult to remove. Therefore, even if the concrete is already mixed, the mixer truck will not It will keep turning to prevent the concrete from sticking to the mixing tank and taking up space and reducing the volume of the mixing tank.

The emergence of concrete mixer trucks has brought great convenience to construction operations. But there is one thing, not all long distances can use the concrete mixer truck, the time is controlled, for example: the mixing time of the mixer truck needs to be calculated in advance with the transportation time; the mixing speed also has certain requirements, too slow will cause If it solidifies too fast, it will cause uneven mixing of concrete, rapid evaporation of water, and the problem of throwing out the mixer. So this is the reason why the concrete mixer truck should turn while walking.

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