Common oil tank truck faults and solutions

In daily life, oil tank truck is a very common means of transporting dangerous goods, because its transportation objects are mostly all kinds of flammable and explosive oil products, so the safe transportation of oil tanker is the key of every tanker driver. What should be paid attention to, what are the common oil tank truck faults, and how should we deal with these problems? The following is a tank truck manufacturer--CIMC LINYU, to analyze the common oil tank truck faults and solutions.

Oil Tank truck faults can generally be divided into indirect failures and sudden failures. When a failure occurs, we need to first determine the cause of the failure, and then carry out targeted treatment.

1. The oil absorption of the oil tank truck is abnormal

The reasons for the abnormal oil absorption of the tanker are generally: there is no oil in the oil pump; the oil absorption depth is more than 5m; the valve opening position is not correct. To solve this problem, we can fill the oil tank to at least 10L, and adjust the valve to the appropriate position That's it. If the fuel tank of the tanker cannot discharge oil, it may be an impurity oil discharge pipe. In this case, just cleaning the oil pipe can solve the problem.

2. The oil tank truck cannot absorb oil or absorb less oil

The reasons for the oil tanker not being able to absorb oil or the amount of oil being absorbed are: the suction pipe part is not tightly sealed; the gap of the oil pump is increased. At this time, we only need to make the seal tight, and check and repair the oil pump.

Oil tank truck

3. The power take-off box of the oil tank truck is abnormal

The reasons for the abnormality of the power take-off box of the tanker are as follows:

(1) The pressure of the car is insufficient, and the power take-off box is not in gear;

(2) The air path is not tightly sealed, and the power take-off box is fooled;

(3) The air chamber is damaged, and the power take-off box is not hooked;

(4) Too little lubricating oil or impurities in the power take-off box;

(5) Wear of power take-off parts

For the above problems, we usually only need to have enough air in the pneumatic power take-off box, so that the reading of the air pressure gauge is above 0.6Mpa, the air circuit is strictly sealed, check the air chamber in time, refuel or update the lubricating oil, dismantle and inspect, clean and replace the worn parts. Can.

4. the oil tank truck is overheated and high temperature

This problem generally occurs in the transmission, drive axle final reducer, differential and brake assemblies.

The overheating of the transmission and the drive axle is generally caused by the small amount of lubricating oil and the slow heat dissipation. At this time, the problem can be solved by lubricating with lubricating oil in time.

The brakes are overheating, possibly due to improper return of the brake pads. At this time, as long as the brake pads are returned to the correct position.

In fact, when the above problems occur, there are usually prompts on the instrument of the tanker. As long as the tanker driver observes carefully, they can find out, or they can directly touch and test the temperature of these components.

5. The oil tank truck has a special odor

The burnt smell of the oil tanker is generally emitted when some parts are overheated and burned. At this time, we can cool down the heat-generating parts. If the parts are seriously burned, new parts need to be replaced in time.

6. The appearance of the oil tank truck is abnormal

The abnormal appearance of the tanker refers to that when the vehicle is parked on a level road, the tanker is skewed at a certain angle. There are many reasons for this problem, generally because of the failure of the frame, body, suspension, tires, etc. The abnormal appearance of the oil tanker will cause the instability of the direction, the deviation, the transfer of the center of gravity and the tire eating of the wheels. At this time, we only need to repair or update the parts for the faulty parts.

The above content is the common oil tank truck faults and solutions introduced by CIMC LINYU, a tanker truck manufacturer. I hope that through this article, many tanker truck drivers can drive their tanker trucks better and more safely.

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