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Auman Series Concrete Mixer Truck

Auman series concrete mixer truck adopts high-frequency welded low-alloy rectangular tube, which has good straightness and flatness, and fits seamlessly with the chassis beam, effectively reducing the impact of the frame on the chassis.

Auman Series Concrete Mixer Truck Parameters
Model CLY5258GJB4 CLY5318GJB
Vehicle and chassis parameters
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 9770*2500*3980 11155*2500*3990
Chassis model BJ5253GMFJB-S BJ5313GMFJC-S
Engine model/power WP10.336/336 WP10.375/375
Emission standard Country III Country III
Kerb mass/rated load mass 15250/9555 17730/13075
Wheel base 3975+1350 1800+3450+1350
Angel of approach/departure 18/20 18/18
Special performance parameters
Mixing volume/tanker volume 12/17.93 15/24.2
Feeding speed ≥3 ≥3
Unloading speed ≥2 ≥2
Discharge residue rate ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Water supply system Pneumatic water supply Pneumatic water supply
Water tank volume 450 450
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