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Shacman Series Concrete Mixer Truck

Shacman series concrete mixer truck adopts humanized design such as anti-skid pedals and night work lights, reflecting the "people-oriented" design concept.

Shacman Series Concrete Mixer Truck Parameters
Model CLY5254GJB7 CLY5315GJB
Vehicle and chassis parameters
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 9840*2500*3980 10865*2500*3900
Chassis model DELONG SX5255GJBJR404 DELONG SX5315GJBJT326
Engine model/power WP10.340E32/340 WO10.375/375
Emission standard Country III Country III
Kerb mass/rated load mass 15390/9480 17150/13720
Wheel base 4300+1350 1800+3200+1350
Angel of approach/departure 20/18 20/18
Special performance parameters
Mixing volume/tanker volume 12/17.93 15/24.2
Feeding speed ≥3 ≥3
Unloading speed ≥2 ≥2
Discharge residue rate ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Water supply system Pneumatic water supply Pneumatic water supply
Water tank volume 450 450
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