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Road Sweeper

The main accessories of the road sweeper are all imported parts, which are reliable in quality, superior in performance, leading in technology, and support a variety of optional modules to achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions.

Road Sweeper Parameters

Road Sweeper Features

(1) Advanced concept: outdoor special cleaning equipment designed according to ergonomics, and the introduction of the concept of "quick switching" to support various optional modules to achieve the purpose of one machine for multiple purposes;

(2) Reasonable design: compact design and flexible steering allow this road sweeper to operate easily in extremely narrow roads and spaces; full hydraulic four-wheel drive, with excellent climbing and stair climbing capabilities, on uneven roads Walking and working are not a problem; the cleaning ability is strong, and it can easily dispose of garbage, leaves, mineral water bottles, etc. on the road; the engine and main accessories such as various pumps, motors, electrical components, etc. are imported parts, with reliable product quality, superior performance, leading technology;

(3) The operation is ergonomic: The custom-developed ergonomic joystick makes operation a pleasure.

Vehicle Model CLY1400TSLJ 
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm)  2900*1200*1935 
Curb Weight(kg)  1000
Wheelbase (mm) 700
Wheelbase (front/rear) 1200
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 1.7
Driving Maximum Grade (%) 25
Maximum Travel Speed (km/h) 25
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 200
Minimum Passing Width (mm) 1200
Cleaning Capacity (m2/h) 14000
Sweeping Width (mm)  1400
Cleaning Speed (km/h) 0~10 
Trash Can Volume (L) 500
Tank Volume (L) 130
Engine Brand Perkins(Kubota) 
Engine Power 8.5KW (25 HP)

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