What are the precautions for using the 16 cubic mixer truck

Mixing trucks are mainly used in construction sites for concrete production. I believe everyone should be familiar with it. In the process of driving the vehicle, drive the stirring equipment to move the material to stir it. In simple terms, a mixer truck is a device that installs mixing equipment on a transport vehicle to achieve a movable effect. It is understood that there are many types of mixer trucks on the market, of which 16-square mixer trucks are more popular.

In fact, the simple understanding of the 16-square mixer truck is that this type of mixer truck can produce and transport the 16-square concrete at one time. It is relatively large, but it requires a lot of attention when using it. , So as to ensure better results.

Follow the instructions

It should be known that the 16-square mixer truck realizes the mixing of cement and stones by the pressure of the hydraulic system, which has certain regularity. For this reason, when using the mixer truck, it must be operated in accordance with the instructions, and can not be changed and adjusted at will, so that no errors will occur. Especially when it is necessary to add some other substances, it is necessary to operate in a specific way and cannot be changed randomly.

mixer truck

Winter operation

In winter, the temperature is relatively low and icing may occur. For this reason, be sure to check the equipment for ice before construction in winter. Once the direction freezes, you need to use hot water or other ways to defrost before you can use it. If the equipment freezes, it is easy to rub it during its operation, which directly damages the mechanical equipment.

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After construction discharge

After the unloading of the construction, the various equipment must be cleaned in time, especially the positions of the feed hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute and so on. Can be carried out by means of water pipe scouring, because some materials will have a certain degree of adhesion, if it is cleaned in time, it is easy for dirt to accumulate and affect the service life of the mixer.

There are probably a few things that need to be noticed during the use of the 16-square mixer truck. In fact, whether it needs to be performed in accordance with the instructions during operation, or a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle before operation in winter to ensure the safety of use. Or after the construction is unloaded, the cleaning of each equipment needs to be paid attention to by everyone.

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