How to properly operate a concrete mixer truck

The concrete mixer truck is a kind of machine with blades that rotates in the tank or cylinder to stir and mix various raw materials to become a mixture or a machine with suitable consistency. Because the operation of the mixer is slightly different from other equipment, not everyone will operate the condensate mixer truck. If you do not understand the operation process, blind operation may cause serious consequences. Therefore, when operating the concrete mixer truck, we must follow the daily use operations and standard driving, so that we can better use the mixer truck.

concrete mixer truck

Correct operation method of concrete mixer truck

(1) Check the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, cooling water, etc. before concrete mixing and transportation, and ensure that the quality is sufficient.

(2) Check the power output device and confirm that there are no loose bolts or oil leakage from the bearings.

(3) When mixing and transporting, the load of concrete shall not exceed the rated capacity.

(4) Before starting the mixer, put the operation handle of the mixer in the "stop" position. After starting the engine, the mixer should be rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes, and the hydraulic oil temperature should be raised above 20 ℃ before working.

(5) Before loading the mixing and conveying truck, the mixing drum should be reversed to drain the water and debris in the drum to ensure the quality of the concrete.

(6) When loading, the joystick should be placed in the "loading" position, and the rotation speed of the mixing drum should be adjusted to make the feeding smooth.

(7) When transporting concrete, ensure that the slide is placed firmly to prevent it from swinging due to looseness, hurting pedestrians during travel, or affecting the normal operation of other vehicles.

concrete mixer truck

(8) When the mixed concrete is shipped, the rotation speed of the mixing drum is 2-10 rpm. During the transportation, the segregation of the mixer is prevented to ensure the quality. When driving on a road with a slope of more than 15 degrees, or a road that shakes from side to side, stop stirring and rotating. After the road condition improves, resume stirring and rotating.

(9) The concrete tank truck cannot transport concrete for longer than the time specified by the mixing station. During the transportation of concrete, the mixing drum must not stop for a long time to prevent the concrete from segregating and solidifying. The driver should always observe the concrete situation and report the abnormality to the dispatching room in time to apply for processing.

(10) When the mixing drum changes from positive to reverse, the control handle should be placed in the middle position first, and after the mixing drum stops, then the control lever handle should be put to the reverse position.

(11) Before discharging the concrete, the mixing drum should be stirred for 1 minute at a speed of 10-12 rpm, and then discharged.

(12) The continuous running time of the stirring device should not exceed 8h.

(13) After the work is completed, the inside of the mixing drum and the body should be cleaned, and the remaining concrete should not be left in the drum.

(14) The water level of the water tank should be kept normal. When parking in winter, drain off the water in the water tank and water supply system.

Vehicle operation precautions

When driving

(1) The vehicle must start in first gear when the vehicle is heavily loaded, and avoid sharp turns at high speed.

(2) Avoid full throttle starting and emergency braking. Full throttle starting will cause clutch damage or uneven tire wear, and emergency braking will accelerate tire and brake friction plate wear.

(3) Rotate the discharge tank to an angle perpendicular to the mixing drum and fasten it with a locking mechanism. If there is an auxiliary discharge tank on the car, it will be fixed firmly to prevent accidents.

(4) The operating handle at the rear of the vehicle should be located at the "stirring" position.

During vehicle operation

(1) When the mixer truck arrives at the construction site, the parking pavement should be flat before unloading, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by the inclined road.

(2) During the loading and unloading process, it is strictly prohibited to bombard the throttle.

(3) When approaching the material inlet of the pump truck, you must obey the instructions of the site and the pumpman.

During cleaning and maintenance

(1) After the discharge at the construction site is completed, the hoses provided with the mixer truck should be used to flush the hopper, discharge hopper, discharge tank, etc. If there are special waste discharge points at the construction site, they should be discharged immediately. Return to the company and discharge the waste in the gravel separator.

(2) When removing and flushing the concrete at the mouth of the mixing drum, the feeding and discharging device, the supporting wheel, etc., the control lever must be placed in the stop position.

(3) At the end of each day, the driver should be responsible for pouring clean water into the mixing drum and rotating it at high speed (14 to 18 rpm) for 3 to 5 minutes, and then discharge the water into the sand and gravel separator to ensure that the drum is clean and clean. Prevent buildup.

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