How much is a 5 ton oil tank truck

Oil tank truck, as the name suggests, is a vehicle for transporting oil. Such vehicles are mainly used for crude oil transportation, so they are dangerous. However, if there is no such vehicle, many private cars will not be able to refuel. For users such as gas station owners or logistics and transportation companies, there is still a lot of concern about how much a 5-ton tanker costs. Then let's take a look at the price of a 5-ton tanker!

How much is a 5 ton tank truck?

From a comprehensive market perspective, the price of a 5-ton tank truck is around 100,000-120,000 per unit. So how did this offer come about? What fees are included?

We all know that the price of a fuel truck/tank truck is composed of the chassis price and the top loading price, but what about the subdivision?

1. For a tank truck/refueling truck, the chassis is manufactured by the original chassis of different companies. The price of the chassis is determined by the company. For the top part, it includes the European standard tank mouth and the subsea valve (1 under 12 square meters). Tank mouth, 1 subsea valve, 2 European standard tank mouths from 12 to 26 square meters, 1 subsea valve, two European standard tank mouths above 26 square meters, two subsea valves) warehouse, tanker, flow meter, pump, water tank , toolbox, bead valve and so on.

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2. Add 1,000 yuan for each additional warehouse; add 500 yuan for an additional self-flow (aluminum alloy);

3. Add 6,000 yuan for the installation of a tax-controlled refueling reel, 1,000 yuan for the optional large flow, 1,500 yuan if you choose a large brand refueling truck; 2,000 yuan for the installation of a certain flow meter; 2,000 yuan for the installation of a certain flow meter :3000 yuan;

4. Price increase for stainless steel ball valve: two DN65 price increases by 800 yuan, DN80 price increase by 1500 yuan; DN100 price increase by 2000 yuan;

5. For every millimeter of thickness of the tank, the price will be increased by 1,500 yuan;

6. The price is reduced by 3,000 yuan without the pump, and the price of the tool box and water tank is increased by 300 yuan; the European standard complete set is increased by 8,000 yuan;

7. Other insurance costs: tank trucks are special vehicles, which are more dangerous in terms of safety. They are loaded with flammable and explosive oil or gaseous substances. There will be more insurance costs, including commercial insurance and compulsory traffic insurance or carrier liability insurance or anchoring and other related costs, and the price of vehicles of different tonnages is also different;

8. The cost of registering the tanker: the price of the tanker also includes the cost of registering. The fuel tanker without the account cannot be driven or used on the road normally. There are also many mobile fuel trucks. For the details of the requirements, it is necessary to provide complete procedures and various supporting materials to handle, including vehicle invoices, qualified certificates and test reports of tanks or certificates of affiliated units, etc.

The cost of buying a fuel tanker is roughly the above, and everyone can use it as a basis for purchasing, but the price of the tanker body and the cost of registering are also different in different regions. When purchasing, you can shop around and choose the right one. Cost-effective.

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After the 46-square oil semi-trailer understands the content of the price of the oil tanker, does it know the factors that affect its price? Yes, that's right! Therefore, the factors that affect the price of 5-ton oil tankers will not be explained in detail here, but it is still necessary to emphasize the influence of brands on their prices.

There are also well-done brands in the industry, because they are brands that have gained the trust of users, and will have a tendency to choose them, and naturally their prices will be higher. On the contrary, the products of some small manufacturers have no market because they are not trusted by users, so their prices will naturally drop to a certain extent.

But it also needs to be pointed out that the products of third-rate manufacturers themselves have no reliability in use. There are many third-rate manufacturers of oil tank truck products that do not have high requirements in production, and they want to reduce production costs everywhere, so there is no guarantee of final quality. Therefore, in the process of product selection, it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect. In fact, the price of this product is also affected by the cost of production. The reason why branded vehicles are high is because they have a higher cost in production. They used a better chassis and also had better craftsmanship.

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However, some manufacturers are unable to produce high-quality fuel tankers even if they increase the cost, because there is still a problem of strength. If you want this kind of vehicle to have good quality, you also need to have it in production. Better design, and at the same time, in many respects, better workmanship is required. Only in this way will it have better accuracy in refueling. Almost all price differences vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Different manufacturers will have different production conditions, and different manufacturers will also have different market positions. difference.

However, a big brand like CIMC Lingyu has a production capacity of about 12,000 units. The entire cutting-edge special-purpose vehicle production line is a strong cornerstone to ensure product quality. It has strong strength, timely after-sales service and reasonable price. What are you still hesitating about?

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