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Oil Tank Truck

The oil tank truck complies with GB18564 and EU road transport standards, and also complies with laws and regulations, including volume, weight, structure, etc., in strict accordance with the standard design.

Oil Tank Truck Parameters

The oil tank truck complies with GB18564 and EU road transport standards, and also complies with laws and regulations, including volume, weight, structure, etc., in strict accordance with the standard design.

The shape of the oil tank truck is beautiful and the structural parts are all subjected to the sandblasting pretreatment process; the oil tank truck body is welded with a special tank tooling fixture, which is welded with the automatic protective welding machine; the painting is completely carried out according to the standard of the luxury passenger car painting process, so that the bodywork It has the same beautiful appearance as a passenger car, and its quality has reached the industry level.

Oil Tank Truck Safety Device

1.Explosion-proof: equipment Explosion-proof manhole can prevent leakage of the medium in the tank when the vehicle rllover .And it can release the gas once the tanker has accident and on fire, efficiently prevent the oil tanker from explosion. Chemical vehicle adopt large volume safety valve, can efficiently prevent the oil tanker from explosion

2.Emergency shut-off valve(Pneumatic bottom valve): When there is am impact on the discharging pipe,the emergency shut-off valve will shut off to prevent massive leakage.

3.Breath valvethe breath valve of oil tanker vehicle and chemical vehicle has function of preventing over flow, roll over and fire resistant, and when it tanker body roll over,it can not leak the liquid

4. Top protect device:strong coaming board structure can protect the accessories on the top of the tank from impacting if there is a rollover.

5. Integral electrical system; adopt integrated wiring,connecting the light with water-proof clip upgrade the safety .

Why Choose CIMC Oil Tank Truck

First, the production experience of large-scale special vehicles for many years.

CIMC Linyu brand is a well-known domestic special vehicle manufacturer, especially in the production of large-scale special vehicles, with many years of production experience. Therefore, the high quality presented by CIMC Lingyu tanker is worthy of recognition by consumers, and can truly meet the needs of the purchase of CIMC Lingyu tanker, especially in the improvement of hardware facilities and equipment, relying on stable CIMC The tanker is able to ensure its effectiveness.

Second, customized production, can provide protection for targeted use needs

Combining its own years of experience in the production of special-purpose vehicles, CIMC tankers can also meet the customization needs to a certain extent, and can be designed according to the requirements of transportation, which is very good to some extent. Satisfying the implementation of high-standard requirements for capital accounting and regional transportation requirements is one of the most important factors for achieving targeted satisfaction, and better enhances the credibility of CIMC Linyu tanker cooperation.

Third, the standardization of the implementation of the overall service

CIMC Linyu's requirements for service and high, can be well carried out according to the agreement, and the market service reputation is excellent, which also provides a certain degree of support for the establishment of CIMC Lingyu tanker trust. The necessary protection.

Oil tank truck Specifications

Tank volume 42m3 48m3 36m3 40m3
Dimensions 12850*2500*3900mm 12600/12800*2500*3800/3950mm 10600*2500*3700mm 11000*2500*3850mm
Rated contained mass 33000kg 33000kg 25500kg 31500kg
Wheelbase 7200+1350+1350 7200+1350+1350 6550+1310 5600+1310+1310
After hanging 1345mm 1420mm 1140mm 1230mm
Departure angle 21 19 28.5 27
Total mass 40000kg 40000kg 34450kg 39980kg
Curb quality 7000kg 7000kg 8950kg 8480kg
Remarks Single tire, straight can Round, variable cross section Reducing Reducing

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