Dorado is the best choice, so choose Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier!

CIMC Linyu cement bulk carrier takes into account both safety and economy. The whole vehicle is smarter, more stable and more beautiful. It is the first choice for the transportation of cement, fly ash, calcium powder and other bulk materials.

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

Humanized design, convenient and efficient

New large-angle fluidized bed

The porous "one" and "X"-shaped fluidized bed has a larger angle and higher fluidization efficiency. The modular design of the product structure and assembly line assembly operations fully guarantee product quality;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

Transmission system

The unique belt drive air compressor structure perfectly solves the shortcomings of direct drive jitter and easy damage, effectively reducing costs and creating maximum benefits;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

Patented can lid

The company's patented technology design, using the center spinning compression method, is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has a longer service life;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

Humanized ladder

Movable ladder, good stability, reasonable location, convenient and safe operation by staff

Cement Bulk Carrier

More environmentally friendly

Linyu took the lead in applying for the patented technology of the vehicle dust collector. The optional electronic pulse dust collector with convenient installation and simple operation meets environmental protection requirements and solves customers' worries during use.

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

Process standardization, quality guaranteed

01. Laser cutting-high efficiency

The tank body, accessories and internal materials are all cut by large-scale CNC plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, etc., with small errors and high precision, which greatly improves production efficiency;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

02. Annular welding-more precise

The advanced assembly point welding tooling, roller rack supporting transportation mechanism and the head ring welding tooling are only available in China, which effectively guarantees the strength, quality and appearance of the tank body;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

03. Electrostatic spraying-wear resistance

The industry's first powder tank bicycle "spray + powder spray" electrostatic powder spraying process, full color, beautiful and beautiful, enhanced the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the tank car coating, the coating hardness reached H level, and the service life was extended by 5 to 7 years;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

04. Smart assembly-more efficient

The intelligent assembly line can monitor the operation of each link of the entire line in real time, ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the entire line, ensure that the quality of the entire vehicle is stable and reliable when the user is in use, and improve the product life cycle attendance rate;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

05. Inspection and delivery-safer

After the vehicle has been debugged, the front wheel sideslip, lights, braking system and other strong inspection items are inspected one by one on the fully automatic inspection line to ensure the reliability and safety of the quality of the entire vehicle;

Linyu Cement Bulk Carrier

In addition, compared with semi-trailer trucks, cement bulk carriers also have the advantages of convenient driving and flexible operation, and bicycles are also more suitable for places with bad road conditions such as mountains!

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