China's first self-developed snow wax car, the trailer skeleton comes from here!


On January 11th, it was the 24-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee held the first online press conference to introduce the overall preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics. At present, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are basically ready.

During the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, China's first self-developed snow wax car attracted much attention!

It is reported that the snow wax car is a special support vehicle for snow sports. It is used for waxing the skateboards of skiers. Waxing is very important for the maintenance of snowboards, especially to speed up the sliding speed of snowboards on the snow and improve the performance of athletes. important role. It can be said that the snow wax car not only serves athletes, but also reflects the comprehensive industrial strength of the country.

But before, the snow wax car was a blank in domestic high-end equipment, and our country's ice and snow sports teams could only rent foreign vehicles or use container-type prefabricated houses to participate in the competition.

Today, this situation will be completely rewritten. It is understood that on the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, my country's first intelligent snow wax car with complete intellectual property rights was successfully delivered, providing advanced technological support for Chinese athletes preparing for the war, and also for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Contributed to CIMC.

snow wax car

This snow wax truck with Sinotruk Yellow River as the tractor, the trailer frame part is independently designed and manufactured by Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicle") in accordance with its top loading requirements, and its performance advantages are safe and reliable.

(1) The whole vehicle adopts special high-strength steel, which can effectively support the telescopic function of the upper part while ensuring the strength of the whole vehicle.

(2) The design and manufacture are in accordance with the highest standards to ensure the perfect match with the top.

(3) BPW 400K drum-type air suspension axle is used in the walking part, the rear axle has follow-up steering, and the middle axle has an odometer end cover. The axle performance is stable and reliable, and the follow-up steering makes the whole vehicle more flexible.

(4) The braking system is WABCO EBS 4S/2M system, equipped with ECAS, built-in tire pressure and temperature monitoring, trailer display, Bluetooth control, reverse obstacle detection + automatic braking and many other high-end configurations, which improve the active and passive performance of the vehicle. safety performance.

Prior to this, Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicles had provided supporting trailer frames for high-definition OB vehicles of several TV stations, which had also been unanimously recognized by customers. Providing efficient and reliable customized solutions for high-end special vehicles has become one of the company's new growth points. one.

snow wax car

snow wax car

snow wax car

Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicle is one of the backbone enterprises of CIMC Vehicles Group (301039.SZ/1839.HK). It has complete R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Currently, it focuses on port logistics vehicles, dump semi-trailers, and van transport semi-trailers. The large series, with the prominent features of "light weight and heavy load", provide professional products and services for container transportation, express delivery, cold chain, energy and chemical supporting, ore transportation, high-end special vehicle supporting and other industries, and have won the trust of customers.

As a global leader in the high-end manufacturing of semi-trailers and special-purpose vehicles, CIMC Vehicles will continue to strengthen its drive for innovation. The goal is to fully realize the high-end manufacturing system and new management infrastructure before 2025, adding a new chapter to China's intelligent manufacturing and high-end manufacturing.

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