What are the characteristics of the compressed sanitation truck?

With the increase of population and the improvement of living standards, all kinds of garbage are produced every day, and it is no longer enough to rely on manual cleaning. At this time we need to rely on automated machinery to reduce people's workload. The compressed sanitation truck solves these problems just right. Its special performance meets the people's desire for environmental protection and has broad development prospects.

1. Compressed sanitation truck has a large load. Through the frame structure design of the main components, the structural strength is ensured, and the unique pressure filling angle design ensures uniform filling of the garbage, so the garbage load is larger, for example, the 5-party compressed garbage truck and the 5-party hanging garbage truck are hung. The barrel garbage truck can only hold about 5 squares, and the compression garbage truck can hold approximately 12 square meters of garbage through the compression function, and the advantages are obvious;

2. Save working hours. After the loading is completed, the ordinary garbage truck can be transported to the garbage compression station for compression. The compressed garbage truck has already compressed itself and compressed into blocks when collecting the garbage, which saves the time spent by the sanitation workers on the garbage disposal. The effect of doing more with less;

3. Can correspond to various garbage cans. The special function of the ordinary garbage truck can only handle the garbage bins that are suitable for them. For example, the garbage trucks can be self-loading and unloading the trash cans. The swing-arm garbage trucks can handle the swing-arm garbage bins, but cannot automatically carry other garbage bins. Loading, but the compressed garbage truck rear reversal style function allows it to handle a variety of garbage bins, such as a bucket-type rear flip, a swing-arm rear flip, a triangle bucket flip, and a landing back and reverse. Corresponding to different styles;

4. Sealed, more environmentally friendly. The unique combination of “sealing” and “grooming” eliminates the phenomenon of wastewater dripping during collection and transportation. The filler cover completely covers the filling port of the filler to eliminate the phenomenon of dust and dust flying caused by the airflow disturbance at the rear of the transporting process; the labyrinth-type multi-channel sealing strip is sealed at the joint surface of the filling device and the garbage bin, and the side of the box The water retaining strip and the large container water tank of the filling device constitute a triple guarantee; at the same time, the unique structure of the lower sewage tank anti-wave plate of the filling device prevents the sewage from flowing back and prevents the sewage from dripping;

5. Multiple gears, more energy efficient. Different working conditions use different working speeds to reduce power loss and failure rate, reduce fuel consumption, and save energy and energy;

6. Humanized and safer. Multiple vehicles are designed to prevent misoperation: The advanced hydraulic lifting safety circuit is used. During the lifting process of the filler, even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not fall suddenly; the emergency brake button can make the garbage pressure The filling mechanism stops in any state to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment; the work of each organization has two modes of operation, automatic and manual, which not only ensures the high efficiency of the whole vehicle, but also provides for debugging, maintenance and fault handling. Great convenience.

Compressed sanitation truck has a large load, saves working time, responds to various garbage bins, seals well, is more environmentally friendly, humanized and safer. The birth of compression sanitation truck has added a big step to the urbanization process. There will definitely be better products in the future.

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