What are the safety guidelines for tank trucks?

Tank trucks have the danger of explosion and flammability. At the same time, tanker transportation is a technical and professional work. Therefore, the safe driving standards must be strictly observed during the driving process. The tank truck manufacturers from the tanks below The loading of the car, the preparation before the road, and the safe driving have all sorted out relevant points for everyone.

First, the "five points" of loading dangerous chemicals

1. Hazardous chemical transportation enterprises, vehicles, escorts, and loaders must obtain corresponding qualifications.

2. The loading medium is consistent with the tank spraying medium and the vehicle road transport certificate.

3. Dangerous chemicals should be loaded evenly and evenly, and fixed as a whole. One car and one product should be mixed. Different dangerous chemicals should not be mixed and should not be overloaded.

4. After the hazardous chemicals are loaded, the name, shape, quantity, disposal method, and contact information of the dangerous chemicals shall be recorded in the vehicle and carried in the vehicle.

5. After the liquid hazardous chemicals tanker is loaded, the emergency shut-off valve should be closed to ensure no damage or leakage.

Second, before the road to the tanker "five must check"

1. The vehicle number plate is installed well, the safety inspection mark and insurance mark are placed correctly, and the road permit for road driving, road transport permit and highly toxic chemicals is complete and effective, and is carried by the vehicle.

2. The safety devices such as vehicle sign lights, signage signs, reflective signs, side rear guards, and fire extinguishers are well-configured, and the satellite positioning devices are working properly.

3. Vehicle braking, lighting, turn signal safety system meets operational requirements, tire specifications are qualified, wear is normal, and retreaded tires are not used.

4. Liquid hazardous chemicals transport tanker emergency cut-off device is installed and closed.

5. The driver's driver's license, driver and escort are fully and effectively valid from the qualification certificate and carry it with you.

Third, the tank truck safety driving "five notes"

1. Choose a reasonable driving route with better traffic conditions, away from towns and residential areas, and do not enter the prohibited traffic area of dangerous goods transport vehicles. Vehicles transporting highly toxic chemicals shall be driven according to the time and route approved by the public security organ and shall not be changed at will.

2. Maintain safe driving speed. In any case, the driving speed should not exceed 80km/h. Under low visibility conditions such as night, rain, fog, ice and snow, speed down.

3. Maintain a reasonable driving distance with the vehicles ahead, and increase the separation distance in case of bad weather such as rain, fog, ice and snow.

4. Do not change lanes at will while driving, and highways should drive in the prescribed lanes.

5. The driver should pay attention to parking and rest for about 2 hours, and check the technical status of the vehicle in time to ensure that the emergency shut-off valve is closed.

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