Introduction to the working principle of sanitation truck hydraulic transmission system

The working medium, auxiliary components, control and actuator components, and power components together form the sanitation truck hydraulic drive system, as well as a variety of valves, hydraulic motors and oil pumps.

In the actual operation of the Sanitation truck hydraulic transmission system, it mainly relies on the action of the hydraulic pump. With the function of the prime mover, the mechanical energy is transformed into the direction of the liquid pressure energy, and the energy is efficiently transmitted.

Under the transmission of internal pipelines and control valves, the components such as motors and hydraulic cylinders are used to complete the transformation of liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy, which drives the system to rotate or reciprocate linearly.

The liquid medium in the hydraulic drive system is required to perform the system control work and the transfer of energy, and the system-specific transmission path ensures its strong functionality.

sanitation truck

From a holistic perspective, the Sanitation truck hydraulic drive system has several advantages, mainly reflected in:

(1) It has a good overload protection function, and the stepless speed regulation performance is strong;

(2) The system occupies less space and has a lighter weight. Compared with the weight of the motor, the hydraulic motor is about 15% lighter, so there is no obvious inertia, especially in emergency stop and overload conditions. Relatively small;

The main working medium of the hydraulic transmission system is oil, so the internal components rarely wear each other when working, and have certain lubrication effect, which provides guarantee for long-term reliable operation of the system, and can also adjust linear reciprocating motion and working mechanism rotation at any time. Two working states;

The system can be easily controlled, and with the support of general and standardized hydraulic components, it can be easily applied and modified, and the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump can be flexibly connected.

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