Concrete mixer truck maintenance knowledge

Concrete mixer trucks have 2 to 8 square small mixers, 8 to 15 square medium mixers, and 15 to 20 square large mixers. The car itself needs to rest and relax as long as people do. The long-term operation of the car requires maintenance. In particular, the core components of automobiles require regular maintenance and replacement of consumables. The following is a concrete explanation of the maintenance of the concrete mixer truck.

Correct use of concrete mixer truck engine

Speaking of the "heart" of the car, everyone knows that the engine, as the engine of the car, can be said to carry the power output of the entire car. But if you want the engine to run well, normal maintenance is essential. details as follows:


This is the basis for extending the service life. Whether it is a new car or an overhauled engine, it must be run-in according to the regulations before it can be put into normal operation.

Oil net, water net, gas net and body net

Diesel fuel is the main fuel of the engine. If the diesel oil is not pure, the precision will match the wear of the body, and the clearance will increase, causing oil leakage, dripping oil, lower oil supply pressure, larger gap, and even blockage of the oil circuit. Serious faults such as tiles.

If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring. If the cooling water is not pure, the cooling system will be blocked, the engine will be prevented from dissipating heat, the lubrication conditions will be poor, and the machine body will be seriously worn. If the external surface of the machine is not clean, the surface will be corroded and the service life will be shortened.

Oil foot, water foot, air foot

If the diesel and air supply are not timely or interrupted, there will be difficulties in starting, burning, power loss, and engine failure. If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, the engine will be poorly lubricated, the body will be worn seriously or even burnt. If the cooling water is insufficient, the machine temperature will be too high, the power will drop, the wear will be intensified, and the service life will be reduced.

Check adjustment

The valve clearance, valve timing, fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure and ignition timing of the diesel engine should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is always in a good technical state to save fuel and prolong service life.

Lubrication parts such as bushings should be lubricated before driving. After starting, it should be put into operation when the water temperature reaches 40°C-50°C, and it is strictly forbidden to overload or operate at low speed for a long time. Before stopping, the load should be removed first to reduce the speed.

Concrete mixer daily maintenance

As a special truck for transporting concrete, the mixer is very important for daily maintenance. Therefore, to ensure the service life of the mixer, maintenance work must be done. If the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer is not in place, it will affect the performance and life of the mixer.

1. First, for the first time the newly purchased vehicle is used for about 50 hours, check the bolt tightening conditions, including the connecting bolt of the tank head and the reducer, the connecting bolt of the reducer base and the front, the tug base and the frame. The connecting bolts and the connecting bolts of the sub-beams and the girders are to be inspected regularly once a month.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil on the joint surface of the roller and the raceway is dry before driving. It should be replenished in time to maintain a good lubrication effect. Check the oil level of the cooler and reducer to ensure the oil level indication before the vehicle is started. Scope of view; straighten the hydraulic oil circuit to keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as not to pollute the system hydraulic oil, such as dust particles and moisture, causing the system to not work properly or damage.

3. Clean the dirt on the roller and the raceway at least once a month. Inject the grease into the roller through the grease nipple on the roller to ensure that the drive shaft is lubricated at least once a month.

4. The hydraulic system components have higher precision, especially the hydraulic pump of the mixer truck. The maintenance is simple, but the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly. The first time is 500 hours, and the filter element should be replaced at the same time after 2000 hours or at least once a year. Refueling or oil change When the engine is in a stop, it will cause damage to the hydraulic system.

5. It is forbidden to randomly weld and change the water tank to avoid heavy objects impact; the ice level display tube and the filter screen should be replaced in time to avoid blockage, affecting the water level judgment, often check whether the various valve bodies are blocked or abnormal, and timely lubrication. In the environment where there is possibility of icing, the water supply system must drain the water to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking, and often apply the sealant for the pipeline to the critical part of the sealing system.

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