What should I pay attention to when driving a tanker safely in summer?

Since entering the summer, the temperature has gradually increased, and traffic accidents have begun to rise. Why are summer traffic accidents more than the other three seasons? What are the safety issues for tank truck drivers to drive in the summer?

In summer, the psychology and physiology of the tank truck driver will be different from other seasons. The hot weather, a lot of physical exertion and strong sunlight will cause the driver's working conditions to deteriorate. High temperature weather makes people prone to irritability. In the closed environment of the compartment, once people are irritated, it will lead to inattention when driving, and it is difficult to avoid when encountering dangerous situations. At the same time, the summer is long and the night is short, and the temperature is high. Many drivers have insufficient rest, resulting in insufficient energy, fatigue and drowsiness in driving. This situation will make the tank truck driver unresponsive to emergencies, thus Lead to traffic accidents.

So, how to ensure that the tank truck driver has a good mental and physical state in the summer? The method is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to maintain sufficient sleep time. If there is mental fatigue and unresponsiveness during driving, stop immediately and wait until the mind is awake before continuing to drive. Secondly, if you find that you have a bad mental state such as anxiety, it is best to find a quiet place for deep breathing adjustment and try to avoid driving.

In addition, we need to pay attention to some details to better ensure the safety of tank trucks.

(1) Always check tire pressure

As the temperature and the temperature of the road surface gradually increase, the high-speed or long-distance travel, the tire pressure is easy to rise, causing a puncture. For safety, please stop and depress frequently.

(2) Be careful when driving

In the hot weather, people like to wear umbrellas, and in order to cover the sun, the height of the umbrella is generally low, blocking the line of sight of the umbrella holder. Therefore, drivers must be extra careful when driving, especially when overtaking and turning.

(3) Never wear slippers to drive

In summer, drivers and friends like to wear slippers, which are both good-looking and cool, and some even drive in slippers.
In fact, this kind of practice is very dangerous. In the event of an emergency, if the slippers do not follow the foot when stepping on the gas pedal or braking, it is very likely that the brake timing will be delayed, resulting in a traffic accident.

(4) It is not advisable to use a gas lighter

In the midsummer, the heat wave is rolling, and some drivers have the habit of smoking and getting rid of it. After igniting the cigarette, the gas lighter is usually placed on the instrument panel. This is very dangerous. A disposable gas lighter that holds a liquid gas in a plastic container that expands when heated above 40 degrees Celsius. The plastic case will explode due to heat. Although the gas lighter's explosion power is not great, when the car and some oil, flammable materials, etc. are put together, once an explosion occurs, it is easy to cause a fire, and the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, in the hot summer, drivers should not use gas lighters, and smoking is not allowed when driving.

(5) It is not appropriate to open the air conditioner

When the engine is running at an idle speed, the gasoline is not completely burned, and carbon monoxide is generated. Generally, vehicles equipped with air conditioners have better sealing performance. Most people will feel dizzy and tired when they stay in this environment for a few hours, and their memory will diminish. At the same time, the people in the car exhaled a lot of carbon dioxide, which drastically reduced the oxygen in the car. Therefore, the air conditioner should be properly adjusted, or the window should be opened at intervals.

(6) It is not advisable to wear sunglasses that are too dark

The dark color of the sunglasses can delay the time the eye sends the image to the brain. This visual delay causes the speed perception to be distorted, causing the driver wearing the sunglasses to make a wrong judgment. Studies have shown that dark-colored sunglasses will extend the driver's response time to an emergency by 100 milliseconds, increasing the braking distance of 2.2 meters.

(7) Avoid fatigue driving

The summer temperature is high, and the physical exertion is large, especially at noon, which is easy to fatigue and doze off. Therefore, keep enough sleep time to ensure full energy. If you feel sleepy in driving, you should stop in time, take a proper rest for a while, and continue driving after you are clear-headed. In addition, the hot weather can also cause mood irritability, should always keep calm and observe the traffic rules.

(8) Beware of spontaneous combustion

Several auto-ignition accidents occur every summer. Therefore, before going out, be sure to check whether the high and low voltage lines of the vehicle are short-circuited or aging, whether the plug is loose, whether the battery is in normal working condition, and whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit. In addition, flammable and explosive materials such as gas lighters should also be cleaned up in time. It is necessary to equip the car with a fire extinguisher and be proficient in the operation to prevent accidents.

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