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In the construction industry, there is a kind of machinery called a concrete mixer. Whether it is in a prosperous city or in the mountains, it can enter the sight of government supervision, whether it is environmental governance or exceeding standards and limits. With it, it can greatly improve the work efficiency of workers and improve engineering schedule. The price of concrete mixer truck has always been a problem that customers are more concerned about, depending on their needs. The prices of concrete mixer trucks of different brands, models, and configurations are definitely different.

Price list of concrete mixer truck

The price of the concrete mixer truck is comprehensively assessed according to the brand, model, configuration and other aspects. Customers need to purchase according to their actual needs.

Square amount Formalities To pay high insurance Reference Price
5-8 Party Complete Have 16-20 million
8-12 Party Complete Have 26-40 million
10-15 Party Complete Have 35-40 million
16-21 Party Complete Have 45-50 million

Factors affecting its price

concrete mixer truck

1. Supply and demand of concrete mixer trucks on the market

This is not difficult to understand, not only in the concrete mixer industry, but also in any industry. With high demand and small supply, the price of concrete mixer trucks will be relatively high; otherwise, the price will be lower.

2. Brand manufacturers of mixer trucks

The brand effect is particularly strong in today's society. Manufacturers with high degrees will have higher equipment prices than small manufacturers. Because brand manufacturers have stronger companies and better craftsmanship, their equipment quality is relatively more secure. In addition, brand manufacturers have high production efficiency and low failure rate, so the price is higher than that of small brand manufacturers.

3. Mixer truck quality

Steel is the skeleton of the concrete mixer truck, especially the special steel consumption of the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixer truck, which directly determines the price of the mixer truck. 90% of a mixing plant is the weight of steel, and a small increase in the price of steel will affect its ex-factory price.

4. The type of concrete mixer truck

There are many types of concrete mixer trucks currently in use. Different types of equipment have different manufacturing processes and performance, so their prices are also different.

5. Technical performance

The production capacity and mixing quality of concrete mixer trucks will also have an impact on the price. Therefore, the price of concrete mixing plant equipment with high performance, low energy consumption and complete technical design will be slightly more expensive than the average, but the level of income But high.

6. Perfection of after-sales service

In addition to the excellent quality of the concrete mixer truck, we must also consider whether the after-sales service is perfect. The high-quality after-sales service can add points to our products. When buying a mixer truck, the price will be higher, because in addition to the equipment itself, the service content is more and the period is also long; on the contrary, if there is no after-sales service, the price will definitely be much lower.

Purchase precautions

concrete mixer truck

In the choice of chassis, safety>power>comfort

1. Security. The high accident rate of concrete mixer trucks is because the transportation conditions of the mixer trucks are generally poor, and most of the domestic mixer trucks are overloaded, which brings great hidden dangers to the safety of drivers. Therefore, when purchasing a vehicle, the safety of the cab, the load-bearing capacity of the axle, the sensitivity of braking and the stability of the electrical system are the primary considerations.

2. Power system. The power system includes engine, gearbox, drive shaft, decelerating middle and rear axle. The domestic mainstream concrete mixer trucks cover a loading capacity ranging from 8 square meters and 9 square meters to 20 square meters. Generally, 8 to 12 square meters are three-axle vehicles, and 12 square meters or more are four-axle vehicles. The engine horsepower selection is generally about 300 horsepower below 10 square, about 336 horsepower for 10 square to 12 square, and 375 or more horsepower for 12 square or more. The gearbox generally chooses 9 gears with climbing gears as appropriate. The rear axle is a wheel-side reduction bridge with a speed ratio of at least 4.5. For the western mountainous area, it is recommended to be around 5.7. As for the drive shaft, since the actual loading tonnage of the concrete truck is only about 20 to 30 tons, the general drive shaft can be used, and it can also play a role in overload protection without thickening.

3. Comfortability. The overall design of the chassis, such as the shape of the frame (purchase a frame that is wide at the front and narrow at the rear, low at the front and high at the rear. The front low and high rear can ensure the stability of the cab on the frame. In the event of a collision, the frame can absorb more impact to ensure the safety of the occupants in the cab), the design of the interior of the cab (including the configuration of the vehicle seat, the width of the sleeper, the sealing and space of the cab, and the multimedia system Humanization), the front axle leaf spring of the vehicle (the longer the front axle leaf spring, the smaller the bumps of the vehicle on the unsatisfactory road section).

The choice of top loading mainly includes tanks and hydraulic parts

The function of the mixer truck is reflected in the tank body, which requires comprehensive consideration of various factors such as the inclination angle of the tank body, the spray paint of the tank body, and the blade design. Hydraulic parts include reducers, hydraulic oil pumps, and hydraulic motors. Like the engine gearbox, the hydraulic parts of the mixer truck are the core components. Currently, the internationally recognized hydraulic parts are Germany, followed by Italy, and the United States. Therefore, at the same price, it is recommended to choose hydraulic parts imported from Germany.

In general, the price of concrete mixer trucks is affected by many factors such as supply and demand, brand manufacturers, mixer truck quality, technical performance, after-sales service, etc. Customers can purchase according to their actual needs, and also pay attention to purchase items. consider. If you want to buy, you can refer to the price list of concrete mixer trucks provided by the editor, I believe it will definitely help you!

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