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CIMC Concrete Mixer Truck


CIMC concrete mixer truck adopts European modern style, featuring attractive appearance, rational structure and stable performance.Different steel materials for different parts of tank body, which is made from famous steelfactories. Service life is 1.5 times than average.

Adopt CNC plasma equipment and leading international fixtures,’ensure the accuracy of the parts manufacturing key weld using CNC automatic welding production lines to ensure the weld strength. Modular design and assembly lineperation keeps product quality consistency, Structure parts adopt blasting pretreatment process; Painting work use luxury coach paint process ,completely inaccordance with the coating process of industry leading technology ,effetively guarantee the quality of the vehicle.

CIMC concrete mixer truck covers mixing capacity 3- 20 m3 all volume products, mainly adopts DONGFENG, SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, AUMAN, FAW,C&C TRUCK, JAC, HONGYAN, BEI BEN, DAYUN, HINO, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU chassis. Special upper tank projects for special chassis, to make each other match reasonable.

Concrete mixer truck series


Long lasting

Wuhan steel, Bạoshan steel material, different thickness for different parts, wear rib on blades. Service life is 1.5 times than average.

Revised  logarithmic spiral blades.

Concrete mixer truck adopts special mold cold press molding, to ensure speed of concrete out-put.


CNC cutting equipment, Automation Welding System, fixtures, Automatic robot welding production line (on trial),to ensure the quality of the concrete mixer truck.

Patent technology

Blade, antitorque secondary beam, tank heating equipment etc.

Bus baking varnish

Fifteen thousand square meters workshop for painting, 16 process baking system, polyurethane finish coat, can keep the concrete mixer tank bright and lasting.

High-level configuration

Imported hydraulic system from Gemany, ltay, America.

Concrete mixer specifications

FOB price

40,000 USD ~70,000 USD


Standard configuration


Chassis brand


Drive type



Top configuration

Mixing capacity

6 m3

8/9/10/12/13/15 m3


Eaton 54



Eaton 54





Hydrauli coil cooler

Kaitong brand 18L

Water supply system

Water supply by air pressure(450L water tank)

Top rack


rack above ball drum

Chute locker


Tool box

One , on left wheel cover

Water hose

Black hose with joint

Safety sign



Logo & color

As per requirements

Cover varnish

Operation guide

Guide in English

CIMC concrete mixer construction

Chassis system:

The main component of the concrete mixer truck, the transport function of the entire concrete mixer truck is realized by the chassis.

Hydraulic transmission system:

The engine power taken out by the power take-off is converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor output is mechanical energy (speed and torque) to power the mixing drum.

Stirring tank:

The mixing drum is a key component of the entire concrete mixer truck. It is a container for storing concrete and plays a decisive role in preventing solidification and segregation of concrete. The inside of the tank has blades, which mainly serve as agitating and guiding materials.

Discharge system:

It is mainly composed of a main discharge tank, a secondary discharge tank, a locking rod, etc., and the auxiliary discharge tank functions to extend the length of the main discharge tank.

Cleaning system:

The cleaning system is mainly composed of a pressure water tank, a water gun, a water pipe, a valve and the like. The use of pneumatic water supply, the main role is to wash the hopper after the loading of the material and after the discharge is completed, the mixing drum and the discharge tank are washed to prevent the concrete from sticking.

The sub-frame:

The mixer sub-frame is the concrete mixer truck main load-bearing part, and the load during operation is almost always supported by it and transmitted to the chassis. The sub-frame also functions to relieve the impact load caused by the bumps and deceleration of the road surface. The entire sub-frame consists of the main beam, the front support frame and the back support frame.

The operating system:

The concrete mixer truck’s operating system consists of a controller, a linkage shaft, a flexible shaft and a linkage mechanism, and mainly controls the rotation speed and the rotation direction of the mixing drum.

Roller system:

The part connecting the rear part of the concrete mixer truck and the sub-frame mainly serves to support the drum body.

Feeding system:

It is mainly composed of a feeding hopper and a bracket. The feeding hopper is subjected to large impact and wear, and the material requires good wear resistance. The bracket mainly serves to reduce the impact force.

The circuit system:

Mainly refers to the entire circuit of the concrete mixer truck, including the taillights of the vehicle, side marker lights, gallery lights, cooling fan motors and so on.

The working principle of CIMC concrete mixer truck

The power take-off drives the power of the engine through the small drive shaft to drive the hydraulic motor of the hydraulic pump to rotate, and drives the mixing drum to rotate through the reducer. On the way to transport concrete, it is necessary to keep the stirring tank rotating at a low speed of 1-3 revolutions per minute to ensure the homogeneity of the concrete and prevent the segregation of concrete, which is called agitation (commonly known as stirring). 

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