Do you know the operation process of concrete mixer truck transportation?

Concrete mixer trucks are very difficult to transport due to the special transportation of goods, so every step of the specific operation must be paid special attention and must be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements. Let me explain to you the specific concrete mixer truck transportation operation process.

1. The automobile part of the concrete mixer truck shall comply with the general safety technical requirements for automobiles.

2. The fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, cooling water, etc. of the concrete mixer truck should be adequately added, and the quality should meet the requirements.

3. Check the power output device and confirm that there is no loose bolts and bearing oil leakage.

concrete mixer truck

4. When mixing and transporting, the loading capacity of concrete shall not exceed the rated capacity.

5. Before starting the mixer truck, the operating handle of the mixer drum should be placed in the "stop" position.

6. Before loading the mixing conveyor, the mixing drum should be reversed to drain the water and sundries in the drum.

7. When loading materials, place the joystick in the "loading" position and adjust the speed of the mixing drum to make the feeding smooth.

8. When transporting concrete, ensure that the sliding bucket is firmly placed to prevent it from swinging due to looseness, injuring pedestrians or affecting the normal operation of other vehicles.

concrete mixer truck

9. When the mixed concrete is shipped, the speed of the mixing drum is 2-10 revolutions per minute. During the transportation, the speed of the mixing drum on the flat road is guaranteed to be 2-3 revolutions per minute. Driving on the road with a side slope greater than 50 degrees , Or when the road is swaying left and right, the stirring rotation should be stopped, and the stirring rotation should be resumed after the road condition improves.

10. The time for concrete tanker to transport concrete should not exceed the time specified by the mixing station. During the transportation of concrete, the mixing drum shall not be stopped for a long time to prevent segregation of the concrete. The driver should always observe the concrete condition, and report to the dispatching room if any abnormality is found, and apply for handling.

11. When the mixing drum changes from forward to reverse, the joystick should be placed in the middle position first, and the joystick handle should be placed in the reverse position after the stirring drum stops rotating.

concrete mixer truck

12. Before discharging the concrete, the mixing drum should be rotated at a speed of 10-12 revolutions per minute for 1 minute before discharging.

13. The continuous operation time of the stirring device should not exceed eight hours

14. After the work is completed, the inside of the mixing drum and the body should be cleaned, and the remaining concrete should not be left in the drum.

15. The water level of the water tank should be kept normal. When parking in winter, drain the water in the water tank and water supply system.

In the daily transportation process, vehicle drivers and related operators ensure that every step of the concrete mixer truck transportation operation process is done well to ensure vehicle safety and transportation quality.

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