Common concrete mixer truck troubleshooting inspections

There may be some problems in the driving of the concrete mixer truck, some problems can be solved immediately, but some problems cannot be repaired on the spot, so we need to do the inspection related inspection work in the daily maintenance to find the problem in time And solve it to reduce the occurrence of faults. So, what are the specific inspection items for concrete mixer truck troubleshooting? The editor made a detailed summary for everyone today, let's take a look at it together.

1. Abnormal sound of hydraulic pump

Check whether the hydraulic oil is dirty and whether the radiator needle has changed. If it is close to the red area, please replace the hydraulic oil and filter element immediately; check whether the hydraulic oil tank is short of oil; check whether there is air in the system, and hold the high-pressure oil pipe to check whether there is any Intermittent tremor, if there is tremor, you must give up processing; check whether the oil inlet pipe is blocked; oil pump internal leakage is too large, repair it; check whether the hydraulic system charge relief valve is blocked, remove it for inspection.

concrete mixer truck

2. Abnormal sound of reducer

Check whether the flange bolts between the main plate and the tank body are loose; check whether the main plate bearing of the reducer is damaged and intermittent noise occurs; check whether the reducer is abnormal due to lack of oil, and if it is missing, supplement it. ; Check whether the output shaft gear is broken. ; Check whether the reducer is aging and deteriorated, and replace it.

3. Abnormal sound of drive shaft

Check whether the connecting bolts at both ends of the drive shaft are loose; check whether the installation angle of the drive shaft is too large; check whether the spline and universal joint bearings lack grease lubrication.

4. Abnormal sound of tugboat

Check the maintenance of the tug, check whether there is debris on the tug and the track surface; check whether there is a gap between the tug and the track, adjust the relative angle of the tug and the track surface; check whether the internal bearing is damaged; check whether there is a lack of butter.

5. The mixing drum does not rotate

Check whether the safety pin of the controlled valve of the hydraulic pump is broken; the ball head bolt connecting the lever of the manual control valve is loose or missing; check whether the hydraulic oil is seriously insufficient; the filter element is blocked and the oil is not smoothly sucked; check whether the reducer, hydraulic pump, and motor are damaged.

6. The tank body rotates weakly

Check the condition of the hydraulic oil, whether the oil is too dirty; the throttle cable is too loose; check the amount of hydraulic oil, if the oil level is low, you need to add hydraulic oil to the specified oil level; check whether the pressure of the hydraulic pump is too low.

7.The indoor controller handle operation is heavy

Check whether the cable of the indoor controller is stuck and the angle is too large; check whether the cable sheath is worn or not; check whether the limit nut is loose.

8.The radiator does not turn or does not stop

Check whether the radiator insurance is damaged; if so, replace the fuse; check whether the radiator temperature control induction plug is damaged; if it is, you need to replace the temperature control induction plug; check whether the radiator fan motor is damaged; if so, you need to replace it Motor; check whether the circuit is open circuit or virtual connection, if so, check and replace the circuit.

According to the above-mentioned editor's introduction to the concrete mixer truck troubleshooting inspection, you can find the problem in time and carry out repairs, thereby reducing the cost of repair and replacement, and effectively extending the service life of the concrete mixer truck. Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional service-oriented automobile manufacturer. The concrete mixer truck produced is of high quality and low price. It can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.

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